Earlier this month, Windlight created a hunt, in support of the charity, Feed A Smile. Feed A Smile raises money for children in Kenya and provides education and learning for the children. Feed A Smile is a registered charity in Germany.

When we created the hunt, we pledged to match all donations and we also pledged to make a large donation at the end. Our efforts paid off and we raised enough funds to feed 180 children in Kenya! You can see from the photo above that the children are very thankful and you can see additional photos below of the children enjoying the meal.

Putting this all into perspective, this is what  Second Life should be about, coming together to help others. We have seen it time and time again, with the recent Pulse fundraisers, to the various charity organizations in Second Life (Rock Your Rack, Creations For Parkinsons, Autism Speaks, Team Diabetes of Second Life, Homes For Our Troops), that the charitable spirit is alive and well in people.

Very special thank you to the merchants who participated:

Prism Designs, Miss Darcy, FLOOD, Bindu Gallery, % Percent Furniture and Lighting, The Edge Gallery, CKB Gallery, Kaerri, Maven Homes, Windlight Workz, and Windlight Magazine.

Please contact Brique Topaz in Second Life if you would like to support Feed A Smile.

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