November 2016 Art Gacha Event in Support of Team Diabetes of Second Life!


We are pleased to announce a special art gacha event in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life (! This event will be ran by Kultivate Magazine ( This event will take place November 15 to November 30. If you are interested please read the following rules and guidelines:

Rules and Guidelines:

  • All art work must follow the Second Life TOS and Community Standards
  • All artwork must be of your own intellectual property
  • Both 2D and 3D Art is welcome at the event
  • You must use our provided gacha machines
  • Your artwork should be original pieces of art and should not have been sold previously or displayed previously
  • Your artwork must be moderate/mature in rating. Adult themed artwork is not accepted
  • Gacha plays should not be more than 100L’s
  • You must include at least one Rare item
  • Participation in this event is free
  • You must create a gacha poster for your artwork

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