Take the Deco(c)rate Photo Challenge!

Kultivate Magazine & MadPea Productions are proud to present the Deco(c)rate Photo Challenge, where you can win a free Deco(c)rate, lindens, and more! So what is a Deco(c)rate? A Deco(c)rate is the new monthly home and garden subscribe box that is presented by MadPea. The box is filled with high quality, original mesh decor, home and garden items. The items will be 15 of the most top quality and semi exclusive items from SL’s best home, garden, and decor designers!

Copy of House Warming.jpg


1st place- 1 Deco(c)rate, 1000L’s, 1 free ad in Kultivate Magazine, image published on the Kultivate website and in the magazine

2nd place-700L’s, image published on the Kultivate website and in the magazine

3rd place-500L’s, image published on the Kultivate website and in the magazine

Below are the rules and guidelines of this photo challenge:

  1. The February theme of Deco(c)rate is Timeless Romance. With this in mind, you are to take a photo of a romantic place in Second Life. You can be in the photo but this is not required, but you must emphasize the timeless romance!
  2. All photos must be posted in the official contest Flickr Group:
  3. You are allowed 1 submission
  4. When posting photos please use the following naming convention: “Timeless Romance-your SL Name” DO NOT use display names
  5. All photos must include the slurl of where you took it in the description
  6. All photos must be new and original, you can post them in other Flickr groups
  7. Nudity and adult themed images and places are not allowed
  8. Editing in Photoshop, GIMP, or some other graphics program is ok
  9. You have until January 31, 2017 at 6pm slt to submit your images. We will use the Flickr date and time stamp to determine if you met the deadline
  10. Remember to follow are sim rules and covenants when visiting sims and places that do not belong to you
  11. The image must be of your own intellectual property and by submitting an image to our Flickr group, you give us rights to publish the image if you win the contest
  12. If you have already pre-ordered the February Deco(c)rate, you will have the option of gifting it to a friend or getting the next box.
  13. Please contact Johannes1977 resident in regards to this contest

Kultivate January Issue is Now Available!

The January 2017 issue of Kultivate Magazine is now available! This issue features a two part series on Bento, one by Inara Pey and one by Eleseren Brianna. This issue also features Kess Crystal, Mainland Bridges, 2017 New Years’ Resolutions, 2017 Second Life Predictions, Colt Jonstone, Mr. SL 2017; and over 40 artists from Kultivate are featured! Very special thank you to Anouk Lefavre for the cover image. Click the cover below to view the issue:


Free admission, meditation, tours and the #J20ArtStrike: Art museums are offering refuge from Trump on Inauguration Day — Quartz

Museums across the US are offering refuge for those who want to temporarily block out or process the reality of Donald Trump’s presidency on inauguration day.

Many institutions are offering free or pay-what-you-wish admission on Friday and several are transforming their galleries to agoras for political expression. In New York City, the Whitney Museum will offer artists, writers and activists a stage to release their agony and idealism. The museum is also hosting a participatory discussion about identity, immigration, race, and democracy, drawing inspiration from the museum’s collection of contemporary art collection to kindle dialogues.

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Old and new: a building that simulates time passing

Featured Image -- 16178

Second Sighting

Store built by Loz Hyde: a more contemporary part was added on the right side of the traditional structur Virtual store built by Loz Hyde: a more contemporary part was added on the right side of the traditional structure

In what we are used to calling real life, the choice between conservation of past-time architecture and the replacement of old buildings by new structures often represents a dilemma in an ever-changing world where new necessities recurrently clash with tradition. One of the responses to such a challenge is the intervention on historic buildings in order to add new spaces to them and adapt their general configuration to the new uses that we may require. It surely makes sense in many cases, in the atomic world. Nonetheless, it is surprising to find a “modified building” in a virtual world, where the problem of conservation doesn’t really occur – at least not in the same way. In Second Life, I’ve recently spotted a construction like that at Meshworx, the store…

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Kultivate Image of the Day: 1/18/17

Today’s image of the day is from Ornella Batriani-Lecker:

{Hide & Seek}
Image by Ornella Batriani-Lecker

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Gallery preview – Puppy Play. | Fathom

It was a fantastic experience developing, setting up, and processing all of the photos from my current gallery exhibit “Paraphilia” being held in the Dominion Art Gallery, at The Dominion Femdom.  Weekly for the time the exhibit is open I will be sharing bits and pieces and talking a little bit the exhibit and the process.Here is a censored version of “Animal Play” featuring what is commonly known as “Puppy Play”, you can see the uncensored version in its full glory at the exhibit, alongside 8 other fascinating fetishes.

