Day #4 @ The Kultivate Spring Art Show!


Today is day #4 at the Kultivate Spring Art Show and we have another great day of events for you!

From 4pm to 5pm slt we have live performer Holly Giles! We we will be giving away a 1000L’s gift card from Tompe Loeil!  This event is casual and you can cam at the great artwork while enjoying both events!

Do not forget to enter our photo challenge where you can win a share of a 5,000L’s prize and grab a hud and look for treasure chests throughout the location, you can win 8 free prizes!

List of artists:​​​​​​​


Day #3 at the Kultivate Spring Art Show!


Today is day #3 at the Kultivate Spring Art Show and we have 2 hours of great events for you!

From 1pm to 2pm slt we have live performer Samm Qenda and from 2 to 3pm slt we have live storytelling by Seanchai Library! Both events are casual and you can cam at the great artwork while enjoying both events!

List of artists:​​​​​​​


Day #2 @ The Kultivate Spring Art Show!


Join us today from 4pm to 6pm slt for a special White Party at Kultivate Spring Show, featuring live performers Aislen Sings & Melenda Baptiste, dress code is white attire!

We will be giving away a Photo Background Hud, a Fotoscope Fotosudio, and the Camden Photo Studio Build by Maven Homes!

List of artists:​​​​​​​


2020 Kultivate Spring Arts show in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Kultivate Spring Art Show 2020

The 5th Annual Kultivate Spring Art Show opens it doors on Friday April 24th, 2020, and will run through until Saturday May 2nd.

Carrying a Parisian theme, complete with the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, and with art studios sitting with French style town houses fronted by cobblestone walks, the Spring Show also marks the re-launch of Kultivate Magazine, the April 2020 edition of which is currently available.

The event featured 2D and 3D artists, entertainment with live performers, give away events with special prizes, juried and non-juried art contests, hunts, storytelling and cabaret.

Kultivate Spring Art Show 2020

The artist participating in the event comprise: AlexAvion, Angyel Resident, Anouk Lefavre, Danielofangel, Eucalyptus Carroll, Freedom Voix, Ilyra Chardin, Jamee Sandalwood, Johannes Huntsman, Judilynn India, Juliette Rainfall, Kacey Macbeth, Kapaan, KodyMeyers Resident, Leaf Mia Lone, Michael Lysios, mth63, Myra Wildmist, Paineful…

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Day#1 @ The Kultivate Spring Art Show!


The Kultivate Spring Art Show is now open and today is day #1! You can see a list of participating artists here: 

We hope that you can join us today, from 4pm to 6pm slt for the 2 hour kick off event with live performer Wolfie Starfire (4pm to 5pm slt) and live performer Saramarie Philly (5pm to pm slt). Casual dress code at both of these events!

And while you are at the Spring Art Show, take the Spring Photo Challenge, where you can win a share of the 5,000L’s prize!


A Devil’s Bend in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Devil’s Bend National Park, April 2020 – click any image for full size

We came across Devil’s Bend National Park, a region design by Aiden Caudron and occupying a Full region using the 10K LI bonus, after poking at the Recently Added category of the Destination Guide.

Intended to offer the look and feel of a rugged national park, the setting is an interesting mix of public and residential spaces (the former well scattered across the region so as not to interfere with exploration). Raised into a high plateau, the park is a series of dusty trails running under rich fir foliage and over deep ravines by means of wooden bridges, together with wooden board walks that wind through the ravines and cling to the sides of cliffs as they rise and fall through the park.

Devil’s Bend National Park, April 2020

The landing point sits at the visitor…

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Previewing Lab Gab 23: meet the EEP team!

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

via Linden Lab

The 23rd edition of Lab Gab will be live streamed on Friday, April 24th at 10:00 SLT (18:00 UK; 19:00 CET). For those who have not seen the official blog post about it, the segment will feature the team primarily behind EEP – the Environment Enhancement Project: Rider Linden, Ptolemy Linden and Euclid Linden.

Rider Linden is a Senior Software Engineer who has been with Linden Lab for just over five years – although his familiarity with Second Life goes back beyond that, as he is one of the many personnel LL have recruited from the ranks of Second Life users. He was responsible for initially defining the EEP project. He then went on to develop the viewer controls for EEP, taking considerable feedback from users along the way, as well as working with the rendering team during the project’s development.

