Kultivate Anniversary Photo Challenge Winners!

Congrats to Slatan Dryke, winner of the Kultivate Anniversary Photo Challenge! Below are all of our winners: Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and were patient for the winners to be announced and very special thank you to our judges!

Day #3 @ Kultivate Magazine’s Anniversary Summer Weekend!

  Today is the last day of our anniversary summer weekend and our lineup is: 12pm to 2pm slt-Bollywood Art Ball (international) 3pm to 4pm slt-Storytelling with The Seanchai Library 4pm to 6pm slt-rave party, Bishbox, & Decocrate giveaway with DJ Paradox **the exhibition hall, the hunt, and shopping areas are open 24/7**  slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/138/139/23

Summer Hunt @ Kultivate Anniversary Summer!

Welcome to the Summer Hunt at Kultivate Anniversary Summer! Scattered throughout the area are beach balls, touch each one and you will get a free prize. Below are areas where you can find beach balls: Art Exhibition Area – 5 balls are hidden here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/187/177/21 Shopping Area – 5 balls are hidden here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/158/59/21 EnkeliContinue reading “Summer Hunt @ Kultivate Anniversary Summer!”

Today @ Kultivate Anniversary Summer Weekend Day #2!

It’s Day #2 of our Anniversary Summer Weekend! Todays lineup: 1pm slt – The E.V.A Project presents !Show! 3pm slt-Live performer Dimivan Ludwig 4pm slt-Live performer Winston Ackland 6pm slt-Rave party with DJ Paradox Messmer **All galleries, exhibits, shopping, & the hunt are open 24/7 For a complete list of events: https://kultivatemagazine.com/kultivate-anniversary-summer-17-events/ Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/138/139/23 SlurlContinue reading “Today @ Kultivate Anniversary Summer Weekend Day #2!”

Kultivate Anniversary Summer Art Exhibition is Now Open!

At the Kultivate Anniversary Summer Weekend, we have a special art exhibition set up! The exhibition is now open for viewing and the following artists are taking part in this special exhibition: Ilyra Chardin KodyMeyers Resident Slatan Dryke Tisephone Resident Sheba Blitz Sandi Benelli Veruca Tammas Jaime Poutine Jamee Sandalwood Wintergeist Catalina Staheli Wild AlchemiContinue reading “Kultivate Anniversary Summer Art Exhibition is Now Open!”

Day #1 of Kultivate’s Anniversary Summer Weekend!

Today is day #1 of the Kultivate Anniversary Summer Weekend! Our schedule is: **Open all day-art exhibition, summer hunt, & shopping 4pm slt-live performer Melenda Mikael 5pm slt-Whymsee Audience Cabaret 6pm slt-live performer SaraMarie Philly For a complete listing of events: https://kultivatemagazine.com/kultivate-anniversary-summer-17-events/ slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/138/139/23

Kultivate Magazine Presents The E.V.A Project & !Show!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JUNE 7, 2017 THE E.V.A PROJECT’S DEBUT PRODUCTION: !SHOW! DATE: JUNE 10, 2017 TIME: 1PM SLT WEBSITE:  https://theevaproject.wordpress.com/ SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/197/234/2601 Kultivate Magazine is pleased to launch out latest venture, The E.V.A. (Exceptional, Vibrant, and Artistic) Project. This special project combines the art forms of fashion, music, theater, and art to create aContinue reading “Kultivate Magazine Presents The E.V.A Project & !Show!”

Kultivate Anniversary Summer 17 Weekend Press Release!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JUNE 7, 2017 KULTIVATE ANNIVERSARY SUMMER WEEKEND 2017 DATES: JUNE 9 TO 11, 2017 WEBSITE:  https://kultivatemagazine.com/kultivate-anniversary-summer-17-events/ SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/138/139/23 Kultivate Magazine, a magazine that celebrates the artistic side of Second Life, will celebrate its 2nd anniversary in June 2017. Kultivate Magazine is the brainchild of owner, founder, and publisher, John Brianna (johannes1977 Resident)Continue reading “Kultivate Anniversary Summer 17 Weekend Press Release!”