Virtual Reality at Sundance



“Sundance was started as a mechanism for discovery of new voices and new talent” -Robert Redford

Sundance Institute, founded by stage and screen star Robert Redford, has an annual program called the Sundance Film Festival. If you already know that you are in good company, with over forty-five thousand attendees, this Utah festival is the biggest film festival in the United States. The New Frontier at Sundance Institute is a less well known part of this festival. At the front of this group is Virtual Reality art and it was sizzling hot at this the ten year anniversary the New Frontier.

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Eiffelicious : Capricious Talent


“Lost inside… Adorable illusion and I cannot hide”    from Blonde’s  ‘Heart of Glass’

The first time I went to visit LEA 7 Eiffelicious , my sound was muted when I landed. I noticed that flying was permitted so I flew to the Tip Top of the Eiffel tower. Standing there I panned around to soak in some of the grandeur of this Eiffelicious place. The snow flakes gently falling and the purple hues of the sky is a calming respite.   It is hard to believe that this tower [irl] was built only as a temporary fixture in Paris 1889. Here a delectable Eiffelicious tower resides in a huge snow globe. This entire installation was built by one person, artist and fashionista Regi Yifu.

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Patron Banyan House Edition



09-Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.04.31 PM

“If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it.  This is the most basic kind of peace work.”   That Hanh [Vietnamese Buddhist Monk]

Close your eyes and imagine a private place, away from all the stress and the mundane that can be in the every day routine. Imagine that place rests nestled around a lush Banyan tree and built by an expert in design and design comfort details. If you have visited Eliza Wierwight’s Patron house and Keiki House you have a taste of her designs. You cannot walk around her grounds and homes without realizing her creations are made of love. You can feel her considerations and thoughts in all aspects, from the smallest detail to the overall feelings and views. Even the music stream is perfectly fitted for the experience. [in footnotes]

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Bona’s Visual Jazz in Fine Art

3-Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.17.48 PM.jpg

Located on a corner lot facing Nat’s Jazz Club on the Detroit City SIM, is Bona’s Visual Jazz in Fine Art.  This gallery contains a plethora of work that is a spiritual combination of music and digital art.  In reading the notes on the artist, TaO Bona, I learn he was raised by two artists and he says that ‘balance and contrast’ escape him.  Contrary to what he tells visitors, his balance and contrast are spectacular and must be intuitive.  He also uses well thought out names that reveal his story telling desire with each image.

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COMA : I Can’t Speak

Saoirise reviews the new exhibition, “COMA: I Can’t Speak:”

1-Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.56.21 AM.jpg

“I heard the wheels…loud…who was he…? I didn’t see a face and…I didn’t want to die in the dark rain…I froze…that’s how it goes”                                   GlitterPrincess Destiny

Walking into COMA, I was thrilled that our artist provided a picture of the suggested Firestorm settings. It is so much easier to make sure you have them set when you can see the screens. I am fortunate enough to be able to set my settings exactly as recommended. I visited the exhibit with both my standard graphics settings and the suggested ones. I also viewed the images with the audio of the artist and without it.

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Hanging the Moon ~ Noblest Animals


Saoirise reviews the Hanging Moon Gallery:

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Winter Wonderful ~ Spotlight Artist



Today is the last day of the Windlight Winter Art Show and Winter Showcase! Saoirise has a great review of this awesome event:

‘O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?’  Percy Bysshe Shelley

There is an advantage for me to being relatively new on the sl art scene, I don’t always recognize the names of artists who have been talented and famous in world. Such was the case when I first walked into the exhibit I am going to spot light today from the Windlight Magazine’s Wintershow Exhibition 2015.

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Barret Darkfold Art Masia :  Me Gusta

2-Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.12.32 PM.jpg


Saoirise reviews The Barret Darkfold Art Masia:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new sights, but in looking with new eyes.”   Marcel Proust

The Barret Darkfold Art Masia is an unassuming gallery located on one of the major roadways of second life, Route 14. Barret Darkfold is the artist whose work is on display at this Masia.

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Sweet Jasmine Sushi Restaurant ~ Restaurant Series

1-Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.14.55 PM.jpg

Saoirse has a new series, “Restaurant Review” where she will review some of the best restaurants in Second Life!