Ptolemy and Euclid Linden are…

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Art in Second Life 2020 (20) Gem’s Skyscrapers

Diomita and Jenny Maurer's Blog

I got an invitation to visit Gem Preiz’ newest installation “Gem’s Skyscrapers” which opened Sunday, April 19th. As so often I wasn’t able to attend the opening celebration but I went there the very next day.

Gem’s Skyscrapers – instructions and bird’s eye views

The landing at Gems Skycrapers is in a skybox where you can grab a notecard about the installion. I use a lot of this notecard it in my post. Furtheron you get instructions how to set your viewer, which windlight is recommened (I used the recommened windlight “TOR Night Under a Yellow Moon”) and how to hide you avatar for a visit. I shied back from that first as you have to get rid of all of your attachments but then prepared myself as instructed. There’s a reason for that and I will explain that lateron. I teleported to the installation and although I…

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Thursday April 23rd Field Trips!

The Dirty Blog of The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community

Safe Thursday everyone!


10 am Field Trip: The Vinnie Show at Duval Street Pub!

11 am Field Trip: Winston Ackland at Duval Street Pub!

12 pm Field Trip: Lluis Indigo at Surfside Hideaway!

2 pm Field Trip: Lexus Melodie at Poons Ladies Only Lounge!

3 pm Field Trip: Lluis Indigo at CATsCLUB!

6 pm Field Trips: Etherian Kamaboko, Winston Ackland

Etherian Kamaboko at The Merry Prankster!

Winston Ackland at Serenity Gardens!

8 pm Field Trip: Thunderfoot Lorefield at The Charleston Lace Ballroom!

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 at Radio Grind!

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Phoenix Artists Collaboration: April update

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Holly Kai Park

In March I wrote about the Phoenix Artists Collaboration (PAC) obtaining a new home (in part) at Holly Kai Park. Since then, things have been moving along (including a few changes at the Park!), but as a whole PAC is now moving to a point where it can start hosts exhibitions and events.

Since my last update, PAC has increased its facilities with the addition of a sky platform at Cherished Melody, provided and looked after by the talented Audie Whimsy. This provides space for a further 22 artists in addition to the 28 currently exhibiting at Holly Kai Park, with plenty of room for expansion, should the demand be there.

Cherished Melody

Both locations offer the same facilities to artists – gallery spaces with up to 50 LI per artist for personal use. Units  – as and when available – can be obtained by joining…

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5th Annual Kultivate Spring Art Show Press Release!



5th Annual Kultivate Spring Art Show

Dates: April 24, 2020 to May 1, 2020


The 5th Annual Kultivate Spring Art Show will take place April 24 to May 1, 2020 and will feature 2D and 3D artists, live music, a hunt, storytelling, and cabaret dancing! We will also have a variety of giveaways and contests, so you can win a variety of artistic and photo tools, as well as lindens! This event will feature both a juried and non juried competition component, where artists will compete for prizes in a variety of categories.

Participating juried artists include: AlexAvion, angyel Resident, Anouk Lefavre, danielofangel, Eucalyptus Carroll, Freedom Voix, ilyra chardin, Jamee Sandalwood, Johannes Huntsman, Judilynn India, Kacey Macbeth, Kapaan, KodyMeyers Resident, Michael Lysios, mth63, Myra Wildmist, paineful, Rory Torrance, Sabine Mortenwold, SandyBlackCloud, Sevant Anatra, Sheba Blitz, Skye Joubert, softandred, softandred, Solana Python, Syphera Inaka, TaraAers, Tempest Rosca, Vanessa Jane, Veruca Tammas, & ViktorSavior. There are also two special exhibitions by Debauche Dance & The Art Loft.

The following live performers and instructors will provide entertainment throughout the art show:  Wolfie Starfire, SaraMarie Philly, Aislen Sings, Melenda Baptiste, Samm Quendra, Holly Giles, Savannah Rain, Mavenn, and Maximillion Kleene. Whymsee and Seanchai Library will also have special events at the art show.

