Exploring Barry Richez’s Exhibition at LEA 6

Windlight Magazine Art Critic, Oema, explores Barry Richez’s new exhibit at LEA 6:


There are places in Second Life straight out of a comic book and set in a 3d environment.

This is especially true for the extraordinary performance staged by Barry Richez at LEA6 and I invite you to visit.

First, the genius of the idea, 27 different locations arranged artistically impeccably and unique.

Starting from the Landing Point, the artist suggests to follow the numbers of the locations to visit a bit as you follow a path, because the meaning of the whole is better understood in the order that the artist wanted to give.

At the landing point are the notecards that explain in detail who the artist is and what he thought to represent through this complex exhibition of art 3D motion.

Wanting to give a concise definition of Barry’s work would say “interactive moving art 3d“.

It is interactive art because the visitor can become part of the work created simply by sitting on one of the specially arranged ball.

Putting your AO off and sitting on the ball, you become part of the scene, making sure that your avatar will replace the sculpture and become part of the whole.

The landscapes that Barry creates are evocative and have as its main theme the space, planets, science fiction.LEA6_013.jpg


Nevertheless, there are also fantastic type locations that recall the landscapes of an astral travel, evocative and restful.

The idea of ​​Barry is, I think, the art of the future in Second Life that peeks into the present moment.

I think the idea of ​​interactivity is winning, makes the visitor no longer just a spectator, as usually happens in an art exhibition, but an active part of artistic representation, giving the feeling of playing a role and be a participant.

Also because the visitor is encouraged to take pictures of itself in the artistic context and to share them with others, creating a viral spread of the exhibition.

Another aspect of great interest is the creation of 3d art scene.

The planets, spaceships, tornadoes, flowers, statues made of filaments, everything is in constant and uniform movement.

Also facilities for entertainment and live music are surreal and unique, rich with vibrant colors and improbable forms.

The light settings suggested by the artist for an excellent experience are nocturnal, so you can choose between different kind of dark WindLight settings or set simply “night” in World → Midnight Sun.LEA6_003.jpgIn “Barry” universe (as he calls it) coexist spirituality and science as major themes.

And spirituality and science are going, more and more so, in the same direction, so Barry wants to represent this human evolution through his works on the move 3d.

The themes are serious, but the approach that the artist proposes to the various issues is not at all heavy, indeed, it is jovial.

The bright colors that stand out on the dark ambience give a sense of joy and put immediately at ease.

The artist is present and helps visitors to get the most from the experience in artistic LEA6.

His approach is friendly and informal, in harmony with its beautiful and extraordinary creation.LEA6_007.jpg

No wonder its ability to create important works, because he has a “curriculum” since many years as an artist in Slife and that you can read at the Landing Point.

Finally do not forget to visit the location # 19, which hosts the Lou Robinson fractals and sculptures, Barry’s partner.

I just have to wish everyone an excellent stay on LEA6 that will host Barry Richez until the end of March.


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