Tuesday @ 1pm slt – Kultivate Presents the Art of Reya Darkstone!


Join us this Tuesday, August 11, 2020 from 1 to 3pm slt as Kultivate presents the art of Reya Darkstone at Kultivate Loft Gallery! This event will feature live performers Loreen Aldrin (1pm to 2pm slt)  &  Abby Jaidov (2 to 3pm slt)! Casual dress code at both events!

Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/28/114/32

You can learn more about Reya below:
I have been around for some time, and have always been impressed by the vivid imaginations of the many artists that live in this virtual slice of the world. I started taking photos for fun and perhaps contribute a small token of my talent to it all. I am also owner of Rise Design Jewelry & Accessories, so my enjoyment of Second Life is now three-fold; creating pictures for myself and others to enjoy, meeting new people from all over the world, and creating high-quality mesh accessories.

To all my fellow shutterbugs and those that just like to appreciate the art of others, remember there’s always something beautiful in front you–just look in the mirror!

If interested in acquiring a photo, please contact me in-world, “Reya Darkstone”.


Meet me under the mistletoe...
[ rD ] Artica Icicle Necklace


Saturday @ 1pm slt-Windlight Art Gallery’s March & April 17 Exhibition Opening!


windlight art gallery poster.jpg

Join us at the Windlight Art Gallery for the March & April 17 Exhibition Opening! The formal opening will take place from 1pm to 2pm slt and will feature live performer AM Forte and the following artists, who are also Windlight Gallery Fellows:

Belua Broadfoot
Dema Fairport
Lucia Tophat
Layachi Inhen
Isis Desmoulins
Pipit Peacedream
Ry Heslop
Syphera Inaka
Sandi Benelli
Pam Astonia
Warm Clarity
Bryndarkly Cazalet

The dresscode is 100% formal! We hope to see you at the opening event!
Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/59/133/26

Meet the Windlight Art Gallery Fellows: Catalina Staheli & Keegan Kavanagh!

Today’s Windlight Art Gallery Fellows spotlights are on Catalina Staheli & Keegan Kavanagh:

Catalina Staheli:


Catalina Staheli has been a Second Life Resident since May 18, 2007, and an avid photographer for the past several years. Always pushing herself to learn and grow, she’s enjoyed every second of her journey as a budding photographer and it has paved the way for her interests in modeling and designing, though photography remains her happiest joy.

Catalina is the designer behind the brand [ Aleutia ], an explorer of role play sims when there’s time, and a long time supporter of Relay For Life. In her first life, Cata can be found living above the Arctic Circle in remote northern Alaska, where she works as a Special Education teacher in a native Iñupiat village. She is also pursuing her PhD in Curriculum & Instruction.


Keegan Kavanagh:


I’ve been in SecondLife since 2009. I’ve tried everything from DJing, modeling, video & media rentals and tech support and club owning. I tinkered with photography on and off throughout the years.

It wasn’t until I began making my own poses, that I really threw myself into the art. I found myself quickly becoming addicted to my work and I fell in love with it. I find myself telling stories through my poses and photography and I’m excited to be able to share some of that with you.


I make many of the poses for my pictures. Please see a link below to my marketplace listings as well as my Flickr.

Thank you!
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/143530986@N08/

MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/189739

Saturday @ 1pm slt-Windlight Art Gallery’s January & February Exhibition Opening!

Copy of polygon club poster template landscape dance night.jpg

Join us this Saturday at 1pm slt for the grand opening of the January & February Exhibition at Windlight Art Gallery! Live performer Parker Static will provide the entertainment and the dress code is formal. This exhibition will feature the following artists who are the Windlight Art Fellows for the month:

Keegan Kavanagh
Dante Parabola
Lagoa Resident
Emberdearheart Resident
Methias Kira
Catalina Staheli
Jamee Sandalwood
Kacey Macbeth
Slygar Lorgsvall
Damatjo Magic
Understandingcomplexity Resident
Sandi Benelli, Windlight Artist in Residence
Pam Astonia, Windlight Artist in Residence
Bryndarkley Cazalet, Artist in Residence
Warm Clarity, Artist in Residence

slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/65/132/26


Meet the Windlight Art Gallery Fellows: Ninaporras Resident & Bentleyclaire Resident!

The November & December Exhibition at Windlight Art Gallery closes in a few days. We are featuring the artists who are exhibiting at the gallery! Today’s features are on Ninaporras Resident & Bentleyclaire Resident:

1510p_1024pe-art-of-nina-porrasSL NAME: NinaPorras

I am in CGI-art since 10 years, because – don’t laugh – I cannot draw. I am using Poser and Photoshop. Before I tripped over Poser, I wrote erotic stories. But for one story I need months, many months (me, a perfectionist German!), while for a picture I need a day or two. So it was a great discovery for myself and a challenge, this software, with which I could give my fantasy pictures: Poser.

I like erotic art, showing the best of human, the nude body – even in men. My pictures are like water; those of the great geniuses are wine. (Fortunately) everybody drinks water. Everybody except the morons, likes erotic art. If you want see more not G-rated art, visit my gallery on SL.