About Kultivate Magazine:
Kultivate Magazine is a publication about the cultural aspects of Second Life. The goal of Kultivate Magazine is to support art, culture, photography, music, and fashion. Kultivate Magazine consists of the magazine, The Windlight Art Gallery, The Edge Gallery of Black & White Imagery,  The Kultivate Loft Gallery, The Kultivate Signature Gallery, The Kultivate AIR Gallery & The Kultivate Select Gallery. Kultivate Magazine is proud to be the media partner and primary sponsor of Team Diabetes of Second Life, an official and authorized team for The American Diabetes Association

For More Information:

Kultivate Magazine April 2020 Issue is Now Published!

After 2 years and due to real life, I am pleased to announce that Kultivate Magazine has returned for good and our new issue is now available! This issue features The Hand by Bryn Oh, SL Name Changes, the lost subsea continent of SL, a photo essay by Chic Aeon, live performer Ambrosia Kamala, artist Jamee Sandalwood, Last Drop Cafes on the Mainland, the Naturescapes Exhibition, the Devin’s Eye Sim, & fashion by Roxanne Fyanucci & Paradox Mercury. Click the cover below to view our new issue:


Bright Canopy, the streaming service for SL, discontinued

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

I admit I’m getting to this somewhat late, although I don’t recall seeing it reported elsewhere among the blogs, etc., I try to read.

In January 2020, Bright Canopy, the one remaining streaming service for Second Life (and OpenSim) ceased operations. I’m actually a little embarrassed by not having noticed the change, given that I played a very small role in it getting started.

While possibly not a well-known service, Bright Canopy was officially launched at the end of August 2015, having come about (at relatively high speed) as a result of the folding of the SL Go streaming service. SL Go had, in turn, been the first functional SL streaming service, put together with LL’s help by former game streaming company OnLive. It established a small but loyal following before it came to an end after OnLive was forced to sell its IP to Sony as a result of…

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A Huntsman’s art in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Kiku Art Gallery: Johannes Huntsman

Johannes Huntsman may not be a familiar name to patrons of art in Second Life when reading it here – but if I mention that he’s actually the founder of Kultivate Magazine and the Windlight Gallery, then recognition will immediately drawn, the new moniker he carries being the result of SL’s Name Changes capability.

As a Second Life resident, Johannes’ support of the arts over the years has been indefatigable, from the magazine and gallery through to supporting multiple charity events to co-founding has own fund-raising organisation, Team Diabetes of Second Life, he is a veritable powerhouse. He is also an exceptional gifted photographer and artist – a fact that can be attested to with a visit at the Kiku Gallery curated by Suzanne Logan during April / early May, for that gallery is currently hosting a stunning portfolio of pieces by Johannes that are…

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Saturday @ 2pm slt-Naturescapes Exhibition Opening!




DATE: APRIL 18, 2020



Join us this Saturday, April 18, 2020 from 2pm to 3pm slt for the grand opening exhibition of Naturescapes & More by Johannes Huntsman at Kiku Art Gallery! This exhibition and gallery is curated by Suzanne Logan. Live performer Aislen Sings will be performing throughout the hour and the dresscode is casual.

Sunday @ 1pm slt-Kultivate Loft Gallery Presents the Art of Judilynn India

JUDIYLYNNEVENTJoin us this Sunday, April 19, 2020, from 1pm to 3pm slt at the Kultivate Loft Gallery for a special exhibition featuring Judilynn India! The dress code is casual and we will have live performer Ry Anne, along with a special performer from 2 to 3pm slt.


You can learn more about Judilynn India below:

JUDILYNNI’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon. I studied art throughout school, Commercial Art in high school and Graphic Design at Tyler School of Art/Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. . After the turn of the century, I decided to focus my creativity on acrylic and digital painting and have totally enjoyed the journey.

Known in SL as JudiLynn India and RL as Judi Lynn, my mission is to share my vision and message as an artist with the global community.
My work embodies my spirit and personality. My goal is to allow you to experience the image with your own mind’s eye. My work is entirely intuitive. I get lost in the layering of texture and color. Occasionally, I will include figurative work if my spirit is so presented with the composition.
Just as there is order in the chaos of the universe, the energy within me is brought into focus one canvas at a time.

My RL website for purchase of prints is:

I can be found on FaceBook as JudiLynn India.

Enjoy! – JudiLynn India

Please visit my galleries (listed in my profile) for more of what I love to do. :>

Tuesday @ 4pm slt-Kultivate Presents Dirty Grind Nights!


