Welcome to the website of Kandis Dene Endowment for 3D Arts (KDEA)! The goal of KDEA is to offer free land for 3D artists to build their art exhibitions and creations in Second Life.

**We are currently revamping our grant process, so please check back later!**

3D artists can apply for a variety of parcels, including a half sim parcel 10,000 prims), a 4096 m parcel (700 prims) , and a 4032m mainland parcel (600 prims). All grant receipients will be given a 2 hour exhibition opening with 2 live performers free of charge.

About the Name KDEA:

KDEA is named after Kandis, the real life sister of Kultivate Owner and founder Johannes Huntsman and Dene, the nickname of Tempest Rosca Huntsman’s real life mother. You can read more about Kandis and Dene below.

Kandis had an interest in the arts, particularly photography and was in Paris studying photography at the time of her death. Kandis tragically passed away at the young age of 22 and inspired Johannes to create Kultivate Magazine and the various galleries in her memory.

Dene was the nickname of Tempest Rosca’s real life mother who died 20 years ago and appreciated the arts. The Dene Gallery in Rosehaven is also named after Dene. Dene was a vibrant and full of fun – loved music and signing and encouraged Tempest to enjoy life to the fullest!

Johannes and Tempest decided to create KDEA as a way to continue honoring both Kandis and Dene and to contribute further to the art world of Second Life.