Theme: Sushi

Dress: Any Moderate

Menu: Japanese Sushi Cuisine[1]

Cost: none [donations are welcome]

Reservations: not needed

Service Style: self service from conveyor belt

Near by Attractions: Virtual Shoo, at:    Galleries and more.

Welcome to the continuing series of fantastic restaurants in world. Restaurants in world are a wonderful place to sit and to visit with friend, go on a date or go on your own to explore a new place. This week’s restaurant is comfortable for all combinations.

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Louvre Pyramid Art Center~Belle

Saoirise is back with another review!

Louvre Pyramid Art Center

3-Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 5.39.55 PM.jpg

Free Art?  Yes at The Louvre Pyramid Art Center I landed between two recreations of the pyramid portion of the real life of the Louvre in Paris.  The first contains a free art shop with art from the masters [1] for all who visit.  The second is a gallery of work from artist Jam, resident.


Four floors show case Jam’s work.  This gallery has a great draw for those wanting to visit one gallery on an outing as her work is diverse in styling from an image of a young seal to surreal images.  Before describing them I will take a moment and share the words of the artist, himself.

“Those light breaths of light lasted a few seconds, maybe ten seconds.  But does it make sense to talk about the time when a soul is embracing itself”.  Those are the words of Jam about his second life along with “Love many, trust in few, always paddle your own canoe…I am here to learn.  My mission [should I choose to accept it] is to meet other artists, and creative lovely people in general.  To explore, build, have fun, make good life-long friends, dance and go beyond the beyond.  Anyone who gets that reference is a friend indeed.”

4-Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 5.38.35 PM.jpg

I reviewed the main gallery room containing Jam’s work from the top fourth floor to the first floor.  On the fourth floor is a piece done in watercolors titled ‘Ace of Cups’.  It is a beautiful image.  Alone at the top with seating to consider and take in this image.

Traveling down a floor, I move into works with inks, oils, acrylics, water colors and pencils.  It is obvious that this artist is sharing the breadth of her processes with us and it is so worth it.  ‘Leaf Life’ is in ink and effects, looks like the trees within are making peace signs.  It is a deeply peaceful piece.  ‘Morning Horns’ an oil on canvas show paint brush strokes you could reach out and feel in the canvas fabric.  Ironically Ramworld, an acrylic and watercolor makes me think of Thanksgiving.  Ram world looks to me as a large cornucopia.  One of my two favorites here is on this floor and done with pencil and ink.  Titled Journey2Love it draws my focus for long moments.

2-Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 5.40.28 PM.jpg

The second floor has pieces that are charcoal drawing such as ‘Drink Me’ ‘Quiet Moment’ ‘Rest is Best’.  I really like ‘drink me’.  Another favorite is ‘I see you’ in acrylic.  The two pastels are well done and titled ‘Angel Down time’ and ‘Preparation’ accordingly.

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Atelier Lalague ~Bénisse les Français [Bless the French]

Saoirse is back with another gallery review:

2-Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 8.50.54 PM.jpg

It is a beautiful gallery located in the seaside Coeur D’Azur, modeled after the French city of the same name on the outskirts of Nice, not far from the Italian border. It reminds me of a much larger city on the same coast Marseille which I have visited a time or two. Though Coeur D’Azur is an inland city, it is not far from the coast. It has small shops and if you walk in the shops district of Marseille you will see a irl version of this SIM.

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Ristorante Ivanna ~ Restaurant Review Series


Saoirse Continues in her new series, “Restaurant Review” where she will review some of the best restaurants in Second Life! Eating is an art and Saoirse demonstrates it with her this review of Ristorane Ivanna.

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~Art in Hats~ Creative Member of Team Diabetes

1-Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.03.47 PM

“I have exactly 15 hats, one for each of my personalities.”

I had the opportunity for a private sneak peek of the upcoming Art in Hats. I have visited 47 hats at Art in Hats at least two times so far, and there have been more added since that time. This does not include those set aside in the auction ring. My first time at Art in Hats so I had a decent idea of what to expect, the title gives me a big hint. What I didn’t realize was that they would not be just hats or just beautiful hats. This is a festival of intricate designs of all type not restricted to that which is usually hat material. Instead walking around and viewing these pieces I had to remind my self they ARE hats and can be worn.