Join us this Tuesday, March 31, 2020 for a very special event and new tradition, Kultivate Presents Dirty Grind Nights! This event will feature a pop up art show once a month at a venue that is very dear to me, The Dirty Grind!

Each pop up art show will feature artists and two live performers! For our first event, which will take place 4pm to 6pm slt, we have live performers Wolfie Starfire (4pm to 5pm slt) & DirtyDee Sweetwater(5pm to 6pm slt). The following artists will showcase a small selection of their art works during this time frame only:

Jamee Sandalwood
Dimivan Ludwig
DreamMakerXDreamBreaker Resident
John H (johannes1977  Resident)

The dress code is casual and we hope that you enjoy getting a little grindy with us! slurl:

Second Norway & Sailor’s Cove East: rumours & statements

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Second Norway, March 2020

There have been several rumours that the estates of Second Norway and Sailor’s Cove East are closing, with one of the reasons being given as “high vacancy rates”.

Both estates are operated by Ey Ren and Mialinn Telling, and form an important part of the environment connected to Blake Sea, offering private homes to many as well as open waters and skies for the Second Life boating / sailing communities and the aviation community.

Currently, as far as I’ve been able to ascertain, the precise future of both estates is unclear. The only official statement on the matter has been posted on Mialinn’s Second Life profile:

I am sorry to inform that due to year of deficit and the current corona crisis, job loss and failing krone exchange rate, Ey Ren are no longer able to keep the ship afloat. LL has closed his account. Ey…

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Sunday @ 1pm slt-Kultivate Loft Gallery Presents the Art of Skye Joubert


Join us this Sunday, March 22, 2020, from 1pm to 3pm slt at Kultivate Loft Gallery for a solo exhibition, featuring the art of Skye Joubert! This event will feature live performers Parker Static (1pm to 2pm slt) and Wolfie Starfire (2pm to 3pm slt) with a casual dress code. Slurl:

You can learn more about Skye Joubert below:

poppy skye finalSkye Joubert is a real life mixed media artist who lives in Ojai, California at her main studio aldea del ciELo. She hosts workshops at her studio and has art hanging in establishments around town.

Skye also has pieces hanging in Miracle Mile Medical Center in Hollywood, CA as well as Hadavi Spa in Long Beach, CA. Dedicated followers of her work like Writer and Musician Robert Gregory Browne and Doctor Gil Tepper and others enjoy collecting her whimsical characters.

She is also a member of The SketchBook Project where her TeaBag Art Sketchbook is stored at the Brooklyn Art Museum. Her second SketchBook will go live there soon!

She also was a proud participant in the 14th annual Artwalk on Raglan Shire, Second Life (2019) which featured 200 second life artists. The following video shows a sample of the Artwalk and Skye’s artwork got a lot of time! Catch it at 24- 27 seconds into the video.

Her childlike folk art boldly explores her love of colors. Having been raised in an artistic home with three life-like artists it took her a while to re-visit her artistic style. “I can sketch life-like art, I just have no fun doing it! I love the spontaneity of splashing colors on an old piece of wood or cardboard, mapping a face with pencil and then – boom letting the character develop itself. It is like childplay! I live to have paint on my hands”.

She proudly recycles pieces of wood and cardboard in her individual effort to make less trash, or rather turn her trash into art. She has painted mermaids on fabric chairs and painted faces on guitars (in both worlds) as well as TV trays and Tables. Items that had once seen a better day spring to life again with her bold colors and characters.

In Second Life she lives with her Second Life Family and boyfriend on (beYou Affiliate) Joubert’s BeFarm Grocery at Joubertville, True Love (73, 199, 21) which is home to a working beYou Farm, beYou Grocery Store, and coming soon a beYou craft center located in her SL studio where she holds RL Art Sessions. “It is so great that today we can expand our knowledge and learning because of the Internet. There are tons of YouTube videos out there for FREE – I even have produced some!

Come visit RustyTruck Art Gallery and ciELo ArtPlay and explore what Skye’s art and beYou are all about. If you are interested in her real life art or workshops held in Ojai, CA email her at


If you would like to be a featured artist contact Beechman Nightfire

Featured in March 2020 the real life photographer from Italy Kosmodrome ParX

Featured in April the Photo manipulative artwork of Skye’s Sl granddaughter Nevaeh JoubretLeStrange- Sanchez.

Coming in May 2020 the works of Mixed Media Artist AudieG