Elysium’s “Lure of the Siren” MONDAY 6pm SLT | Elysium Cabaret

Elysium Cabaret is happy to invite you to attend a very special show, in celebration of WATERWORLD, the spectacular and super fun new build by Lex and Misty at LEA9. Another Linden Endowment for the Arts project, this time Lex and Misty will take you under the sea for exploration, adventure, and a heap of fun! This show will be followed by a underwater ball. Dress as your fave sea creature for a chance to win a prize!  Come by any time and explore the sim, have fun with the many activities and events planned!

Monday October 3rd at 6pm SLT


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Stunning Selections at the September Matinee

Elysium Cabaret reviews their performances from September:

Elysium Cabaret

The house was packed, the lights were dimmed, the DJ warmed up his mic setting the stage for yet another action packed Matinee at Elysium Cabaret. SL seemed to play nice as the afternoon kicked off, leaving most in peace to enjoy the smorgasbord of dance presented by the talented choreographers. Without further ado, here comes the review for the first Fall matinee.

Sound of Silence by Epic Rock

The first to grace our stage was the beautiful Eva with her routine stunning the audience with a simple, changing backdrop that made use of highly effective graphics to accompany the bittersweet melody. Joining Eva were Misha Selene, Nadi, Tauriel, Cowgrl, Si De Brit and Zach Starostin who danced their way through several astounding astounding costume changes, leaving even myself wondering how she did it. A breathtaking routine for not only the use of choeography, sets and costuming but -more importantly- for the message…

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Alan Turing’s 1951 music-making machine: Researchers have restored the first computer-generated song — Quartz

Thanks to major leaps in technology of late, we may now be in the age of AI-generated pop music. But a machine in the 1950s did it first.

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Misfit Dance & Performance Art at Miles of Memories – Miles of Memories

Misfit Dance & Performance Art  presents:Misfit MagicA Showcase of Theater DanceMisfit Dance is proud to be part of  “Miles of Memories 2016”– an event to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association

Join us for a fun and inspiring FULL production oftheater dancing performed LIVE on the big stage in the sky!Amazing music, sets, costumes, special effects  & dance – Think Broadway in SL!

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Elysium’s Time, Silence and Schism – 9/9/16

Elysium Cabaret

On Friday, September 9, 2016, Elysium used the dance floor to explore the landscape of the human mind and spirit. The glory of dance became a journey through ideal and isolation, agony and mortality, ecstasy and frivolity. From the fun-loving to the heart-rending, this performance toured the spectrum of experience, ending with a dance where – as in the global community known as Second Life – we all joined hands. Paul Woodrunner kept everyone in line as the house host. Gunner Von Phoenix kept us in harmony as emcee on the microphone. The artists carried us away, playing tunes set to the rhythm of the heart and mind.

Act One: Tray – ‘Write On Me’ – Fifth Harmony


The audience was drawn into the evening’s opening act – literally – as Tray used the latest in SL camera direction technology to guide the audience into a performance that appeared to…

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Liberta 2 Journeys Official Press Release

L² Journeys Logo v2

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  LibertಠJourneys is a music festival showcasing the best of Second Life’s live artists, both live singers and live mix DJs.

Last year, Libertà was the unexpected triumph of SL’s summer music festivals garnering record crowds and hosting the best brands for shopping.  Libertà focused on the freedoms explored through music and in that one memorable weekend, music guided attendees on a journey with no restraints and endless possibilities.

The journey did not end there.

This year, LibertಠJourneys, sponsored by BRM Radio and Bell Estates, will raise the bar on SL entertainment.  The BullRing Family invites music lovers from across the globe to celebrate and embrace the journeys that music takes us on.   The sim opens on August 12th for exploration, adventure, and pre-fest activities.  On August 19th, the official opening ceremony kicks off the artistic exploration of a lifetime guiding attendees through various genres, all crafted to highlight music’s ability to launch us on a voyage far, far away.  LibertಠJourneys will energize the grid with positivity, freedom and memories through the absolute love of music.   This is your journey, this is your freedom…Play the Moments – Pause The Memories!!!

Check out LibertಠJourneys website at http://www.bullringfamily.com/  and on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/L2Journeys/.   For additional information on the event, contact LibertಠJourneys staff on the Libertಠwebsite.

HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is getting a North America concert tour with composer Ramin Djawadi — Quartz

Music is coming.

Game of Thrones won’t come back to television until next summer, but there’s something to whet your appetite in the mean time. The HBO show’s composer Ramin Djawadi and a full orchestra will tour the US and Canada early next year, performing tracks from the show as part of an “immersive music and visual experience.”

