The Closing of LEA: My Thoughts..

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My thoughts on the closing of Linden Endowment of the Arts (LEA)…

I have been asked by various people in Second Life on how I feel about the LEA sims closing and how it impacts art. I wondered why I was even getting such ims and questions, but it hit me that people remembered that I was on the LEA Advisory Committee and I have a big interest in the arts in Second Life, first with Kultivate and I am an artist in both worlds.

So here are thoughts which are all mine and no one else’s:

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show #226: lara donnelly – vintage glam noir [deep inside vr]

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley]

226 latest show #226

lara donnelly writes vintage-glam spy thrillers according to her website and upon having been alerted by twitter to lara’s oeuvre as well as the exquisite genre description, drax extended an invitation to the virtual world of sansar. not only did lara accept: she also issued precise “orders” about the visual details of her avatar embodiment: a rabbit in a tuxedo ….. enjoy the conversation:

and here is some more stuff to chew on context-wise:

  • the original unedited live stream:


  • a few highlights of the conversation[aspiring writers listen up!]:

  • the REAL lara [just so everyone believes she is not…

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Designing Worlds visits the Second Life Sixteen Birthday (SL16B) Part 2

Prim Perfect

In this episode, we pay the second of two visits to the Second Life 16th Community Birthday Celebration, or SL16B for short.

The show goes live on Monday 22nd July at 2pm SLT on the Designing Worlds Vimeo channel, on the Designing Worlds channel at SLArtist – and you can join the special Watch Party (also at 2pm SLT) in our studio on Garden of Dreams.

In this show, we visit some of the major Mole-built installations, such as the Welcome Area, the Main Stage and the Tapestry of Time. In addition we check out the latest in Linden Homes – the campers and trailers.

Tapestry of Time at SL16B, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

These will be set out as part of the new (and rapidly growing) continent for new Linden Homes, but they have a very different landscape setting from the new houseboats and traditional homes. These…

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Tilia: how to ensure your process credit information is on file

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Logos © and ™ Linden Lab and Tilia Inc.

Update: it appears the Additional Information page has problems loading in browsers other than Google Chrome.

On Friday July 12th Linden Lab hosted a town hall meeting on the subject of Tilia Inc., and forthcoming changes will affect those who have a US dollar (USD) balance associated with their Second Life account, and those who transfer US dollar amounts out of Second Life.

The changes to the latter – withdrawing US dollar amounts from Second Life referred to as credit processing)  –  will in particular be subject to ensuring all those wishing to do so, have provided documentation to Tilia Inc., to verify who they are, in order to meet various US regulations related to money laundering, etc.

During that town hall meeting, Grumpity Linden (Senior Director of Product for Second Life), the Lab would both provide a means…

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A place where you can get visually (and musically) high

Second Sighting

Altitude (noun): the vertical elevation of an object above a surface […], the angular elevation of a celestial object […], vertical distance or extent, position at a height, […] a high level (as of quality or feeling) (Merriam-Webster, 2019, Altitude).

Altitude: at sea level Altitude: at sea level

Altitude: a mix of elements Altitude: a mix of elements

Altitude is not only a club for alt music, but also a place for an alt visual. As alternative rock is difficult to define (because it’s actually a collection of many different subgenres, some of which are, themselves, also complicated to characterize), so is Altitude’s landscaping. It has a bit of surrealism, but not in a classic way, and some industrial and post-industrial elements, mixed together with a diffuse dystopian feeling and resorting, to a certain extent, to the aesthetics of destruction or decay, with a sense of loneliness and desolation.

Ricco on the landing point Ricco on the landing point

Abandoned house at a distance Abandoned house at a…

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Shields races – July 20th, 2019

Thar She Blows!

Oh, lazy Lucy 😦

Yes, I know, I havent post for a long time. I beg your pardon.

But Shields races are going well 🙂

Last saturday we had 7 racers

In first one, Paul started ahead, but let both Moon and Indra surpass him

C2 Race Results:
1: moonglownight Resident IDMOON — 00:12:08
2: indragray Resident IDIR88 — 00:12:15
3: xPaulx Paine IDXP1 — 00:12:23
4: PhilOona Resident IDOONA — 00:12:35
5: JulieRoyale Resident ID2018 — 00:13:37
6: Nihiwatu Resident ID — 00:14:05
7: Avadan Grantham ID212 — not Finished

Lap Times:
moonglownight Resident IDMOON — Start: 00:00:17 — Last lap: 00:11:51
indragray Resident IDIR88 — Start: 00:00:14 — Last lap: 00:12:01
xPaulx Paine IDXP1 — Start: 00:00:13 — Last lap: 00:12:10
PhilOona Resident IDOONA — Start: 00:00:20 — Last lap: 00:12:15
JulieRoyale Resident ID2018 — Start: 00:00:46 — Last lap: 00:12:51
Nihiwatu Resident ID — Start: 00:00:28 —…

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Sunday @ 1pm slt-Grand Reopening of Kultivate Select Gallery!


