My face by Myra Wildmist.png

Windlight is pleased to welcome Myra Wildmist as one of our new contributors! Myra will be preparing a variety of Second Life based tutorial articles on art and photography! Below is Myra’s official bio:

I have been a resident of Second Life for almost five years. While I have had an almost life-long interest in art and art history, I’ve only recently begun creating my own art. I joined an SL artist community on a LEA (Linden Endowment for Arts) sim in February, 2015, and discovered a deep interest in SL photography.

My art primarily explores the freedom online communities, specifically Second Life, allow you to set aside your cultural roles and be who you want to be. Real life cultural roles are necessary for a functioning society, but they are often extremely confining, almost forcing people into pigeon holes of expected behavior. Second Life gives us all the opportunity to slip out of our pigeon holes and be almost anything we can imagine.

My art is inspired by Cindy Sherman, who explores cultural roles, and Nan Goldin, who explores the intimate nature of her own life through her photography.

I have curated shows at the Medici University Gallery of Art, but this is the first time I’ve ever presented my own art in a gallery show.

My photos can be seen online on my Flickr feed.

My work is done entirely in-world using SL windlight, effects, settings, and filters.

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