In 2012 I suffered an accident and lost my left leg. I began picturing handicapped people, part of my self-therapy to overcome my loss. But showing erotic pictures of disabled people is not always welcome in the world of “abled” and two-leggers. Not understood well that even handicapped are sexual beings, with the same desires, wishes and carving for lust and love as the so-called “abled”. By the way, I don’t know any abled without a disability.

When I started on Renderosity with my first picture of a one-legged woman, I just got flamed by its bigot censors, not getting the beauty of imperfectness and refusing human rights for disabled persons. They have not the faintest idea about disability and are in lack of any tolerance. They took disability like something obscene, bothering “healthy people” like bare breasts or genitals. They don’t like get pestered by the view of an imperfect body, which could remind them to their own vulnerability and mortality.
These poor people never will get that true beauty lies in imperfectness and in a strange way a missing limb can make an advancement. Therefore I left some places of internet, when I got stupid comments, pointing me crazy or mad.

Finally I found the right place for my art: It is HERE, on Second Life Here I am among friends, who appreciate my art. Visit my gallery on Crystal Haven, where I exchange the pictures regularly.
Let me close with Mark Twain: “The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.” Promised, I’ll try with my art.

Of course, feedback is always welcome, it makes my creativity speeding up.

Nina Porras aka N8Dreams




bentleyclairecloseupSL NAME:  bentleyclaire

I have always had a passion for pretty things and captivating photos. I came to Second Life and was instantly wowed by the the graphical beauty of it. The possibilities are seemingly endless. There is so much beauty to be found in SL. I try to capture as much of it as I can. I find my style improves and changes with every photo I take. It’s easy to find beauty in every place and situation. My goal is to share that beauty with as many people as I can. I spend my time in SL taking photos and spending time with my family and friends. Building and maintaining those relationships are very important to me.




Meet the Windlight Art Fellows: Lanne Wise & Tessagrace51 Resident!

Snapshot _ High Water, High Water (25, 239, 20) - Moderate
Lanne Wise

On May 15, 2016, the May-June Exhibition at Windlight Art Gallery will officially open! For this week we are highlighting the art fellows who are taking part in the exhibition! Today’s spotlight is on Lanne Wise and Tessagrace51 Resident:

BIOGRAPHY: Lanne Wise has spent the last nine years in SL exploring, admiring, making art, dancing, learning and meeting people. She still has a good time.

Following is a partial resume of SL Activities:
Symposium on the Evolutions of Communications NMC Conference Center, Second Life (http://www.nmc.org/2007-fall-virtual-symposium)

Digital Copyright Course Harvard University,Berkman Center in Second Life (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Berkman/128/128/0)

2008 – Present
Curator: Chanthira Center for Virtual Arts Second Life (no longer active)
Bebu Gallery (see link below)

Exhibited work: Mixed RL/SL Exhibit Brooklyn Is Watching, Second LifeJack the Pelican Gallery, Brooklyn NYC(http://slurl.com/secondlife/Push/124/47/22)

Exhibited work: “Quiet Sorrows and Elegant Joys” Space I/O, Second Life http://designprobes.blogspot.com/2008/09/exhibition-opening-lanne-wises-at-space.html

Avenue Magazine Interview re: Bebu Club and Gallery

TV bra Performance Piece with Vanessa Blaylock, et all @ Gallery Xue

Collaborative research on movement as communication in SL
Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver CA

Summer Exhibit @ Wintergiest Gallery


FLICKR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lannewise

BLOG: https://lannewise.wordpress.com/


Bebu Gallery and Club: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chintaru/66/227/21


Every day should feel like a day at the beach
Tessgrace 51 Resident

BIOGRAPHY: Hello, My name is Tessa and I have enjoyed photography in Second Life for the past four years. I first began my journey as a blogger looking for a creative outlet. I soon found that my favorite part of blogging ended up being the creation of the photograph itself. My blogging has since evolved to be more photography based. I enjoy shooting landscape and portrait images the most.

My photography is often inspired by the creations of others. I enjoy exploring the many locations offered around Second Life. Each place that I visit sparks a vision for a future project.

I would love for you to spend a little time and check out my works at the following links:

Blog: https://stealsdealsandslsimappeal.wordpress.com/

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/79314180@N06/

Meet the Windlight Artist Fellows: Vivienne Darcy, Barret Darkfold, and Antartica Slade!

The March and April Windlight Artist Fellows can be found at the Windlight Art Gallery! Each day for the next few days, we will highlight these artists. Today’s spotlights are on Vivienne Darcy, Barret Darkfold, and Antartica Slade:

Windlight Gallery - Vivienne Darcy.png
Vivienne Darcy

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Meeting the Windlight Art Fellows: Valium Lavender, Benvinudo Moskalev, and Kaijah Chrome

This Saturday is the closing show of the 2015 November-December Exhibition at the Windlight Art Gallery! The exhibition features the 2015 November-December Windlight Art Fellows! Below is information about three of these great artists:

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