“What’s that you say? ExPEAdition?!?

What is that?”–  I’m glad you asked! ExPEAditions are our Bi-Weekly event to keep our loyal, fun-loving Peas engaged!

We will get together as a group to explore various places within SL or enjoy a few hours of Pea-styled entertainment.

Keep an eye on the group notices on Thursdays and Saturdays for more information!“Ooh!! Where are we going?!– We are going to explore Bryn Oh’s work The Singularity of Kumiko, created with generous support from an art grant by the Canadian government.

An immersive narrative about a girl lost in the dark, a world that wants her back and Mr. Zippers who doesn’t like visitors.“Cool!! Where can I get more information??”– You can read all about it at http://brynoh.blogspot.com/

Source: Are you ready for the next ExPEAdition? | MadPea

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