Day #2 of the Kultivate Spring 17 Fashion Event!


It is day #2 of the Kultivate Spring 17 Fashion Event! Today’s schedule is:

10 am slt – Mahlberg Tailors, Virtual Diva, & Prism

1pm slt to 2pm slt -Live performer Parker Static

4 pm slt – Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions, Feyline, & Spyralle

**Shopping, fundraising, hunting, and the fashion quest are open 24/7**


Kultivate Spring 17 Fashion Event Rose Hunt Hints!


Scattered throughout the Kultivate 2017 Spring Fashion event are roses that contain hunt prizes! Can you find them all? All items are 1 linden!


Participating Merchants & Hints:

**We also have 25 roses scattered throughout that contain prizes, see if you can find those as you look for the roses in our merchant’s stores below**

Miss Darcy – Hint: Look behind my pinafore!

Cosmo Boutique – Hint: I didn’t know roses grew in the Spring’, he said archly

Giulia Design – Hint: GREAT FRIEND OF WOMEN ——-: p

Cniffon- Hint: one rose is on the doorstep and another rests on a faceted shape

FlowerDreams-Hint: I love the smell of roses

Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions-Hint: Between a King and a Queen

The Bohemian Underground-Hint: By the snowy path

Pekas Gorean & Urban Designs-Hint: Don’t forget to take our landmark

White Room Coutre- Hint: behind the candle filled birdcage

Feyline Fashion-Hint: A rose is at home here.

Mahlberg Tailors-Hint: You walk through me

You can view some of the hunt prizes below:

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Today at the Kultivate Spring 17 Fashion Event!


The Fashion event for Kultivate is now open! Today’s schedule at the fashion event:

-10 am slt-Exclusives Fashion Show

-1pm slt-live performer Dimivan Ludwig

-4pm slt-Bliensen & Mai Tai, Sonatta Morales, & The Bohemian Underground Fashion Show

**The Rose Hunt & Fashion Quest, Shopping are open 24.7**

Kultivate Spring 2017 Fashion Event Official Press Release!

Kultivate Spring 2017 Fashion Event Poster.png


FEBRUARY 8, 2017

Kultivate Spring 2017 Fashion Event

Dates: February 11 to 26, 2017


Kultivate Magazine is pleased to announce it’s very first Spring Fashion Event! The Kultivate Spring 2017 Fashion Event will take place February 11 to 26, 2017.

This event will feature over 50 designers and creators,  a variety of fashion shows, a shopping area with exclusives, two special hunts, entertainment, and more! The Fantasy Angels will also present a special themed show as the finale on February 26, 2017.

The modeling company that will produce the fashion shows is Amazing Impressions Modeling (AIM) and the charity partner for this event is Feed A Smile. Feed A Smile is the charity of Live and Learn Kenya in Second Life. This nonprofit charity raises funds to provide educational opportunities for the children of Kenya. Visitors will be able to help raise funds for Feed A Smile via their official kiosks and by buying tickets to a special raffle.

Participating  merchant sponsors are: Alpha Tribe, Bliensen + MaiTai, Blueberry, Chiffon, Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery, Closer to the Heart Fashion, DE Boutique, Dot-Be Fashion, EGOISME Milano, Emerald Couture, Entice, Feyline Fashions, FlowerDreams & Nile Karas, Gabriel, Ghee, GiuliaDesign, Mahlberg Tailors, Prey, Prism and Prism for Men, Sachas Designs, Snowpaws, Sonatta Morales, Spyralle, Sweet E’s Designs, Tameless, Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions, The Bohemian Underground, Virtual Diva, White Room Couture, Zibska, & Zuri Jewelry. Other participating merchants include:  .:Jullytobe:., {Aluetia}, *DBS* Designs by Soosy, AnyB Poses, Balderdash, Cosmos Boutique, EED Home & Garden, Get Frocked, IT! (Indulge Temptation!), Just Ordinary, Mara’s Mysteries, Moonstar, Pink Ice Boutique, Pin Up, Portofina Stile, ProPose, Steelhead Outfitters, Stone’s Works, Sweet Dreams, Sweet E’s Designs, TASHI, TRS Designs, & Winterwood.