Sure some of them are easy to recognize as traditional hats. Those do not shine any less than the others they offer a different taste of that artist’s vision. I confess to buying two hats, my personal budget, and they were had choices. More about those later along. Let me chat a bit about specific hats as I only found one blog that does give specifics so far.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Circa Ghost put in two entries. I associate her builds as SIM large so it was fascinating to see what this Serbian artist decided to put in her small pieces. One has one of her characters on the brim and the other hat has a desolate building on it. Complete in the most minute detail. Very clever.

Crazy Fish was one of the two hats I purchased. I was already captivated by the whole crazy and those who know me will not be surprised in the least. The moment I met the artist and his flashy avi, had a few stilted words in Mandarin Chinese with him, I was sold. Here is a web link to view some of his work, it is outstanding.

2-Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.02.49 PM

There are more than one Bowler hat in this contest. The Bowler hat originated with a hat made for Edward Coke in 1849. He was a British soldier and the brother of the 2nd Earl of Leicester. My personal experience is that the Bowler is popular with Johannes1977 and indeed he is one of the two artists using this hat. His hat is an amusing “Just Bugging Bowler” you will have to see it to know what it is bugging. The other artist using a Bowler has titled her hat ‘Magritte Apple Bowler [Porcelain]’. Another clever and cheeky title as her hat pays homage to the 1946 painting by Belgian surrealist painter, Rene Magritte and his work “The Son of Man”.

As to Johannes1977, he has a couple other clever hats. One caught my eye straight away titled ‘Rubix Cube Fancy’. It is colorful, apt and I want to buy it to solve the cubes I believe he was in a bright mode when he was doing his designs as the other hat he brings us here is Bright Ideas Fancy Hat with a petite black hat accessorized with its own bevy of light bulbs.

There is the hat ‘Paperclips’ where I imagine someone who cleverly thinks of this usage of paper clips while working at a boring office while others nap or surf the internet in down times. And clips glitter nicely.

3-Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.01.56 PM

With Sundae Beret, I like the name, I like the look and this artist has an image of the model wearing the hat that is perhaps one of the most outstanding images here. Those who chose to include an image along with the hat were wise to do so, these images give another piece of the puzzle to why the artist would, say, make a hat like a Dali egg.

Another hat with a wonderful image behind it is the pink ice floppy sun hat.
The image is like a negative where the pink floppy hat is very pink and all other image details are black. When I viewed the Phaedra hat I thought about Metropolis the silent movie. The look is very Metropolis, yet dear readers the Phaedra of the Greek Gods was treated poorly and treated others poorly. She accused a man she loved of raping her to the point of getting a curse put on him. Interesting possibilities all around.

The other hat I bought was Death to a Romantic Hat. The title, the Spanish styling, but the title, was too good to me. It goes well with my black gowns.

On attending these events, absolutely attend whatever you may schedule. This is not only viewing hats but has a much bigger meaning. You may enjoy art and support a very worthy cause. Diabetes is a serious illness in the world with high sugar and poor diets. It is a painful way to live if you happen to have it. Be generous with your support of the hats and the cause. At the end of the day, you will smile about these hats. There is no cat in any hat, but you will be a cool cat if you wear them. Artfully Yours; Seersha Heart


Strange Brew Gallery ~ Special Mulligan Stew

Saoirise reviews the Strange Brew Gallery:

I hope you use the wonderful site “Art Galleries of Second Life” [link in footnote].  I was looking at various galleries this week and decided to visit and to write about a new small gallery named “Strange Brew” operated by the Saintless Larnia who brings us Owen Landar artist.

1-Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 3.44.54 PM

Teleporting in I arrived in the lobby of the gallery so naturally I had to walk outside and take a look around.  This is located on the mainland in a nice area I have taken a few pictures of to accompany this article.  I was amused by the undead pet outside  [a horse].  Returning to the inside a walked about to get a feel for our artist.  Her gallery has a great set up, a small area to display images called “Imagination” spelled with an eye for the letter I is off to my left and a small club is ahead of me.  All decorated for the Halloween season.  I should say here that I learned the artist has his own gallery named Omagination.

The artist images are placed in a inside garden area, and honestly I was not prepared for the beauty of the images as I was looking around at the garden effects.  The garden is quite lovely and well done, art on its own.

2-Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.26.40 PM

The images [I will not specify the effects used] are daring and colorful.  I suspect the placement reveals a bit of shyness or playfulness of our curator.  To her I say “I want to see more!”.  This artist is working outside of the comfort zone of many sl artists.  He is working beyond the images of the easily recognized and creating something beautiful.  There are a couple of images with a dancer as the center figure also throwing off colors, I confess that my favorite is ‘Celebration’.

