Introducing VR and 360° Content for All Sites

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Virtual Reality is coming to! As of today, you can create and publish your own VR content on any site, starting with 360° photos and 360° videos (beta), and you can view regular photos and panoramas in VR. Our goal is to make publishing VR content as simple…

Photography: Why aspect ratio is important.

Myra explains the importance of aspect ratio: Taking good photographs, whether in real life or Second Life, means you have to get a little technical. Don’t be scared: If Second Life has taught me anything, it’s that anyone – even I – can learn the tech needed to be creative. Fortunately, you don’t have toContinue reading “Photography: Why aspect ratio is important.”

Tip: How to Reblog Self Hosted WordPress Site Articles & Pages and More!

I decided to write this post which is related more to blogging but also relates to the arts and/or photography, especially if you see an awesome art/photography article online that you would like to reblog on your hosted site. I scour the net on a daily basis for interesting articles for Windlight Magazine’s website.Continue reading “Tip: How to Reblog Self Hosted WordPress Site Articles & Pages and More!”