Art Treasure Quest Hunt


Welcome to the 2018 Art Treasure Quest Hunt! This hunt is 100% FREE and you will receive 8 FREE prizes once you find all the chests. Prizes include:

Mesh Lovebird Vases
Mesh Birdhouse
Mesh Wall Planter
Mesh Dog House
Mesh Traditional Table
Mesh Glass Coffee Table
Mesh Marilyn Monroe Vintage TV
Mesh Aquarium with Fish

Below are instructions on how to begin this hunt:

1. Click the Hunt Hud Sign

2. Accept the hud into your inventory

3. Add or wear the hud

4. The hud will appear on your viewer screen

5. Search the following areas only for 8 treasure chests (you can search inside the buildings and around, outside them as well):

6. As you find the treasure chests, click on each one and the chest will show up on your hud.

7. Once you find all of the chests, teleport back to where you got the hud and click on the large chest beside the hunt sign to get you prizes. Make sure you have busy turned off to accept the prizes.