Ironically the first image I view is titled “Comfort Zone” has deep dark yellow chalk figure in the centre throwing colors off it every angle with an almost electronic pastel work.  I would not have thought that I would describe something as ‘electronic pastel’ but I feel this is the most apt description.  Near this image is one titled ‘Contemplate’ with smooth colors cascading in a circular pattern as if the color is moving down a drain.

‘Forest Brocade’ has a mostly fixed beginning in the center surrounded by richly vivid background that looks as if you may reach into it and touch the lush greenery.  And in ‘Circles of my Mind’ I see the first image which indicates a styling self portrait using female figure.  He has a female figure in reverse color imaging with the background is spotted with whites and blacks textured like moss would be on ancient rocks.  Don’t dare think this is your average spotting of a polkadot!  Okay I will tell you know, our artist is handling his art two or more times and doing overlays to create these delights.

3-Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.26.15 PM

There are a couple of framed images by the artist in her lobby.  They are subdued and character in styling.  You don’t need any imagination to become captivated by his images, you will only wish there were more to view.  I have included the artist website below but I haven’t viewed it yet, saving it for later.  Artfully Yours,  Seersha Heart


Artist’s website [erotic/moderate]

Art Galleries of Second Life [please rate galleries when you stop in 1 to 5 stars and you may also leave a comment]

Ozuma Kaname ~ Criminal Appeal

Saoirise is back with another review, this time she reviews The Loving Living Gallery:


‘To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.’ Gautama Buddha

Do you like tattoo art? Even if you do not appreciate body art, the gallery I visited is still a treat for the eyes. Ozuma Kaname [1939 – 2011] worked with tattoo artists creating art on silk with fantastic results. His inspirtion is irezumi or the art of Japanese traditional body art tattoos. He studied with his uncle a famous artist as well, Sakai Soushi.

The gallery is owned by a group ‘Loving Living’ and the curator is Evachangin Seredipity. A marvelous tribute to the tattoo artist is on two large floors of this gallery. Ozuma’s work is primarily nude female figures that have stunningly detailed tattoos. These are the wabori Japanese stylings. He draws Buddhist references, those you will find in Japanese culture. It is so popular you will find it on postcards, prints and other gift items.

2-Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.26.35 PM

When you view the images of his painting on silk, the detail is amazing. The female figures are predominately in positions of submission, and when there is a male figure he is dominating. The male figures are often holding the female figures down in position. The female figure bodies are large, round and shapely. All figures are Japanese. The nudes feature smooth lines moving down the entire body including pubic region.

3-Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.25.32 PM

Generally the tattoo culture is a taboo in mainstream Japan. Why? Many of you already know that in Japan it has been thought for many years that tattoo = yakuza and yakazua = criminal. In Japan you may be kicked out of public baths [hot tubs], swimming pools, spas and even shops for having tattoos.

Ozuma’s work is the irezumi and was considered to have moved to the highest skilled levels of this style of tattooing. The irezumi is also the style of tattooing the same used by the yakuza often referred to as the Japanese mafia. Indeed Ozuma worked closely with a former member of the Japanese gang, Horiyoshi III.

4-Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.25.18 PM

A delightful Japanese cultural experience with an icon artist for all to enjoy. Artfully yours, Seersha Heart


I.K. Brunell Hall ~ Restaurant Review Series

Saoirise has a new series, “Restaurant Review” where she will review some of the best restaurants in Second Life! Eating is an art and Saoirise demonstrates it with her first review of I.K. Brunell Hall:

1-Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 7.32.47 PM

Theme: Victorian, Steam punk

Dress: Any Moderate

Menu: Continental Contemporary

Cost: none [donations are welcome]

Reservations: not needed

Service Style: self service from table

Near by Attractions: Galleries, Shopping,all of the New Babbage Merchants

Welcome to the first review in a series of fantastic restaurants in world. Restaurants in world are a wonderful place to sit and to visit with friend, go on a date or go on your own to explore a new place. This week’s restaurant is comfortable for all combinations.