The Kultivate Spring 2017 Fashion Event has the following media partners, all who have generously agreed to promote this event: ModelS Magazine, Model’s Workshop, Port Elysium News, Radio Riel, SL Live Radio, The Miss SL Organization, The SL Enquirer, The SL Parade, & Virtual Diva Magazine.

About Kultivate Magazine:
Kultivate Magazine is a publication about the cultural aspects of Second Life. The goal of Kultivate Magazine is to support art, culture, photography, music, and fashion. Kultivate Magazine consists of the magazine, The Edge and The Edge Gallery, The Windlight Art Gallery,  The Red Gallery,  The Bailywick Gallery, The Kultivate Select Gallery, Ristorante Ivanna, & The Tribute and Crown Pub. Kultivate Magazine is proud to be the media partner and primary sponsor of Team Diabetes of Second Life, an official and authorized team for The American Diabetes Association.

For more information:

Kultivate Magazine’s February 2017 Issue is Now Available!


The February 2017 issue of Kultivate Magazine is now available!  This issue features artistic and talented designer, Lyrical Bizarre. Illyra  Chardin provides images of romantic art in honor of Valentines Day, Guest contributor Miaa Rebane has generously provided images for a photo essay, Kinn Fiachra has a new mainland piece on The Outlands, Veruca Tammas visits Weeville, Inara Pey reviews The Sagan Planetarium and the new exhibit at MetaLes, ILlogism; Eleseren Brianna previews Kultivate’s Spring Fashion Event, and  John interviews The SL Parade Owner, ReRe Sandalwood. Click on the cover below to view the issue.


New Second Life community platform coming soon

Check out the new SL Community Platform

Daniel Voyager's Blog

On 17th February Linden Lab announced A Fresh New Community Look is Just Around the Corner!. The next version of the Second Life community platform will have a new look and feel to it. It’s been some time since the Second Life community platform last got updated so it will be great to see the new look when it launches before the end of February 2017.

Read-only mode comes into effect soon

To go from the current platform to the new platform the forums will be put into read-only mode during the export process. During that time everyone will be able to read the forums but they will not be able to publish new posts until the export job has been successfully completed.

Upcoming changes that you know about:

  • Between 21st – 27th February: the forums will go into read-only mode
  • On 27th February: the new Second Life platform…

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show #137: what second life means to us

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley]

show-137-what-sl-means show #137

it is rez day and reflection time = on february 20th drax turns 10 and jo turns 8. and the special guest who comes in mid show clocks in at 3 years of virtual age..what a n00b despite his influence. but we won’t reveal who he is, you gotta listen:

and some context for you ferocious readers out there:

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February 17, 2017 Elysium Cabaret Review!

This week with Elysium Cabaret:

Elysium Cabaret


It was a Friday night like any other Friday night, yet somehow it felt special.  Like there was something to be celebrated.  Still not sure what it is.  But this show was spectacular, and smooth as cream.  DJ Gunner looked dashing spinning the tunes as Paul and Jilley welcomed guests.  And Gunner even offered to pick up the tab this week!  Backstage, dancers were stretching out, warming up refined muscles in preparation of what would prove to be an exceptional show.  The sim was close to bursting, yet oddly… no lag!  There was just something special in the air.

snapshot_009snapshot_016Babypea – Rewind by Happinesswith Kyshra, Gracie, Joy and BB

I opened the show with a dichotomy.  A traditional Japanese set, dancers dressed as Geishas and Ninjas, and a modern JPop tune that totally RAWKS!  The choreography was modern, hiphop and street dance.  Now, I did not like this dance when…

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Weekend #2 of The Kultivate Spring 17 Fashion Event!



