Scare Me Silly Photo Contest Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Scare Me Silly Photo Contest:

1st Place Winner: KαTrΙn0 HεαvεN
scare me silly haunted house 2017
2nd Place Winner:  Xia Decuir
3rd Place Winner: Tayren Theas
scare me silly
4th Place Winner: Chic Aeon

Congrats to our winners and thank you to our entrants and judges!


Scare Me Silly Photo Challenge!

Copy of Trunk or Treat

Back for a 3rd straight year is the Scare Me Silly Photo Challenge! This event has a combined 5,000Ls prize total and is only for one week! Continue reading for guidelines and entry requirements:

Prizes (Winners will be announced on October 30, 2017 via Flickr messaging and in SL):
1st Place: 2,000L’s & image published on website and in Kultivate Magazine
2nd Place:  1,500L’s & image published on website
3rd Place: 1,000L’s & image published on website
4th Place: 500L’s & image published on website

Entry &  Contest Guidelines:
1. Entry is 100% free
2. To enter, teleport to the Scare Me Silly event (slurl:
3. Take a photo of you at the event. Use your imagination (get in costume, show yourself scared silly, or scaring someone else!)
4. Upload your photo to our contest group:
5. You are allowed to upload exactly ONE image to the group, so choose your best one
6. Images are reviewed before they show up in the photo pool, so please be patient
7. All images must be moderate or pg/g in rating, no adult images
8. All images must be 100% your intellectual property and taken by you
9. Editing in Photoshop or GIMP is fine
10. You must include the slurl of where you took the image in the Flickr description
11. You have until 1159 pm Flickr time on Friday, October 27, 2017 to enter your image. We will use the time stamps that are provided on Flickr.
12. By submitting an image to our Flickr group, you give us rights to publish the image if you win the contest.
Images that do not meet these guidelines will be deleted from the group.

Judging Criteria:
Your image will be judged on the quality, incorporation of the location, and creativity of the image.


Scare Me Silly Photo Challenge Winners!

We are pleased to announce our winners for the Scare Me Silly Photo Contest! First we would like to thank everyone who entered and our judges! Below are our winners:

Alex Avion – 1st
Taylor Flanagan – 2nd place
Amandamagick – 3rd place
Lucia Tophat – 4th place
Silen Christen – 5th place
Bentlyclaire – 6th place
Wilows547 -7th place
Rasana Willows- 8th place
Feydann Ferryhill – 9th place
Abi Latzo-10th place
You can view the top 3 photos below:
Scare Me Silly -AlexAvion
First Place Winning Photo: Alex Avion
Second Place Winning Photo: Taylor Flanagan
Third Place Winning Photo:  AmandaMagick

You can view the remaining images in our contest group:

Take the Scare Me Silly Photo Challenge!


It is back for the second year in a row, the Scare Me Silly Photo Challenge! This event has a combined 10,000L’s in prize money! This year we have a Scare Me Silly Shopping event fundraiser that supports Team Diabetes of Second Life and we would love to see some interesting images of the event! Below are prizes for the challenge:

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