Join us this Sunday, July 21, 2019 @ 1pm slt for the grand reopening of Kultivate Select Gallery! This is a themed gallery where artists create art work around a common theme. This month’s exhibition is summer and will feature the following artists:

Freedom Voix
KodyMeyers Resident
JenJen Sommerfleck
Lena Kiopak
Kayly Iali
Moora McMillan
jamee sandalwood
DreamMakerXDreamBreaker Resident)
marcel mosswood
sophie congrejo
John Brianna

Live performer Mavenn will perform at the event and the dresscode is casual. Slurl:

Celebrating Apollo 11 in Second Life and Sansar

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Recalling Apollo 11 in Sansar and Second Life – the Apollo Museum in Sansar

July 16th 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11 on its historic voyage to the Moon which saw Neil Alden Armstrong and Edwin Eugene “Buzz” Aldrin Jr. set foot on the lunar surface on July 20th, while Michael Collins orbited some 11 km (69 mi) overhead.

I’m re-tracing the flight of Apollo 11 in my Space Sunday articles – part 1, published to coincide with the launch of Apollo 11 is available now, and part 2, covering the Moon landing and the return to Earth will follow on the weekend of the landing. But you can also celebrate the audacious achievement of Apollo 11 in-world in both Second Life and Sansar (and, I’m sure, in other virtual worlds as well – but I am focusing on SL and Sansar here…

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4th Annual Kultivate Anniversary Exhibition Opens Today @ 1pm slt!


Join us today from 1pm to 3pm slt for the grand opening of the 4th Annual Kultivate Anniversary Exhibition!

Today’s performers are:

1pm slt-Lark Bowen
2pm slt-Melenda Baptiste

Dresscode is casual and we will give away one of 2 LumiPros today!


For a list of artists:

Miro’s postcards from Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Lost Unicorn Gallery: Miro Collas

Opening on Friday, July 5th, 2019 at the Lost Unicorn Gallery, curated by Natalie Montagne, is an exhibition entitled A Kaleidoscope of Colour: Postcards from Second Life, featuring the photography of friend and fellow Second Life traveller, Miro Collas (who also regularly points us towards regions we can explore).

Located in the main hall of the gallery’s magnificent castle, the exhibition features an extensive selection of Miro’s photography taken – as the sub-title for the exhibition indicates – during his travels around Second Life. In all, over thirty photographs are presented, both within the main hall and within some of the rooms leading off of it.

Lost Unicorn Gallery: Miro Collas

However, the thing that draws one to the pictures is Miro’s use of tone, colour and soft focus.

The colour and tone are clearly evident in these pieces, which has…

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Elysium’s July 5th 2019 Show

Elysium Cabaret

It was Friday night, and Friday means it’s Elysium Cabaret! Friends and family gathered, also got to meet some new faces as we welcomed another weekend Elysium-style… with great acts created by talented, dedicated performers and danced with passion on stage in The Empire Room at Copperhead Road. Paul has been working hard and making sacrifices to try to get scripts on the sim down, and it really paid off with a show that was smooth as cream. A heap of fun was had by all as we enjoyed an eclectic mix of music, quality sets, and dynamic choreo. Thank you to all who participated, either on the stage, backstage, or in the audience! Let’s take a look at what the show brought us.

With Kelly, Rhonda, Seb, Jorgio, Cael
Kenny Loggins -Footloose

With Beary
Katrina & The Waves – Walking On Sunshine


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Bellisseria JulyFest in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Having been inaugurated on July 4th, 2019, the Bellisseria Fairgrounds will play host to its second major event on Saturday, July 6th, when JulyFest is held.

Running from 12:00 noon through until 18:00 SLT, JulyFest carries on something of a July 4th celebratory feel, while inviting residents of Bellisseria and their friends to come together for events and entertainment  – and Second Life residents are also invited to join in with the fun and meet those on us living on the continent.

The fairgrounds are located on an island within the eastern “bay” of Bellisseria, and can be reached via boat, using the moorings on the north side of the island, or by air using the adjoining airstrip (note that boats and planes will be auto-returned after arrival). For those who prefer, there’s the direct teleport, as given above, that will drop people at the entrance to the fairgrounds.


