Kultivate Marketing & Social Media Coordinator Jessii is back with another SL Etiquette 101! This time she discusses Chrsitmas Card Etiquette:

Welcome to another SL Etiquette 101! After a hiatus due to real life, I am back and hopefully will be for good! For the next few days I will post some Christmas and holiday etiquette tips to help you get through a fun but sometimes exhausting period in both our real and Second Lives! Today’s topic is on Christmas Cards in Second Life.

We all love Christmas Cards in real life, at least I do! In Second Life it is common to receive Christmas Cards in many forms. From textures to notecards to even interactive object type cards! You will soon find your inventory is overflowing with the cards and of course you may wish to reciprocate and send your own card. Here are a few tips for both senders and receivers of Christmas Cards:

Sender’s Tips:

1. Send the cards as early as you can. This is so that you can ensure that your intended receivers actually receive them. People are quite busy around this time in both rl and sl. If you wait until the last minute they probably may not log in or even get the card

2. Remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas. If you have friends who are of different cultures or religion, you may wish to send a seasons greeting’s card or a happy holidays card

3. Consider the number of prims. Yes we are all lucky to have increased prim sizes in Second Life but this does not mean a person wants to rezz a 50 plus prim card or object. If your Christmas card is in the form of an object, think about the prim limits and try to keep the object as low prim as possible

4. Make texture cards full perm. If you are sending out a texture card, keep in mind that the texture needs to be full perm so that your receives do not lose it and so they can place it on a prim so they can actually display it

5.  Try to minimize using mailers. While this may be an easier way to send out items, think of the personal touch and your friends or people who are on your friend’s list may get upset that they are receiving items this way and may consider it spam.

Reader’s Tips:

1. Acknowledge that you received the Christmas card. This can be done by leaving a thank you or sending your own card

2. Do not pass the card to others unless your friends have given you the ok to do this. You never know who may be friends or enemies, so forwarding on someone else’s card is taboo

3.  Do not decline the card if your friend is online. If you have to decline the card simply accept it and then delete it later

4.  If you are away from Second Life for a few days, you can catch up with your cards later and respond


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