Today is the second weekend of The Kultivate Spring 17 Fashion Event! Today’s fashion show schedule is:

February 18, 2017 – 10 am slt – Zibska, Alpha Tribe, & Zuri Jewelry

February 18, 2017 – 4 pm slt – Flowerdreams, Snowpaws, & Sascha’s Designs


**The Rose Hunt, Fashion Question, & shopping is open 24.7**

SL Etiquette 101 Poll: Does Politics Belong in Second Life?


Hi everyone! I am back with a piece on SL Etiquette 101! With the recent commentary about politics in Second Life from social media, to Linden Labs’ statement about the recent immigration changes by President Trump, politics is on everyone’s minds. My next SL Etiquette 101 article will address how to talk about politics in Second Life, but before I write this article, I would like some feedback. I am asking that Kultivate’s readers take the quick poll below. The poll will be up for about 5 days. Thanks to everyone who responds!



Kultivate Image of the Day: 2/16/17

Today’s image of the day is from Michelle Halster:

Image by Michelle Halster

Join our Flickr group to have an image considered as our image of the day:

A Sunday Afternoon Walk in Walden Pond

Featured Image -- 16883

Great review of Waldens’ Pond:


Well, it’s Sunday afternoon and I have a little time to just take a wander and explore a little, so I opened up my destination guide and searched in the Nature and Parks category and came across Walden Pond. The description read, “This virtual recreation of Walden Pond provides a relaxing and inspiring walk amidst autumn trees no matter the weather or season.” So I thought to myself, Well…Why NOT? So…

walden-woods-wander-29012017_001walden-woods-wander-in-the-hut-29012017_001For those of you not in the know, On the shores of Walden Pond, Henry David Thoreau lived for two years in a self-built house in order to focus on his writing. This area is based on that experience. The landscape is lovely but at times a little mis-aligned (some of the trees and leaves are floating significantly above ground level) and outdated, which plays with your immersion a bit. The falling autumn leaves and ambient music set the…

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The Builders Brewery

Great review of Builder’s Brewery:


builders-brewery-sign01022017_001If you ever decided to join Second Life and you wanted to build things or buy things or you wanted a place to open up some boxes or learn how to take a photograph or you just wanted a nice sim filled with friendly people to sit at for awhile and you were to ask me what is the one place I would go to or the one group I would join….I would immediately, without hesitation point you in the direction of The Builder’s Brewery.

I know I have mentioned them before in posts, but I thought I should actually dedicate a WHOLE post to this group and this Sim because it is so darn WORTHY. And yes, I realise that the majority of my posts gush about the great things I find in Second Life, but honestly…it IS that great. (and if you are getting all judgey and snarky…

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The Photo Game in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Thus reads the invitation to The Photo Game, an intimate little display of art being hosted at Boudicca Amat’s An Uncertain Destiny (which you can read about here). And when I say intimate – I mean just that: a total of 6 images are offered, three by Boudicca, and three by Ricco.

As the invitation states, this is something of an interactive exhibition: visitors are invited to click the links either alongside or below each piece and read the comments, and also leave comments of your own.

The Photo GameThe images by Boudicca have been selected by Ricco, who also offers his own view on each piece – and Boudicca has done the same with the three images she has selected from Ricco’s work. Each offers an analysis of the other’s work based on the approach taken – both technically and artistically – in producing each image.Given that Boudicca and Ricco are both consummate artists, their comments also form something of an invaluable guide to technique and approach for those of us who are considerably less able in our ability to wield the camera and produce consistent, rewarding results. Thus, while small, this exhibition offer far more than at first might first seem to be the case, and makes for an extremely worthwhile visit. And if you haven’t done so before, take a little time to tour An Uncertain Destiny as well – you won’t be disappointed!

