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Picture of Oh

Picture of Oh, which opened on Thursday, July 27th, 2017 at a skyborne gallery space at Serena Imagine Art Centre, is a celebration of Bryn Oh and her art, as seen through the eyes of photographer aldiladeisogni. On display are nine very large format images featuring Bryn and / or elements of her installations.

Small in number, large in size, presented in an environment which somewhat echoes aspects of some of Bryn’s past installations, this is an exhibition that plays both easy on the eye and subtle on the mind. Those familiar with Bryn’s immersive installation will doubtless recognise from which pieces the images have been drawn – but seeing them remembered in this exhibition is only part of the experience.

Picture of Oh

Bryn herself is highly photogenic; there is a wonderful air of beauty and mystery about her. She is at once approachable in…

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