The tour, which starts in Feb. 2017, will hit 25 US cities, including New York, Boston, Chicago, and LA, as well as Canadian cities Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. You can see the full list of cities and dates here. Live concert company Live Nation is producing and promoting the tour. Tickets go on sale this Saturday (Aug. 13).

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Windlight Art Gallery’s Summer Art Show Press Release!



Windlight Art Gallery Summer Art Show

Dates: August 12, 2016 to August 20, 2016

Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/140/137/21

Website:  https://kultivatemagazine.com/summer-art-show/

Kultivate Magazine’s Windlight Art Gallery is pleased to announce it’s Summer Art Show! This show will feature 2D and 3D artists, a variety of Second Life merchants and creators, live performers, DJ’s, and a hunt!

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Watch the world’s largest orchestra—7548 musicians—assemble in a field in Frankfurt to play together. — Quartz

A new world record has just been set for the largest orchestra ever assembled. As you’ll see in the video above, 7,548 musicians were brought together in a soccer field in Frankfurt to perform together, at the same time. The previous record was reached in Brisbane, Australia in 2013 when 7,224 musicians played together for at least five minutes.


Source: Watch the world’s largest orchestra—7548 musicians—assemble in a field in Frankfurt to play together. — Quartz

Shivers Unleashed: an international music festival in Second Life

Inara reports on the Shivers Unleashed International Music Festival, which takes place this weekend.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Shivers UnleashedShivers Unleashed Festival

Friday, July 8th through Sunday, July 10th sees the fifth Shivers Unleashed music festival take place in Second Life.

Organised by Shivers Productions, led by Mania Littlething and Anakin Muircastle, the festival brings together 20 headline artists and bands on the main stage across the weekend, supported by DJ sets on a separate “chillout” stage as well. With the exception of just one year, The Shivers Unleash Festival, or SUF, has been a part of the Second Life music scene since 2011, and is truly international in flavour. This year, for example, features artists from across Europe and North America and from South Africa and Japan, all of whom come together to celebrate and share a love of music with SL residents.

Shivers UnleashedShivers Unleashed Festival

I had the opportunity to chat with Mania littlething in the run-up to the event, and one of the first questions I…

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Introducing The Riff!


Windlight is further committing to the arts by covering music, and not just any type of music, but rock music! I am proud to introduce our latest brand: The Riff. The Riff will cover rock music and clubs throughout Second Life! We are currently hiring a contributor for The Riff. If you love rock clubs and dancing, then please apply: http://goo.gl/forms/DMAheDkcYm10kz3g1

Music Fest At SL13B Kicks Off – Ciaran Laval

Music Fest in Second Life, a three day live music festival event that is part of Second Life’s 13th birthday celebrations started today at 11:00am SLT with a performance from JuelL Resistance. The full schedule for Friday June 24th is :

11 a.m. – JueL Resistance

11:30 a.m. – Phoenix JNoon – Phoenix J

12: 30 p.m. – Taka Coeur

1 p.m. – Tempio Breil

1:30 p.m. – Engrama

2 p.m. – Engrama

2:30 p.m. – Zoz Quandry

All times are in SLT or PDT if you prefer and all performances for Music Fest take place on Stage Left….

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Google (GOOG) is launching a new research project to see if computers can be truly creative — Quartz

Google wants to put the art back in artificial intelligence.

During the last session at Moogfest, a four-day music and technology festival, in Durham, North Carolina, Douglas Eck, a researcher on Google Brain, the company’s artificial-intelligence research project, outlined a new group that’s going to focus on figuring out if computers can truly create.

The group, called Magenta, will launch more publicly at the start of June, but attendees at Moogfest were given a taste of what it’s going to be working on. Magenta will use TensorFlow, the machine-learning engine that Google built and opened up to the public at the end of 2015, to determine whether AI systems can be trained to create original pieces of music, art, or video….

Source: Google (GOOG) is launching a new research project to see if computers can be truly creative — Quartz

Music artists are still making more money from vinyl than Google’s YouTube (GOOG) — Quartz

Musicians hate free music. Big names like Taylor Swift rail against Spotify’s ad-supported tier for not paying artists enough, and the industry’s also getting increasingly angsty about other video-streaming services like YouTube.

The British Phonographic Industry, the trade group representing the UK music industry, has a report out today (May 20) that shows how extreme the payout gap is. According to the BPI’s new market review, British artists—a fairly successful bunch that includes people like Adele, the biggest-selling artist in the world—made only 17% of their money from YouTube and its competitors last year.