♥All of the photos in the exhibit were taken in or just outside of the Mansion on The Dominion sim.  The lush atmosphere, and muted neutral tones with the stark black & white is something that really really appealing to me visually, and for this series, it was a very personal choice.For a lot of the pictures I used clothing or props that I had been hanging onto for a long time, just waiting for a reason to use them appear. The Addams bodysuit was an old Epiphany item, that finally got it’s day in the sun, and used from my inventory…

Source: Gallery preview – Puppy Play. | Fathom

Kultivate Image of the Day: 1/17/17

Today’s image of the day is from Anouk Lefavre:

"There's more to life than having everything"
Image by Anouk Lefavre

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Sansar via Road to VR: opening “first half” of 2017, monetisation and sundry thoughts

Inara has new details on Sansar:

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

The new Sansar logo (courtesy of Linden Lab) Sansar. Image courtesy of Linden Lab

In ‘Sansar’ Will Open to All in First Half of 2017 with a New Approach to Virtual Worlds (January 15th, 2017), Ben Lang of Road to VR becomes the latest tech journalist to sit down with Linden Lab to try out and discuss Sansar.  While he covers a lot of what has come to the for in other, similar recent articles, he also provides some further confirmatory / interesting tidbits, some of which allow for a little speculative thinking.

The biggest piece of information is perhaps right up there in the title: Sansar will open in the first half of 2017 (my emphasis). This actually comes as no surprise, as Sansar is a new project, and time frames for new projects of any description tend to slip a little as the work progress. Further, and as I noted in discussing Dean Takahashi’s recent look…

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BishBox Photo Challenge Winners!

Congrats to Isis Desmoulins! She won first place in the BishBox Photo Challenge, presented by MadPea Productions and Kultivate Magazine! Below are all of the winning images:

Glitz & Glamour Contest-Isis Desmoulins
First Place Image by Isis Desmoulins
Glitz & Glamour Contest-Naria Panthar
Second Place Image by Naria Panthar
Glitz & Glamour Contest-Aealla Illyar
Third Place Image by Aella Illyar

Adobe’s AI editor could make anyone a Photoshop pro – BGR

Adobe Photoshop is a ridiculously powerful GIF maker/photo editor, if you have a thousand hours to invest in online tutorials. While Photoshop professionals might not like it, Adobe obviously wants to make Photoshop as noob-friendly as possible — and that doesn’t just mean more magic Auto-Fill features.Adobe Research’s newest project is a voice-based digital assistant that will automatically complete photo editing tasks for you. The appeal is obvious: rather than having to understand the difference between Magic Wand and Quick Select, you just tell Photoshop you’d like your teeth to become whiter, and it happens.

The demo shows the voice assistant performing basic tasks like cropping and rotating on an iPad. Simple tasks like that are the most obvious and easy application for this tech, which means that desktop Photoshop’s million menus aren’t going anywhere fast.But it’s also a good look at where Photoshop is going next. For years, Adobe’s biggest improvements in Photoshop have been in computer algorithms that can automate tasks. Things like Auto-Fill and Auto-Move have replaced a lot of the clone stamping and selection tools of old Photoshopping. But that’s all automating tools; what Adobe is hinting at here is automating the entire process.

Source: Adobe’s AI editor could make anyone a Photoshop pro – BGR

Extend Your Blog’s Reach with Instagram

Featured Image -- 16122

The Daily Post

Are you using Instagram to grow your following and drive traffic to your blog yet? Instagram hit 600 million users last month, making it a great place to find new readers and make connections with like-minded bloggers and fellow social sharers. We’ve shared some tips before to get you started, so once you’ve got the basics down, here are some ideas for how to use Instagram to extend the reach of your blog:

Make your Instagram feed reflect your life.

Here are some bloggers I follow who share their content on Instagram too:

Sharing the real you is a great way to cultivate a following of interested, engaged readers. Personally, I love sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes looks, so Instagram feeds that include images that show real life are my favorite.

sarahblackstock-instagram-bulletjournalI recently started bullet journaling, so I’ve been sharing little glimpses…

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Kultivate Images of the Day: 1/14/17 to 1/16/17

The Kultivate Images of the day for 1/14/17 to 1/16/17 are:

Image by Freekency Banx
Elefanten Devin 2
Image by AllenmausAllen
The Hell`s Heaven
Image by Roxy Rox

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SL Photography: Leonardo knew a little about portraiture

Kultivate Contributor Myra Wildmist is back with another tip, this time on how to create the perfect portrait:

If you want to be an artist, you have to look at art.

If you want to learn how to create a great portrait, look at the work of those who have already done great portraits.

Remember those portraiture hints I gave you last time?

