The E.V.A Project Website Goes Live & Teasers!

The latest fusion from Kultivate Magazine is The E.V.A Project! This exciting concept combines the main elements of art and fashion for a unique experience! The first show from The E.V.A Project, which is appropriately titled !Show! will take place on June 10, 2017 at 1pm slt. !Show! is part of the Kultivate Magazine AnniversaryContinue reading “The E.V.A Project Website Goes Live & Teasers!”

Parthenon of Books: Access a database of 70,000 books banned around the world going back to 1575 — Quartz

Soon the world will have a massive physical monument to censorship.This year, Argentine artist Marta Minujín will open an installation built from books, all of which were banned around the world at some point in history. The “Parthenon of Books,” a re-creation of her 1983 installation in Buenos Aires, will be unveiled in June atContinue reading “Parthenon of Books: Access a database of 70,000 books banned around the world going back to 1575 — Quartz”

Elysium Cabaret Celebrates Black History Month Friday at 6pm SLT | Elysium Cabaret

Music – Movement – Creation – Joy – Friendship This Friday, February 24th, Elysium Cabaret honours Black History Month through music and dance.  Featuring acts inspired by some of our most-loved black singers and musicians.  Come on out and celebrate with us!Elysium Cabaret takes you there every Friday at 6pm.  Let your imagination come outContinue reading “Elysium Cabaret Celebrates Black History Month Friday at 6pm SLT | Elysium Cabaret”

SL Etiquette 101 Poll: Does Politics Belong in Second Life?

Hi everyone! I am back with a piece on SL Etiquette 101! With the recent commentary about politics in Second Life from social media, to Linden Labs’ statement about the recent immigration changes by President Trump, politics is on everyone’s minds. My next SL Etiquette 101 article will address how to talk about politics inContinue reading “SL Etiquette 101 Poll: Does Politics Belong in Second Life?”

Today at the Kultivate Spring 17 Fashion Event!

The Fashion event for Kultivate is now open! Today’s schedule at the fashion event: -10 am slt-Exclusives Fashion Show -1pm slt-live performer Dimivan Ludwig -4pm slt-Bliensen & Mai Tai, Sonatta Morales, & The Bohemian Underground Fashion Show **The Rose Hunt & Fashion Quest, Shopping are open 24.7**

“European culture” is an invented tradition — Quartz

Think of culture, of literature, music, philosophy, the fine arts, and it means thinking of Europe. “The idea of culture, of intelligence, of great works,” wrote the French poet and essayist Paul Valéry in 1919, “has for us a very ancient connection with the idea of Europe.” In an anthropological sense, of course, all peoplesContinue reading ““European culture” is an invented tradition — Quartz”

January 27, 2017 – Elysium’s “Gods and Goddesses” Show!

Originally posted on Elysium Cabaret:
WOW what a night at The Empire Room on Copperhead Road!  It was Friday and that could only mean, Elysium Cabaret… the big ticket of the night!  Welcome to the weekend!  Tonight featured a “Gods and Goddesses” theme.  DJ Gunner was looking sexeh as he spun the tunes, warming up…

Old and new: a building that simulates time passing

Originally posted on Second Sighting:
Virtual store built by Loz Hyde: a more contemporary part was added on the right side of the traditional structure In what we are used to calling real life, the choice between conservation of past-time architecture and the replacement of old buildings by new structures often represents a dilemma in…

SL Etiquette 101: How to Date in Second Life Part 3

Kultivate Marketing and Social Media Coordinator Jessii Warrhol is back with another edition of SL Etiquette 101! This time she finishes her series on how to date in Second Life, with a focus on where to go on a date: We have come to the end of this series, How to Date in Second Life. But do notContinue reading “SL Etiquette 101: How to Date in Second Life Part 3”

Elysium’s “Lure of the Siren” MONDAY 6pm SLT | Elysium Cabaret

Elysium Cabaret is happy to invite you to attend a very special show, in celebration of WATERWORLD, the spectacular and super fun new build by Lex and Misty at LEA9. Another Linden Endowment for the Arts project, this time Lex and Misty will take you under the sea for exploration, adventure, and a heap ofContinue reading “Elysium’s “Lure of the Siren” MONDAY 6pm SLT | Elysium Cabaret”

Stunning Selections at the September Matinee

Originally posted on Elysium Cabaret:
The house was packed, the lights were dimmed, the DJ warmed up his mic setting the stage for yet another action packed Matinee at Elysium Cabaret. SL seemed to play nice as the afternoon kicked off, leaving most in peace to enjoy the smorgasbord of dance presented by the talented choreographers. Without…

Avilion Harvest Arts Festival Begins! | Avilion Arts

Read more about it here: Second Life Destinations Here is your landmark. Medieval dresscode applies. Source: Avilion Harvest Arts Festival Begins! | Avilion Arts

Elysium’s Time, Silence and Schism – 9/9/16

Originally posted on Elysium Cabaret:
On Friday, September 9, 2016, Elysium used the dance floor to explore the landscape of the human mind and spirit. The glory of dance became a journey through ideal and isolation, agony and mortality, ecstasy and frivolity. From the fun-loving to the heart-rending, this performance toured the spectrum of experience,…

Unwriting 1: The Twig Oracle | Million Happy Endings

The Twig Oracle, by Klaus Bereznyak, is currently on exhibition at Wanderlust Cafe in Quentin.  From the notecard obtained by clicking on the white info piece:The series currently holds 8 naturally-occurring glyphs, taken from the forest floor and scanned on a flatbed scanner to create the image.

Avilion Arts Festive: Avilon MerBallet Co | Avilion Arts

2016 is Avilion’s 10 Anniversary. A significant milestone to be celebrated! The mer dancers are preening and rehearsing for our next performances – to celebrate the anniversary and to usher the inaugural Avilion Arts Festival from September 16th to 18th.

Avilion Arts Festival Performances by ACT and the Fandangos | Avilion Arts

The Avilion Arts Festival, that runs from September 15th through the 18th, will feature four ACT productions and a new Fandangos show.Encore Productions include:’Dance-a-long’ that is an audience-participation show designed by Bajoy tracing the development of popular dance;

Saturday @ 3pm slt-The Jewel Theater Presents “A Lucid Journey”

The Jewell Theatre presents “The Lucid Journey” Written & Directed by Fake Jewell. Inspired by our 2011 48HFP Machinima: Remaining Tour Dates: Saturday, September 10th 3pm – Windlight Art Gallery

One Enchanted Evening at Sweetwater’s Magic Moments! | Elysium Cabaret

It’s One Enchanted Evening with Elysium Cabaret performing at Sweetwater’s Magic Moments! A mini-show featuring four enchanting acts, followed by a dance party with Best Whimsical Costume contest. Dress in what is enchanting to you. Promises to be an ethereal evening with magical moments, nice people, smiles and laughter, and plenty of music and dance!Continue reading “One Enchanted Evening at Sweetwater’s Magic Moments! | Elysium Cabaret”

The Jewell Theater’s “Lucid Journey” to tour at Windlight Art Gallery on September 10, 2016!

We are pleased to announce a special show at Windlight Art Gallery on September 10, 2016 at 3pm slt! The show is Lucid Journey and is presented by the Jewell Theater! This event is also a Stand Up to Cancer benefit event, with all proceeds going to Stand Up to Cancer!