Editorial: What Trump’s Win Means for The Arts

Kultivate has largely tried to remain out of the election fray, only allowing slight commentary in our in world group. But as we are an arts magazine, I feel that it is important to spell out what Trump’s win means for the arts in America.

It is no secret that the arts are always under attack. Usually in public schools, art programs are the first to be cut when a budget crunch hits. From art teachers to music teachers, their numbers have dwindled in America’s public schools. Back when I attended high school, in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I can remember my high school having 4 art teachers, 4 music teachers, and many English and literature teachers. My high school offered Art 1 to 4, photography, painting, chorus, band, etc..Fast forward to last year at my nephews high school and he has confirmed that there was only 1 art teacher and 1 music teacher, with less offerings.

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