Kultivate Magazine’s April 2018 Issue is Now Available!

The April 2018 Issue of Kultivate Magazine is now available! This issue will feature 15 Years of Second Life, a photo essay on sailing and nautical art, a photo essay on The 1900’s Paris Sim, a photo essay on spring safaris, The Luane’s World sim, The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Exhibition in Second Life,Continue reading “Kultivate Magazine’s April 2018 Issue is Now Available!”

Are your Flickr images art?

Can one make works which are not works of ‘art’? – Marcel Duchamp If everyone isn’t beautiful, then no one is. – Andy Warhol   Are your Flickr images art? Are your social media photos and images art? Recently, I asked a friend of mine to submit some of her Flickr images to an artContinue reading “Are your Flickr images art?”

Kultivate Magazine’s Second Anniversary Issue is Now Published!

I am pleased to say that our second anniversary issue, is now published and is available for you to read! This issue features artist Bryn Oh, Anouk Lefavre, Stavaros Gracemount, Veruca Tammas, Ilyra Chardin, Inara Pey, Haveit Neox, Kiana Writer, Lanai Jarrico, Marcus Lefavre, Fnordian Link, Heidi Halberstadt, GinPhx, Beatrice Serendipity, Sandi Benelli, Hikaru, Enimo,Continue reading “Kultivate Magazine’s Second Anniversary Issue is Now Published!”

Editorial: What Trump’s Win Means for The Arts

Kultivate has largely tried to remain out of the election fray, only allowing slight commentary in our in world group. But as we are an arts magazine, I feel that it is important to spell out what Trump’s win means for the arts in America. It is no secret that the arts are always underContinue reading “Editorial: What Trump’s Win Means for The Arts”