Source: The Photo Game in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Kultivate Images of the Day: 2/7/17 to 2/15/17

We have slipped behind with our images of the day, but for a good reason: The Kultivate Spring 17 Fashion Event! to make up for this slippage we are bringing you 9 images of the day:

Among the Roses
Image by Timaaj TJ
I don't fear the dead.
Image by Brian Werefox
Let yourself be enchanted in small ways
Image by Naria Panthar
Image by Ramsa Love
Sommergewitter 4
Image by Slatan Dryke
Fly Down... We are Open!
Image by Mizaki cupcake Verlack
Image by Anouk Lefavre
The Carousel has Broken down
Image by Alex Avion


Image by Finn Lawksley

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Sexy Valentine’s Day art goes on sale at Sotheby’s London, for the first time ever — Quartz

Romantic love has long inspired artists, writers and musicians, and so has its consummation. In honor of Valentine’s Day, auction house Sotheby’s London is putting together its first-ever sale of erotic art. Titled “Erotic: Passion & Desire,” the auction is now showing 107 sexy lots from antiquity to modern days, which open for bidding on Feb. 16.

Artworks include European paintings and sculptures of nude baigneuses, Picasso’s sketches of a woman caressing herself, graphic Chinese scrolls and a collection of Japanese shunga (of course). And then there are the really titillating objects, such as a table with phalluses for legs (dedicated to Catherine the Great), and an x-rated x-ray image.

Source: Sexy Valentine’s Day art goes on sale at Sotheby’s London, for the first time ever — Quartz

An adept look at Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

First They Got Sick, Then They Moved Into a Virtual Utopia appeared in Backchannel on February 13th, 2017. Written by Kristen French, it’s an adept examination of Second Life, with a focus on the help the platform has brought to disabled people around the globe.The piece starts with Kristen spending time with Fran Serenade, perhaps best known through an early segment of The Drax Files World Makers in 2013 (I covered her story a few months prior to that, as a result of seeing a story about her in the San Diego Union-Tribune). Suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, Fran has found that her involvement in second Life has generated physical world benefits for herself, and she has been – among others – the subject of studies by Tom Boellstorff, a professor of anthropology at the University of California and Donna Z Davis, a professor at the University of Oregon (see my reports here and here).

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Michael Linden Departs Linden Lab

Beloved mole, Michael Linden, leaves Linden Labs. Inara has a great article about this long standing LL employee:

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Michael Linden in his usual Mole look, attending the February 2017 Mole Day Michael Linden in his usual Mole look, attending the February 2017 Mole Day. Credit: Marianne McCann

As explained below, long-time Lab employee (over 13 years with the company) and head of the Linden Department of Public Works – the Moles – Michael Linden, has departed the Lab. I didn’t know Michael that well, having only chatted on a couple of occasions, so I invited Marianne McCann, someone who has known him for a long time, to write a piece about him and his impact on Second Life.

By Marianne McCann

Over the weekend of February 11th and 12th 2017, it was noted that Michael Linden’s profile was not showing up in Second Life search, nor was he showing as a member in several groups within his profile. Many began to question if he had left Linden Lab, and – given he was known as the head of the Linden Department…

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Thank you all for One Billion Rising in Second Life 2017!

Featured Image -- 16831

One Billion Rising in Second Life

One Billion Rising in Second Life, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont One Billion Rising in Second Life, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

I’ve said something rather like this before … but it bears saying again … because I just want to let everyone know something.

There’s an awesome bunch of people out there who will organise a huge one day, four region event to raise not money but awareness for a campaign that seeks to end violence against women and girls. They will start planning months ahead, work hard for weeks, work frantically for days and miss quite insane amounts of sleep to make sure it all comes together with beautiful stages on beautiful regions.

You can see their names here …

One Billion Rising in Second Life, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont One Billion Rising in Second Life, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

There’s an awesome bunch of people who will enable events in Second Life. “Sure!” they said. “We’ll give you the money so that you can have the regions. And we’ll…

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One Billion Rising in Second Life 2017

Great review of One Billion Rising:

Million Happy Endings


“ONE BILLION RISING began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at 7 billion, this adds up to more than ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS.”

