Stav Headshot BW.png

Windlight Magazine is pleased to welcome Stavaros Gracemount (Resident) to our growing family! Stavaros will an Edge Fashion Contributor and will report on the fashion world of Second Life. Below is more information about Stavaros:

As a member of the SL community for 10 years now, I have seen and done a myriad of things. After years of roleplay, I felt it was time for a change. In this change, I decided not only a new avatar would be necessary, but also a change in how I play SL for enjoyment. I model for companies within Second Life and I also blog for them. I am a part of various modeling agencies and groups. Within them, I mentor, runway, print work, as well as judge in events.

My passion in life is that of the written word. Nothing like the smell of a new book to get the creative juices flowing! Art in the form of fashion is my ideal venue. I have found through networking with creators, customer bases and of course, good old trial and error, that men’s fashion needs a makeover. I try to ensure through my contacts that we can bring color to life again in Second Life, as well as make it something that is wearable art.

In my real life, I am in contact with people from all walks of life. This life experience helps me to know what people want and what it will take to get them to a satisfied state. I hope that within my writing, others will find a sense of fulfillment and enjoy this journey with me.

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