I.K. Brunell Hall is the first restaurant in world to make the destination guide. This building houses the restaurant, the bar, indoor swimming pool [free swimsuits available], sauna as well as resident apartments. The restaurant’s design has been updated since I began coming here, completely earlier this fall season.


The restaurant features Victorian and Steam punk decor with rich woods and carpets through out. Sitting down for dinner, there are a variety of sitting options for single or for couples. I quite like the hand holding one there for the couple poses and the stuffed pose is always good after a meal.

The Menu has seven categories including the manage category for clearing plates. They serve breakfast, starters, appetizers, entrees, deserts and drinks. I will say that the selection is too diverse to list. The serving works as follows; you click on the silver to get your cutlery. After you add a fork, a spoon and/or a knife you click on the plate. Then the fun of many choices begins. I have tried each category, and within categories there is hot/cold when appropriate. If you are sampling many items as I was, you may turn on the auto clear for your dishes.

2-Brunel Hall Bar Area VIc and Seersha

The sculpted meals here are so wonderful you will get very hungry in real life while you dine in world. On my latest trip here my meal included the following items:

Drink : Cappuccino, Veggie Plate, Sushi with Spring Rolls, Cornish Hen and for dessert Red Velvet cake.

After dinner, you can visit the restaurant bar for drinks or smoking, or venture into the club bar in the next level down. The swimming pool is wonderful as well with many poses and movements, make sure you wait 30 minutes before swimming! [it’s a myth luvs] Artfully yours, Seersha Heart


Edward L. Anderson Art Gallery ~ Abled Differently

Saoirse reviews The Edward L. Anderson Art Gallery:

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”  Coco Chanel

The Edward L. Anderson Digital Art Gallery is a pleasant journey to view an assorted display of the digital approach to art work. Our artist has a bit of many of the image forms I enjoy the most in world.  I highly recommend sunrise or sunset lighting.  Darkness is a disservice to this petite gallery that sports a wall that the light passes through.  Access this gallery off route 8 where he has a 40 prim TP area.  Look for the flashing Grand Opening sign.

Delightful surprise: There will be a Black Ferrari that drives past the TP slowly every few moments.  If you click on it to drive, you will be riding down route 8.  A nice fun treat after you visit the gallery.

1-Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 11.39.27 PM

The exhibit begins with a intoxicating image titled “Buddha Rising”. I saw the ‘Buddha’ after reading the title easily, before seeing the title I was already appreciating the reflective quality in the center of this image. He uses RBG colors in an almost hippy styling radiating out from the center. The repeated imagery of fractal work appears as the image fades to the blackness.

He has several landscape images that have a crystal clear image as if one is looking out of a window at the area. He was quick to capture lightning in a couple of this images. He demonstrates a whimsical artistic flare as some of these images have one item in the picture, a guitar, a lighthouse, that is not the focus but a part of the image ‘Robert Johnson’s Crossroads’ has an orange guitar in a stark landscape by a tree where the lightning bolt hits the same tree. Delightful.2-Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 11.15.56 PM

I haven’t seen many still life images in world, this artist includes a couple of them. A study of still life in our world is different than irl as the shading and the lighting is completely under the control of the artist. With this in mind viewing his still life images, I appreciate the way the light falls as well as the shadows. The shadows indicate both the light we see and the light from the room.

This has two levels and on the second level the images again begin with a true stunner, ‘Rod of Power’. Circles with inlaid circles shape a moon and a bejeweled appearance. The axis lines of the image, deep purple, define the boundaries. And the nucleus, the center is surrounded by swirling flame colored images. ‘Shell’ is a Fibonacci study widely spaced appearing almost as if there is a hedge maze.

3-Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 11.11.18 PM

Our artist shares his work on a website [below] and also shares a glimpse into his life.  A Florida USA resident, he has a B.A. in Motion Picture Technology.  He learned how to do computer effects for movies and has not made a film yet.  In addition to using his degree to create digital art, he is working on a web based comedy show based on the ‘table-talk’ that may be heard during Dungeons and Dragons.  This project is written, produced and directed by our artist.  The other interesting truth about Edward is he lives with  cerebral palsy.  Creative and driven, stop in and see this exhibit.  Artfully Yours, Seersha Heart

Location :

Artist’s Website:

Nitroglobus Gallery ~ Diamond in the Sky

Saoirise reviews The Nitroglobus Gallery:

“O, thou art fairer than the evening air clad in the beauty of a thousand stars.”-Christopher Marlow, English Playwright and author of “The Tragedy of Dido, Queen of Carthage”

You can’t see the magic that awaits you when you arrive at the unassuming building that will transport you to the gallery above. It is quiet, and I took a lovely stroll down a wooden walkway to reach it having no idea of what wonder I was about to view.