2Lei 2Lei

“Every February, we rise – in hundreds of countries across the world – to show our local communities and the world what one billion looks like and shine a light on the rampant impunity and injustice that survivors most often face.  We rise through dance to express joy and community and and celebrate the fact that we have not been defeated by this violence. We rise to show we are determined to create a new kind of consciousness – one where violence will be resisted until it is unthinkable.

And we here in Second Life can be part of this global movement.”

2Lei Nino Vichan 2Lei Nino…

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February 14th: will you be a hugger, a dunker or both in Second Life? | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

The Isle of View, the “official” destination for Valentine’s Day reappeared on the grid earlier in the month, and on Tuesday February 14th, the Lab will be host a “Hug and Dunk” session wherein people visiting the isle can opt to either hug a Linden – or dunk them in the water (or both!).

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It’s time to Rise!

Check out the one billion rising sims and the new video:

One Billion Rising in Second Life

The regions are open – you can come and join us!

OBR Connect
OBR Dance
OBR Learn
OBR Rise

and – to speed you one your way here – here’s our wonderful 2017 video!!!!

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CioTToLiNa’s rooftop exhibition in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

It’s been a while since Caitlyn and I last visited Art on Roofs at Solodonna Land, so it was with some delight I received an invitation to pay a visit to explore a new exhibition by an artist I admire: CioTToLiNa Xue.

I first encountered CioTToLiNa’s work whilst visiting an exhibition on Mistero Hifeng’s work at the same exhibition space (which you can read about here). Since then I’ve been captivated, and always enjoy seeing her pieces on display.Art on Roofs: CioTToLiNa XueSome 20 pieces are presented across the rooftops of Solodonna’s Art on Roofs exhibition area. All are quite exquisite and carry a narrative of their own. Some embody the intimacy of love, others reflect CioTToLiNa‘s cultural / political / ecological interests, others marry 3D work with 2D art – notably the three Moods pieces – as seen in the image above.

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In the press: Sansar, Second Life, and avatar empowerment | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

There have been a number of press reports on Sansar since the start of the year, some of which I’ve covered in these pages – such as in Road to VR (see here), Upload VR and Tom’s Hardware (see here). However, while I’ve read others, I’ve not made the time to write about them. so, in case you missed them, here’s a quick breakdown of notable coverage of the Lab, Sansar and Second Life.On January 19th, Réalité Virtuelle, the French on-line publication for virtual and augmented reality carried a piece entitled Sansar: la vraie réalité virtuelle débarque en 2017 (“Sansar: the real virtual reality arrives in 2017″).

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The Haul by Haveit Neox

Featured Image -- 16789

Check out the new exhibit by Haveit Neox at MetaLES:

MetaLES ..O..

the-haul-v1THE HAUL

Hauling, on land and in the sea.
Exploring limits and bypassing any respect for them, while stringing our catch into a growing story.

Haveit Neox


Heveit Neox is a great artist , very completed,  building, machinimas & music

His work conveys softness, emotion and fantasy.
Has its own palette of colors that characterizes his work.
The treatment  is delicate and personal.
Great mastery in the choice and position of its textures that create a complex simplicity.


Film: THE HAUL –

Installation, Machinima & Music by Haveit Neox.

This exhibition consists of three heights.

Under the sea we could think, that would represent our society of consumption, elements used and discarded, eaten by time and coral, but this sea is dead.
Rising the unique survivors, the jellyfish adapting to our destruction, guarding within itself, the last human vestiges, like drifting ships …


Additional information about Haveit Neox works:
3D installation…

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The streets and paths of Anduril in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Anduril is a homestead region which has been designed as a collaborative piece between Asa Vordun and Marina Breen. I’ve long been a fan of Asa’s region design work, having first encountered it with Caprice and Easy A back in 2014, then following the development of Caprice, and after it, L’Arc-en-Ciel, which closed in 2015. So it was with a sense of anticipation that I hopped over with Caitlyn to see what this latest build might be.

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