Those hints didn’t spring from my brain like Athena from Zeus’ thick skull. For years before I took up Second Life photography, I  looked at the works of artists, great and small, and read quite a bit about art. My ideas about what makes a good portrait – e.g. a profile photo – were formed from all that reading and from looking at the work of other artists.

The techniques for creating a good portrait have been understood for hundreds of years. You need look no farther than what is arguably the world’s most recognizable painting, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, to realize this.


[Image: monalisa.png, Caption: Leonardo could take a great profile photo. © RMN, Musée du Louvre]

Almost all the portraiture techniques I mentioned in my last post, can be found in da Vinci’s portrait of Mona Lisa (Thought to be Lisa del Giocondo):

  • Mona Lisa fills the frame, almost as if Leonardo used a telephoto lens.
  • In my opinion, the eyes are the focal point of the painting. The viewer tends to see the eyes, first – She’s looking at you!
  • Leonardo used his bokeh.
    Of course he didn’t have photographic lenses or know about depth of field blur effects, but look closely at the background. You almost have to force yourself to look at the landscape surrounding the Mona Lisa. The background compliments the Mona Lisa, but it’s barely noticeable. That’s essentially what bokeh does – it compliments the subject without detracting from it.
  • Leonardo used light and shadow to bring out his model’s face.
  • And, of course, the Mona Lisa is doing something special. She’s smiling that world famous smile.

It’s safe to say, Leonardo da Vinci knew a little bit about portraiture.

If you want to improve your art, look at art. Look at the work of artists who came before you. There are lessons to be learned from every artist, great and small. You just have to show up for the lecture.


Mona Lisa – Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo,
The Louvre


Cica’s Burning and poetic musings in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Burning is the title of Cica Ghost’s latest region-wide build, which opened on Sunday, January 15th. It is a piece which stands in contrast to several of her recent builds in that it is of a darker tone and style. Under a lowering, cloud-heavy sky, lit by a distance sunset, a town burns. The land around it is scorched and aflame, ashen tree trunks, bereft of branches and leaves, point to the heavy sky like gnarled, accusative fingers.

Within the town, the tall buildings are charred, their pain blistered and blackened as flames lick doorways and windows. Some walls carry some of Cica’s usually light and happy stick figures, which here are cast in a new role as poignant reminders that this was once a happier place. A single bridge spans what might be the parched bed of a vanished body of water, offering a way into – or perhaps an escape route out of – the conflagration.

The who, what, how and why of the fire’s origin are not revealed. The burning landscape and buildings are an open page on which we can write our own view of what has occurred. However, with all that is going on in the physical world, coupled with the general presentation of Burning, it tends to cause the name Aleppo to spring to mind. So is Burning perhaps a political commentary…?

Source: Cica’s Burning and poetic musings in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

“Hand” by Bryn Oh at Immersiva

Great review of Bryn Oh’s The Hand

Million Happy Endings


I’ve visited Bryn Oh’s Hand at Immersiva at least five or six times. I use the Lab Viewer on a low-end laptop with an often poor internet connection. Also I have a serious chronic illness that affects my experience in world. In the past I’ve found Bryn Oh’s sim exhibits to be inaccessible; I simply wasn’t up for dealing with them.


Many of the posts on this blog are about art exhibits. Often the avatars I chat with bring up Bryn Oh’s name and they hold her work in high regard. I’ve listened to them, looked at Flickr photos taken at Immersiva and left the visiting and posting to others.

One of the avatars on my contact list, a lovely sort whom I met at one of Squonk’s exhibits some years ago, is on the list for the sole reason of an offer to help me navigate a Bryn Oh…

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A second helping of Hell’s Heaven in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

“Stay awhile,” Snoob (SnoobJohnson) and his partner, Mila (Mila Maesar) say in greeting to visitors to their homestead region, The Hell’s Heaven 2.0. “Let  this world  refresh your soul andmelt your worries away …  Explore this cloudy world of changing scenery and enjoy your stay!”It’s a warm invitation, and there is much to enjoy within the region, which has been beautifully created by Snoob, with touches inspired by Mila to offer photographers and explorers alike with a visual treat – an anyone who has looked at the Flickr group for the region will only be too aware.

The Hell’s Heaven 2.0This is a land of two distinct parts. To the west sit low-lying marshlands, ankle-deep in water and carpeted in long reeds and grasses through which a water-hugging mist drifts.  Scattered over this lay dilapidated shacks and cabins, their floors flooded and wooden walls slowly rotting, submerged wooden walkways running from nowhere to nowhere outside. Wrecks of cars and pick-ups complete the scenery, together with a couple of rowing boats and the rusting body of an old airboat….

Source: A second helping of Hell’s Heaven in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Sunday @ 1pm slt-Bailywick Gallery Grand Reopening!


