Art Palette Hunt Info


Welcome to the 2018 Art Palette Hunt! This hunt is 100% FREE and you will receive 8 FREE prizes once you find all of the artist’s palettes. Prizes include:

Mesh Wooden Garden Gazebo
Mesh Tree Panel Picture w/ Lights
Mesh Decorative Cabinet w/ Plates
Two Mesh Beach Towels
Two Mesh Round Chairs (one red knit and one blue knit)
Mesh Executive Office Set (over 6 pieces of mesh furniture)!

Below are instructions on how to begin this hunt:

1. This is an open hunt, it is in no particular order, just look around the set areas for palettes, we warn you that they are small

2. Here is a location of where one of the palettes is located:

**Look down, we did say they are quite small :)^^

3. Search the following areas only for palettes: