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Kultivate is pleased to announce a revamping of our learning area on the website! One of our goals for 2017 is to provide continuous and free learning opportunities! We are pleased to announce Art Talks, which will be mini workshops and



Below are links to our website articles that offer tips, tricks, and tutorials on art and photography. We hope that you find these very useful and enjoy them. Please also spread the word!

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FREE Online Adobe Photoshop Elements Course

A very special thank you to Windlight Magazine’s COO, Eleseren Brianna, for finding the FREE Adobe Photoshop Elements course below, that is from Adobe:

Just go to the following link: https://www.adobeknowhow.com/courselanding/getting-started-adobe-photoshop-elements

Click the learn now button

Choose your sign in method

Choose your country of origin

Accept the terms and conditions

And the course will load!

Source: Beginners Adobe Photoshop Course