the runes of the gatekeeper's daughter

My submission to Monochrome Madness (3-39) by Leanne Cole- always a great gallery of artists.- and a little Tourism BC.


Hey my dears!!  I have been away on a small jaunt into the mountains.  My tablet does not work that well so technology was put aside for a time and I will be catching up over the next week,  (what else is new!) Meanwhile I am sitting and pondering the  winter garden I was privileged to visit, the beautiful mountains and valleys of the Okanagan country of BC.

manning-park2 Manning Park

I never thought I would go into the new year with such sadness, a creative time out, some disappointment, regret and concern,  but also reflection. Not so very long ago I was bursting with enthusiasm. These emotional ups and downs (mood disorder) can be quite draining.  With that in mind, taking a little road trip seemed a good thing to do, and to…

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