Nitroglobus Gallery is owned by Nitro Fireguard and his partner Dido Haas, who also is the curator. As is true with some galleries inworld, their partnership of love extends to a love and a creation of art. They have a large gallery that is very cleverly designed with a large expansive reflective surface that those visiting will surely envy. The entrance provides teleporters to all necessary places including the Sunday Cafe.

I stumbled upon this gallery at the suggestion of a friend who knew I am working with a particular medium. When I saw the gallery, within seconds I realized this was a gallery to write about and share with everyone.

picture 1

The gallery itself is an artistic installation and creation. All I will say about it here is that you need to visit it to understand why I say the gallery is art.

In the center of each hallway are mesh sculptures created by Nitro. Some are moving sculptures creating a scene of urban favor. I feel that these sculptures are intended to begin a dialog, between those who view them and others, about sometimes violent urban interactions. These are much more than executing a script in a sculpture properly, there is depth of meaning in each set up. The street lights used belay the idea of urban location.

Dido has been busy curating this gallery and promoting their guest artists. She is a profoundly talented artist in her own right. Her images are beautiful, thought-provoking, and convey a wide range of emotions. There is a true talent in someone who can convey a negative feeling, such as confusion, with beauty. I would love to compare them to the ones she displayed at her first exhibition at Augger’s Gallery which she did years ago.

picture 2

My favorite images in Dido’s room of the gallery are her mysterious works such as ‘Run’ and ‘Shadow’. In ‘Run’ there is an emerging figure that is mostly human yet undefined entering the picture. In ‘Shadow’ there are connections made, an interesting textured background, and unanswered questions from the shadows. In ‘Lean On Me’, Dido uses repeated images of the female figure’s lips and mouth in the background, with a foreground and shadowing effect that makes this complex piece a jewel. In this piece there is also special affectations near the borders resembling brushed or water soaked effect. The female figure has a ring glowing in response to the male figure or perhaps it is the other way around.

When I thought I had seen all of their work, I was surprised and delighted to be proven very incorrect. Welcome to the Sunday Cafe! This Cafe is situated in another large gallery room and full of fantastic art to walk through and experience. It has amazing sculptures by Nitro as well as Dido’s images and Nitro’s 3D White Box art. Nitro has a talent with his sculptures of taking black and white imaging process and bringing it to a fresh new life in sculpture form. On his sculpture of dancing women circling a dancing duo, he has placed detail white masks upon the faces of the ebony black sculpted bodies. The large White Boxes contain animated sculptures within them. My fascination at viewing these can be best described as the fascination one would have viewing a diorama that moves with eclectic flare.

To give you an idea of just how outstanding this room is I will describe where I am standing at this moment. Off to my far left in the distance I can see one of Nitro’s 3D exhibits in a white box. Inside of it is a humanoid that is zebra colored moving around and out of my view. On this white box, the artist has placed vertical dark strips, very thin, that provide a view that gives me the feeling of watching a television. XXX I REMOVED COZ YOU WERE WATCHING THE MACHINIMA OF TUTSY I ASSUME, WHICH AMONG OTHER MACHINIMA’s IS THERE TO WATCH.

Moving along the wall there is the collection of there gallery notices that appears artful, unless you read it, you would believe it was another piece of the exhibit. I am standing by a sculpture of two figures in the sand. Continuing to the right, I can see floating sculptures moving slightly, surrounded by images Dido has compiled.

In four images I can already see the emotions of love, pain, and confusion in colors of black/white, color/orton effect, and color. I could give a much more detailed description but that still wouldn’t do the justice deserved by this body of work.

picture 3

They have a current installation along with their work in the main hall of the gallery. A thoughtful artist noticed the area they had that wasn’t used and offered some stunning images of his own. This temporary exhibit is titled “Fade to Grey: A Temporary Installation” by Mr. B [Burke Bode]. On the promo Notecard there is the quote “daring, sexy, hot…need I say more”. I will say this fits the exhibit aptly, if it was a reference to Mr. B, well, that remains to be seen. [chuckles] One of the interesting aspects of this exhibition is that one of the colored images will “fade” to grey each day until the end of the exhibit. It is a very nice touch to have the artist interacting with the exhibit frequently. The best exhibits have this element, even the smallest touch keeps an exhibit fresh and lively. The images displayed are smart man and female figure poses. Largely nudes, the artist plays with color and angle in each. The perspectives are up close and personal.

