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Ever heard about Moya, about Patrick Moya? No? Nor did I.
Looking for a place to visit and scrolling through the SLdestinationguide I came across StudioMoya: “Explore this creative, messy and chaotic art space by Patrick Moya“.
Well I did explore it stating at MoyaLand.

Patrick Moya (born 1955 in Troyes, France), is a French artist. He is a part of the artistic movement “Ecole de Nice”. Moya has been at the forefront since the 1970s of straddling the latest forms of media and technology to benefit art rather than rendering it extinct. He is an early pioneer of video art.
Moya become a digital artist since his early work on computer in the mid-80s : now, since 2007, he is the owner of a virtual Moya Land in the 3D web of Second Life.
In 2009, he participates to the first major…

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