At 12pm slt, Sunday, January 10, 2016, the next round of the Windlight Artist Fellows exhibit, will open! Each day until then we will feature some of the artist fellows! Today we will feature Eleseren Brianna, Jamie86 Resident, Jarla Capalini:

Eleseren Brianna - Headshot - Sept 2015
Eleseren Brianna

I am a new Artist in SL, though I have exhibited several times in 2012/3 in Inworldz with Dreamz & Visionz group. I am primarily a model and Designer in SL, and just beginning to branch out now into photographic art, though primarily still with a Fashion focus.

Flickr –

I was Miss Virtual World 2015, and before that Designer and Owner of Romance Couture. I am now very happy to be Fashion Contributor for Windlight Magazine.

In real life I trained originally as an Illustrator, with a B.A. (hons) in Illustration from Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts. I am also a trained Couture Designer Dressmaker and ran my own bridal wear business for several years.


Jamie86 Resident
Jamie86 Resident

Jamie Wolf has a background in photography in rl, and is relatively new to the artistic scene of Second Life. He has taken photography serious in Second Life for almost 1 year now and is passionate about capturing the beauty of the landscape.

Jamie Wolf Gallery



Jala Capalini
Jarla Capalini

I was always fond of art and photography and in my real life I studied art with a painter for several years.

Therefore, from my first login in 2007, I was interested in the artistic possibilities of Second Life and while I was exploring the virtual world I began taking pictures…

…and here we are.

Basically, what I like most is playing with colors, lights and shadows, experimenting different techniques to pull out from a simple snap something that can give a thrill to the viewers.

I truly hope you will enjoy my artworks.


“Virtu-Art” first solo exhibition – February 2013
“Jarla in Wonderland” – The Art4U Gallery April 2013
Raglan Shire ARTWALK – May 2013,
The Blue Moon Gallery – 2013/2014
“Figures” – TAF Gallery September 2015
“Painted Moods” Amsterdam Gallery – November/December 2015



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