Don’t let a day go by….go NOW…and enjoy the wonder of this gallery. It embodies so much of what it means to explore art mediums in world. Artfully yours, Saoirse Heart




The Hill Gallery ~ Punani Power

Saoirse reviews The Hill Gallery:


“Even physicists get it wrong when they confidently assert that color is just a wavelength of light.  My usual quick answer to that is I can take any wavelength and make it appear almost any color.  That’s because color is not something out there in the world, separate from us.  The agreed-upon technical definition of color is that it’s a visual perception.”

Mark Fairchild Rochester Institute of Technology [full titles in footnote]

The Hill Gallery is a stylish building in stark white on the water front.  This month the gallery’s installation is by Hillany Scofield, Resident. Recommended light for viewing is any, the white of the gallery keeps the images fresh at all times of the day.  With the midnight, the glittering water that permeates the gallery with the soft white, there is a more somber feeling.  At all times it seems quiet and peaceful to enter.

That quiet peaceful facade gives your mind time to empty properly to absorb the images as you walk around.  Spending time with each one to feel where it might take you.  The artist images are crisp in their presentation, and I feel the artist must have taken much care in setting up her shots, as well as in deciding which ones are here today for us to view.  There is water throughout the gallery, quietly present as it feels as if the gallery itself is a building floating in shallow water.  There are a couple of images that are two stories tall placed uniquely off the courtyard viewing area.

The first part of the installation is a four walled presentation, center of a courtyard.  The walls are not attached though in a rectangular shape, viewers may enter on any corner.  Curiously placed for the consideration of the viewer is an over sized white shirt, men’s, or a similar article of clothing off to one side.  It is bunched up and seemingly tossed there carelessly.  I can tell from the rhythm of this artist that nothing is careless, and I consider how this fits into my perception of the pieces surrounding it.


Black and white is one of the colors of choice here and she uses it well.  One image I like a great deal has a female figure looking at an image within the image. What is most striking to me about this image is the ever so slight shading she has captured to give this image depth.  It is so good that the image the female figure is looking at could also be a stage commanding greater depth of field.  It is contemplative, thoughtful as the slight tilt of the primary female figure’s head indicates many feelings within me.  Perhaps she is not meant to see the scene, many things stir and that is exactly what I want from an image.  Talent draws you in and keeps your mind moving when you view an image.

There are female nudes, both single and two figures in some images.  When you see an artistic nude you should see a beautiful image of the nude figure and then the little something extra, the artist’s flare.  Some images have her figure partially dressed, so that is for consideration.  Why and what is missing or visible?  The artist’s selection of where and how much of stark black or stark white in a image is perfect here.  In one image I see a female figure in a skirt or a dress from behind with heels.  All of the clothing is in muted yellow, the remaining image is in the back and white.  She is hunched forward in a pose, barely standing from the appearance of her legs.  It is her shadow that is truly haunting.  Bulbous and oddly shaped make me consider the meanings.

There is an image of a woman looking as if she is examining her hand or perhaps putting it out with her head lowered.  All I can see of her face is her slightly downturned chin, lips and bottom portion of her nose.  The shadows on this image look almost painted on perfect, angular with some fading as it draws further away from the camera.  The figure is in color, though muted, and lips are shadowed but a soft red.  The main background is dark to a green, yellow horizon point.  The feeling I get viewing these images as I walk around is one of angles of color presentation and female figure.  Some with color to emphasize either the colored area or the reverse of that area.  The lines are sharp and the shading is beautiful.


This is an excellent installation to view for anyone, if you are one who favors black and white in mediums, this is a “must see” exhibit.  For me the images of the movement of and placement of the floor and the figure remain steadfast in my mind.  Artistically yours; Saoirse Heart

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Quote above taken from Mark Fairchild, Associate Dean of Research & Graduate Education, College of Science, Professor & Director, Program of Color Science/Munsell Color Science Laboratory, Rochester Institute of Technology [RIT]