Congrats to all of our winners of the Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show! Below is our complete list of winners;

Best in Show:
1st Place: Sabine Mortenwold
2nd Place: KodyMeyers Resident
3rd Place: Grazietta Blauvelt

3D Juried Art:
Winner: Alpha Auer

2D RL Juried Art:
1st Place: Sabine Mortenwold
2nd Place: Grazietta Blauvelt
3rd Place:  Hana Hoobinoo
4th Place: Elle Thorkveld
5th Place: Kayli Iali & Layachi Ihen
Finalists: Pipit Peacedream, Jaime Poutine, ArtandSoul Constantine, and Sheba Blitz
Honorable Mentions: Saulgoodie Resident

2D SL Juried Art:
1st Place: KodyMeyers Resident
2nd Place: Sandi Benelli
3rd Place: Catalina Staheli, Isis Desmoulins, & Slatan Dryke
4th Place: Roxaane Fyanucci
5th Place: Vivienne Darcy
Finalists: Myra Wildmist, Alex Avion, Sparkie Cyberstar, Daisy Daze, Syphera Inaka, & Jamee Sandalwood
Honorable Mentions: Calystiamoonshadow, Emberdearheart, Ilyra Chardin, Lucia Tophat, Talligurl Resident, Tiszo Cioc, & Wintergeist Resident

Exhibition Non Juried Award Winners:
Anouk Lefavre, Belua Broadfoot, Bevie Oh, Bryn Oh, Dakota Lavarock, Eucalyptus Carroll, Inquisitor Titanium, Iskye Silverweb, Jayapplebutt, Justmetrying Resident (Lichtbringer), Kacey Macbeth, Lulyboop, Michael Lysios, Sch511 Resident, Silas Merlin,
Slatan Dryke, Solde Rothmanay, Veruca Tammas, Honey Bender, Paradox Messmer, Brynedarkly Cazalet, &  Wicca Merlin

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, media partners, presenters, judges, and performers for their hard work and of course all of our artists!

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