Todays Meet the Windlight Art Fellows spotlight is on Carley Noonan, Autopilotpatty Poppy, and Glitterprincess Destiny:

Carley Noonan
Carley Noonan

Carley Noonan has been in SL for over 9 years. She has been a runway model, an escort (briefly), a stripper, a wife, and a Dominant. She has run an SL arts magazine (Palais 2010-2011), contributed photography and done graphic design for others, started now-defunct clothing lines, and been an artist here for more than 7 of those years.

Carley’s artistic focus is on the erotic and the romantic. She explores angles and lighting in an effort to bring a fresh perspective to familiar themes. She likes the idea of turning pornography into art. She also explores some line drawing , as well as some more romantic themes. A substantial number of her more than 400 SL works are on display at her home gallery. She also maintains a gallery presence at the Xaara sim, an erotic art-themed sim associated with the Alanis Gallery.

She is the photographer for the Miss Danika contest winners. She won the 2014 Alanis Christmas Photography contest and came in third in the Chamber’s 2014 spring photography contest. She has shown in numerous SL Galleries, including Gallery 33 in Chelsea. Recently, she was the Artist of the Month at the Commune Utopia sim and has permanent installations at the Oxford Eclectic Art Gallery and at the Cellar’s Art Gallery. She uses Lumipro in her work and has been featured in Lumipro-related gallery exhibitions and on the Lumipro website. She is available for commission work.



Autopilotpatty Poppy
Autopilotpatty Poppy

After a lengthy absence to volunteer for Relay for Life in SL I have re-opened a small galleria in Caledon Moors called Poppy’s Place Galleria.

I am the former owner of The Gallery Tamrannoch of Caldeon, and The Sea Song Gallery also in Caledon and a couple of other place. I also am the former owner/curator of Poppy’s Place Galleria in various locations across the grid. My galleries have all been closed while I was volunteering as a captain for the Relay for Life team of Team Caledon. I still volunteer with that team and am the proud 10 year resident of Caledon. My home, my family.

I am a photographer/mixed media artist both in RL and in SL

I first exhibited at New World Artists Gallery. Vlad Bjornson, Curator/Owner, was kind enough to offer space for a couple of my pieces – Vlad is also my RL son!. From there I was fortunate enough to have a number of wonderful art gallery owners, Like Tayzia Abottoir, Enjah Mysterio, Douglas Story and Osprey Therian become interested in my art and the rest is an amazing and blurred 10 years!

Paris Metro Gallery
Enjah Mysterio Gallery
New Boston Station
Kelly Yap Gallery
Dully’s Art Gallery
Swedish Embassy
Antigua Embassy
Anandra@Chi (Gallery) – The Evil Nemesis Exhibit with Douglas Story
Anandra@Chi (Gallery)
Oyster Bay Market in Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden and Aquarium.
Vanbeeck Gallery at Ruttan Lane Galleries in Cetus
The Second Louvre, This is a permanent exhibit
A permanent exhibit at NMC Campus, Aho Museum
Grand Stair Gallery in Shubelik.
Portland Connection – Wells Fargo Building
Gracie Kendall Coop Gallery
The White Gallery
Giverny Gardens
Tommy Parrot Galleries
The Galleria at Thistle Hill Marketplace
Poppy’s Place Galleria – DePaul University
A.R.T. Gallery -New Boston Station – Wired

Golam Amadeus
Vlad Bjornson
Sledge Roffo
Glyph Graves
Gleman Jun
Raisin Runo
Douglas Story – DynaFleur Exhibit host
Desdemona Enfield – DynaFleur Exhibit host
Butterfly Laa
Alexandra Mensing
Gungagalunga Anabuki
Pumpkin Tripsa
Pakito Kawaguichi
Consuela Caldwell
Tricia Aferdita
Wildstar Beaumont
Enja Mysterio
Osprey Therian
Pop Handrick
Zenova Zenovka
Theo Zelin
Vlad Bjornson
Greg Yerd
Androo Beck
Spider Mycron
Consuelo Caldwell

Some of my better known personal themed exhibits: RL Photography: Floral Close Up Photography, Mylar experimental photography, and Photography of the Pacific Northwest. . From SL: Exotic Men of Caledon, Exotic Women of Caledon, Stockings!, Moon Over Caledon, Lighthouses of Caledon, Men & Women in Kilts, Elegant Steampunk, and Victorian Secrets.



Glitterprincess Destiny
Glitterprincess Destiny

Just a GirL, disorganized.But always in ART. Artist or idiot…. I move with my moods.
Nothing to tell here really . I’m from the US.
scribbles in pen are my passion
“Watch out i may draw you to ”

expressing my idea’s, emotions, darkness and light and of course my ‘Stories in art and Foto’s here in SL’..well, that is my passion , thats what I love, thats what I need …and to share them makes me happy. To work beside other talented people here in SL and keep learning…always.
I within myself …’I am never 100% pleased but…isen’t a bad thing.

My past ‘Works Listed below -‘ Exibitions’
My Art & Story Works:

1) “Sucidal Xmas

2) ” Mina Miss Dracula, a expo and story board ( a friend made this little video about this expo and I was so thrilled!

3) “Cinderella Twisted

4) ” Red RidingHood the nightmare

5) ” Judy Bartons Version of” VIRGINIA WOOLF’S..the waves

6) Alice in wonderland or the ripper?

7) ” solodona Calender”

8) ” Amestista , “Harvey Memorial ” Festival ” this was a charity fund where I took many fotos “I was honered to do so ”

9) ” Portraits “Woman”


11) “GAME IS OVER” post + memories


I’m shy
oh, i was speaking of myself in general.

‘GlitterPrincess Destiny’

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