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Saturday July 6th Field Trips!

The Dirty Blog of The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community

Happy Saturday everyone! Blast that fan, crank up the volume, let your hair down and let the music move you thanks to the great field trips!


1 pm Field Trip: Twostep Spiritweaver at Lavender Field!

3 pm Field Trip: David Csiszer at The Stage in Nashville!

6 pm Field Trip: Effinjay at MacLinton’s Pub!

7 pm Field Trip: Twostep Spiritweaver at Abonwood!

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 at Radio Grind!

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Catznip R12.2: a little extra quality of life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Saturday, July 5th, 2019 saw the release of Catznip R12.2.

With two major releases on the horizon from Linden Lab – Bakes On Mesh (BOM) and the Environment Enhancement Project (EEP) – R12.2 is intended to be primarily a maintenance and “quality of life” release.

Table of Contents

In this, Kitty notes that starting with R12.2, she hopes to de-couple these smaller “maintenance” style of release from those containing major new features and capabilities, and to be able to make this style of release on a more regular basis as a result.

The following notes cover the key improvements seen with R12.2. For a full breakdown of the release including all improvements and bug…

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Use DoF for more realistic photos

Myra Wildmist

Most of us are wandering around SL and other virtual worlds (e.g. MMOs) looking at things in two dimensions: Things far away are just as sharp as things near. Things might seem smaller in the distance, and that’s a great way to give us a simple impression of distance, but in real life things in the distance get harder to see, too. In real life, stuff in the distance gets fuzzier.

This fuzziness is determined by your depth of field (DoF). Without DoF, your photos will always look 2D and flat. There’s absolutely nothing “wrong” with your photos looking flat, but if you want more realistic looking photos in SL, you need to turn on your DoF.

No depth of field No dof. Images look flat.

With depth of field With depth of field on, images have more depth, looking more realistic.

What is depth of field?

Depth of field is simply how far away from the point…

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Three artists at the Lyric Gallery in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Lyric Gallery: Mareea Farrasco

Currently on display at the Lyric Gallery is an exhibition featuring three artists: Mareea Farrasco, Lylah Landar and FoxiBrown30.

All three are Second life photographers who between them present images that mix avatar studies and landscapes, with the latter in particular the focus of Mareena’s work, which occupies the ground floor of the gallery building. Located on the upper floor, Lylah and Foxi present pieces that lean more toward avatar studies.

Lyric Gallery: Mareea Farrasco

The images by Mareena present a marvellous feeling of being watercolours. Taken within popular public locations in Second Life, each presents an evocative view, some of which do have an avatar focus to them, but which nevertheless offer a vista that naturally has one trying to identify the location in which it was set – if that’s not immediately apparent.

However, what makes these pieces especially evocative…

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TONIGHT FlyGearz @ Calas Galadhon, 8pm SLT – Ahoy!

Tilia Inc., and forthcoming Second Life account changes

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

via and © Linden Lab

Update, July 2nd: Linden Lab have started a new forum thread designed to directly address questions. Answers to questions will be placed in the original post in the thread to save having to scroll through question. The new thread can be found here: Official Tilia Q&A Forum Thread.

Update: some 90 minutes after this article was published, Linden Lab issued a further forum post on the subject. Among other clarifications, this further reiterates that L$ purchases, L$ balances, use of L$ to pay tier or Premium fees will all not be affected by these changes. 

Also, as clarifications are still being given, some of the wording in this blog post may be revised to match LL’s feedback so as to maintain the accuracy of the information given here. However, do please keep an eye on Lab posts to the forum thread, as

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Visiting Norddeich in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Hallig Norddeich, Nibbevegen 1; Inara Pey, July 2019, on FlickrHallig Norddeich, Nibbevegen 1, July 2019 – click and image for full size

Following a recommendation from Shawn and Max, we dropped into Hallig Norddeich, Nibbevegen 1. A Homestead region designed by Svenja Maass (MinAleiga), it offers a slightly untamed feel of a coastal region which, given the name, I couldn’t help but wonder if it took its inspiration from Germany’s East Frisian coast and islands.

I’ve no actual solid reason for stating that it does – other than the presence of Norddeich in the title (Hallig being “exuberant”), but should that be the case, then it would certainly be appropriate; the islands along that stretch of coast, together with their cousins along the more northern aspect of the Wadden Sea coastline, have given rise to the naming of a number of places in Second Life, including Norderney and Amrum, both of which have featured as…

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