Tomorrow at 1pm slt, The Bailywick Gallery will reopen it’s doors! The new theme of the Bailywick Gallery is black and white imagery and four awesome photographers will showcase their images! The event will feature live performer SaraMarie Philly and the following artists:

Emberdearheart Resident
Belua Broadfoot
Ivyana Szondi
Catalina Staheli

Please note that the dresscode is formal!


ragVR: imagination and expression in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

RAG Randt is a content creator and designer who is perhaps best known for his work with MadPea, having worked on many of their games over the years. However, he recently departed the MadPea team to focus on his own work, and as we’ve been friends for several years, having worked closely on a project together, I was delighted to receive an invitation from him to see what he’s been up to within the region he’s been working on for the past few months.

“I’ve been putting together a portfolio site,” he explained as I arrived next to a DC3 sitting at the edge of a long runway, a fitting arrival point for visitors to his island. “Some of it is still under construction, but I’ve opened it to the public.” Called ragVR, the region is a veritable tour-de-force in RAG’s skills as a scripter, creator, builder and environment designer – and makes for a completely engaging visit.

From the airfield landing point, a flight of steps leads visitors to the stunning Art Deco frontage of an elevator tower rising above the sheer cliff face against which it is built. Two kiosks stand before the doors to the tower, one of which invites visitors to click it, thus getting one into the habit of touching similar kiosks across the region to obtain information on the various locations one can visit. The second kiosk provides background information on RAG himself and the region, and should be read…

Source: ragVR: imagination and expression in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Kultivate Images of the Day: 1/11/17 to 1/13/17

The images of the day for 1/11/7 to 1/13/17 are:

Image by Rose Nitely
Coming second means only be the first of the defeated
Image by Wanted Your Style

Le Sixieme Sens.

Image by Billie Llewellyn

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Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World | Second Life, virtual worlds and virtual reality

I’ve long been an admirer of Gem Preiz. His work in creating magnificent vistas using fractal art is simply astonishing. So it was a genuine pleasure to once again be offered an opportunity to previewing his latest installation, which opens on Thursday, January 12th, and runs through until the end of June.

No Frontiers is, in at least some ways, a sequel to his last two environments, Hertiage: Vestiges and Heritages: Wrecks (which you can respectively read about here and here). Within it, we are again asked to engage upon a journey through space and time. But where the Hertiage pieces were perhaps rooted in a dark vision of a future encompassing loss and departure, only brightening at the very end, No Frontiers presents something altogether more optimistic, a vision of a vast cosmos awaiting us, with opportunities unbounded, the potential for new encounters and a celebration of what we are, and what we may yet mature into.

No Frontiers – Gem PreizAs with is previous works, No Frontiers invites the visitor to travel through a series of vast halls, in which each of is placed a single, gigantic fractal image, each comprising around 18 individual elements. The halls are all interconnected by tubes, and are so vast, flying is the most practical way to see them. To assist in this, Gem provides two flying vehicles, a single-seater and a tandem two-seater (although visitors are welcome to free fly is they prefer). These are found in the “departure hall”, where instructions on how best to appreciate the installation can be found. I recommend the latter are read, and that in particular, particles are turned up and the music stream is enabled…

Source: Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World | Second Life, virtual worlds and virtual reality

Saturday @ 1pm slt-Windlight Art Gallery’s January & February Exhibition Opening!

Copy of polygon club poster template landscape dance night.jpg

Join us this Saturday at 1pm slt for the grand opening of the January & February Exhibition at Windlight Art Gallery! Live performer Parker Static will provide the entertainment and the dress code is formal. This exhibition will feature the following artists who are the Windlight Art Fellows for the month:

Keegan Kavanagh
Dante Parabola
Lagoa Resident
Emberdearheart Resident
Methias Kira
Catalina Staheli
Jamee Sandalwood
Kacey Macbeth
Slygar Lorgsvall
Damatjo Magic
Understandingcomplexity Resident
Sandi Benelli, Windlight Artist in Residence
Pam Astonia, Windlight Artist in Residence
Bryndarkley Cazalet, Artist in Residence
Warm Clarity, Artist in Residence



New SL feature; Place Pages

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Linden Lab just announced that they are rolling out yet another feature for Second Life, one I’m very excited about and have been, in parts, suggesting for a while; Place Pages.

They basically give every region and parcel in Second Life a page on the Second Life website where you can find out more information about them.

It is a bit like the information page you see when you use search inworld before you teleport to that sim, but bigger & better.
And all you have to do to visit these pages is click ‘visit this location’ and the teleport window in SL opens.
No more visiting the, if I may say so, confusing map first.

To make such a page your parcel and/or region needs to have “Show in search” activated in the land setting.
Go to to see a list of all these pages and click “my places” to…

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