What’s more, the number of video streams grew 88% from 2014 to 2015, yet revenue from those streams increased only 0.4%…..

Source: Music artists are still making more money from vinyl than Google’s YouTube (GOOG) — Quartz

Lab announces 13th anniversary music fest and invites auditions | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

While the traditional Second Life Birthday celebrations are now pretty much coordinated and run by the community – hence the title Second Life Birthday Community Celebrations, the Lab has a track record of sharing in the celebratory mood around the time of SL’s anniversary through various promotions, gifts, and so on, often as an overall part of the community celebrations.

In 2015, the Lab held an Anniversary Music Festival, for example (and among other events) – and they’re doing the same again in 2016, as Xiola Linden has blogged:

Last year’s auditions turned out to be an incredible showcase of some of the diverse musical talent in Second Life. It was its own mini-musical-fest – with nearly 50 musicians pulling out all the stops in front of the Second Life music community. This bite-sized showcase led to the final line up for Music Fest. It’s definitely worth reading this audition day wrap up from musician and Second Life Resident Zak Claxton on his blog from May of last year.

This year, once again we’re hoping to draw out all you guitarists, bassists, drummers, singers, tambourine shakers and other music makers to come audition for the festival. All genres are welcome! From bands to solo acts, opera to rock and roll – we encourage anyone to sign up for consideration. The Second Life Music Fest is an opportunity to perform at one of the biggest celebrations in Second Life, and it’s a paid gig!

Source: Lab announces 13th anniversary music fest and invites auditions | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Prince: 1958-2016 : Longreads Blog

Prince, the singer, songwriter, producer, and rock star, died this week at the age of 57.

Here are six stories about the legendary musician.

1. Prince’s Obituary in the New York Times (Jon Pareles)Prince recorded the great majority of his music entirely on his own, playing every instrument and singing every vocal line. Many of his albums were simply credited, “Produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince.” Then, performing those songs onstage, he worked as a bandleader in the polished, athletic, ecstatic tradition of James Brown, at once spontaneous and utterly precise, riveting enough to open a Grammy Awards telecast and play the Super Bowl halftime show. He would often follow a full-tilt arena concert with a late-night club show, pouring out even more music…

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Steinway just released an iPad-controlled piano — Quartz

Makers of handmade pianos since 1853, Steinway & Sons is known as a stickler for tradition. The rise of music streaming and the lucrative market for tech gadgets would make anyone rethink that strategy.

On April 1, the storied piano-maker announced its first major invention in over 70 years: the self-playing Spirio grand piano. “In today’s marketplace, brands like ours must continue to innovate in order to remain relevant to the world around us,” said Steinway CEO Michael Sweeney in a press release…

Source: Steinway just released an iPad-controlled piano — Quartz

Elysium Performs at Windlight Magazine’s Spring Art Show Today! | Elysium Cabaret

Dances created with passion and imagination, little glimpses into the souls of the choreographers, performed with the hopes of touching another… the connecting of the human experience.  We hope you can join us at 1pm SLT, when we will take the stage at Water Haven, in celebration of Windlight Magazine’s Spring Art Show….


Source: Elysium Performs at Windlight Magazine’s Spring Art Show Today! | Elysium Cabaret

Star Journey’s Grand Redesign & Re-Opening | The Virtual World Educator

Star Journey, a well-known and beloved sim by hundreds of Second Life residents since 2008, has gotten a complete redesign for 2016, and is having a re-opening kickoff on May 1, 2016!In case you are not familiar with it, you are probably asking “What is Star Journey?”.

Star Journey is two things: a method based on the Star Journey book by Richard Geer, and a place in Second Life developed by Richard’s SL counterpart, Starman Heron.

The Star Journey Symbol Method is a tool for self-reflection, based on the principle that answers to life’s questions can be found by looking within one’s self. Users explore a personal topic such as work, money, health or a relationship by using card symbols to play “games of meaning”. It can be used for solving problems, making decisions and exploring relationships. Star Journey appeals to people with interests in psychology, self-help and spirituality, and is used by counselors, therapists and others in the helping professions.

Star Journey in Second Life is a beautiful, 3-D immersive rendering of the tools, symbols and processes that are part of the Star Journey Symbol Method. On Star Journey island, a person can explore the Star Journey symbols and games in a tangible and visual way, either via self-guided exploration of the island, or though live group sessions led by Richard Geer (Starman Heron in SL) and his associate Gerry Marr (Dharmadog in SL)…

Source: Star Journey’s Grand Redesign & Re-Opening | The Virtual World Educator