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For January issue we want to start 2017 off by showing what we do best: art and photography! We have opened this issue up for any artist and photographer to submit an image to be included in the magazine. Images must be PG/G/Moderate in nature. Nudity is ok if tastefully done. To submit an image: www.flickr.com/groups/3028576@N24/ No images will be taken via notecard or im.

Please see further guidelines below:

  1. All images must be of your own intellectual property or you must have explicit permission to use the image
  2. The image can be edited in Photoshop or GIMP, etc
  3. The image can be a real life or Second Life based one
  4. All images must be submitted via the Flickr group
  5. Submissions will be accepted until December 20, 2016
  6. You are allowed to submit one image
  7. Please place your name or how you would like to be credited in the description or title of the image
  8. Images must be pg/g/moderate, adult themed images are not allowed. Nudity is allowed if tastefully and artistically done
  9. We reserve the right to reject any image that does not meet our guidelines
  10. By submitting an image to the Flickr group you give us permission to publish the image in our January 2017 issue

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