Switch on the Lights at DixMix in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Now open at DixMix Gallery is an ensemble presentation of art entitled Switch on the Lights, which appears to be wither sponsored by, or a co-presentation with, LUMIPro, the commercial photography  lighting system, and the first to use projection prim capabilities.

So far as I can tell, the participating artists are  Jr Feiri, Reneesme Portland, xxstanislasxx resident, Kimma, Cyrece Delicioso, Angi Manners, DixMix Source,  Trixie Pinelli, Toxic Valentine, Sedona Silverpath, Peep Sideshow Darkward, Tazara Bailey, Kira Ragged, Scarlett Rhea, Ornella Batriani, Space Hurricane, Ilke Huygens, Freekency Banx, Wiwi Swot, Marleine Magic, Kevin De’Cypher,  Bettina, Ember Wulluf, Calypso Keng, Fleur Imagines SL, U.Sabra, Sedona Silverpath and Abi Latzo.DixMix Gallery: Switch on the LightsAs one might expect with LUMIPro’s involvement, the majority of the pieces in the exhibition are avatar studies. However, if I sound a little uncertain about this display, it’s because the information relating to it is less than forthcoming.

The invitation I received contained only the Gallery’s landmark and a note card advertising LUMIPro. There is a similar dearth of information actually at the gallery as well. Thus I had to resort to editing each image to grab the artist’s name. Not ideal when reviewing.There are other minor annoyances as well. The exhibition is referred to as “selected photographies” – but how were they selected and what role did LUMIPro play in it? Given some artists appear to have only one piece submitted, others 2 or 3, what criteria were employed in the selection process? Did some artists only submit the one piece, and other several? Were submissions adjudicated? If so, how? And so on…..

Source: Switch on the Lights at DixMix in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Today @ the Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show!


Today is the last day of the Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show! Today is our lineup of events:

-1pm slt- live performer SaraMarie Philly
-3pm slt-Storytelling with Seanchai Library
-4:10 pm slt-Awards Ceremony
-Immediately following the Awards Ceremony-1 hour closing party

**Both hunts and all galleries are open 24/7
Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/179/138/22

Today @ the Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show!


It is day #3 at the Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show and here are our events today:

4pm slt – Steampunk party with DJ Gabrielle Riel
5pm slt – Art Talk #3: Basic and Intermediate SL Photography tips with Kaijah Chrome

**Both hunts, all galleries, and the photography contest are open 24/7

Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/179/138/22


MisaKaory’s The Way I Feel in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Now open at Club LA and Gallery, curated by Fuyuko ‘冬子’ Amano (Wintergeist) is The Way I Feel a selection of images from the portfolio of MisaKaory. I’m actually getting to this review a little late, as the invitation got buried in my inventory, and so offer apologies to Misa and Fuyuko;  but I do recommend a visit before it draws to a close.

“Photography gives me a lot of emotions,” Misa says of her work. “Sometimes it is too exhausting, when you can not sleep at night because you keep thinking of some idea for a photo. It seems the idea came and you get it all together and press the shutter, but you are still dissatisfied. So you keep looking through the viewfinder to find the right angle, lighting, waiting for the moment… And then suddenly, here it is! Often it is a completely random person that you have caught in the frame, a bird or a gust of wind. The feeling that you get after taking the photo you like is just wonderful! The world that we see is infinite, but we remember only some moments that have given us a strong impression.”

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The Photo Game in Second Life: Proph and a Pey | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

In February 2017 I wrote about The Photo Game, an intimate exhibition of art hosted at Boudicca Amat’s An Uncertain Destiny (which you can read about here). It formed the in-world continuation of an idea Boudicca and fellow artist Ricco Saenz started on Flickr in the latter part of 2016, where they would each choose two on one another’s compositions and comment on them.

In-world, The Photo Game has expanded to three images apiece for each pair of invited artists, and for the inaugural February event, Bou and Ricco took to the stage. For March / April, the spotlight has shifted to two more artist / photographers, one of whom has the last name of “Pey” …The Photo Game: me, as selected by ProphTo be honest I was thrilled, surprised and apprehensive about things when the invitation arrived – and apprehension turned to a feeling akin to panic when Bou revealed I have been paired with Proph (burningprophets); a man with a talent for weaving a tale with his images, and an eye for composition and framing which far surpasses my own.

I was instantly drawn to the three pieces I’ve selected from Proph’s portfolio both because I was instantly attracted to them and because they all encapsulate his skills so beautifully. The three are: Never Hide Your Heart, Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful and If You Miss the Train I’m On. I’m not going to comment further on them here, as I have already written a fair essay on each, but all three are genuinely remarkable pieces, and well worth contemplating – so I do encourage you to go along as see them for yourself….

Source: The Photo Game in Second Life: Proph and a Pey | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Art Is… Rhythm in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Art is… Rhythm is a collaborative arts installation now open in Second Life. Led by Dunt Gant, it involves Daco Monday, Kicca Igaly, Nessuno Myoo and Paola Mills, with a concert series presented by Ahnue Heartlight.“

Rhythm is a progressive succession in the order of things,” Dunt says. “In this installation, rhythm works as a subtle link between poetry (Daco Monday), dance (Kicca Igaly), and music (Nessuno Myoo), as shown by the three artists as 3D constructions. Paola Mills presents her vision of these three art forms by completing the 3D installation with her 2D photographs. As for myself, I tried to accompany these works with my presentation: a large 3D charcoal drawing, white and black, light and shadows.”

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Saturday @ 1pm slt-Windlight Art Gallery’s March & April 17 Exhibition Opening!


windlight art gallery poster.jpg

Join us at the Windlight Art Gallery for the March & April 17 Exhibition Opening! The formal opening will take place from 1pm to 2pm slt and will feature live performer AM Forte and the following artists, who are also Windlight Gallery Fellows:

Belua Broadfoot
Dema Fairport
Lucia Tophat
Layachi Inhen
Isis Desmoulins
Pipit Peacedream
Ry Heslop
Syphera Inaka
Sandi Benelli
Pam Astonia
Warm Clarity
Bryndarkly Cazalet

The dresscode is 100% formal! We hope to see you at the opening event!
Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/59/133/26

The University of Western Australia in Second Life – AlisonJamesArt

The University of Western Australia in Second LifeI have been putting off writing this particular post for far too long. Even as I sit here on the virtual campus of UWA, I am feeling a strange mix of maudlin, grief and longing. This sentence clamours loudly in my mind, “The UWA presence in SL is scheduled to cease the end of July 2017.”(1) Such a little sentence with such huge ramifications.Back in the beginning days of my time in world, I visited university campuses. I must have visited at least 20. Time after time, I wandered campuses that were abandoned and stuck in a time warp from the moment in time they were left behind. UWA was not that. It was vibrant and changing and it was close to home. Proof that Australia was not so countrified and far behind after all.UWA launched itself into Second Life in mid 2009 and quickly became one of the most active universities in world (2). The campus itself is beautifully designed and based on the real life campus of UWA. Over its life span, it has been used for many purposes, both academic and community building. Their contribution to the Art world of Second Life is not to be underestimated. UWA have run many competitions and exhibitions for machinima artists and static artists alike and have been an incredible driving force in the building of an art community.

I was delighted to find them, but about a month after I rezzed into world, UWA announced that they were scaling back their presence from 5 sims to 1 (3, 4). In October of 2016, UWA, through the generosity of the Second Life community found themselves extending their presence for just a little bit longer (5)…through to July 2017 to be exact, but the time to say goodbye is almost here.I have photos. Many photos actually. I took them all wanting to capture some of the incredible installations to show you all what I see. But they don’t do them justice. Not at all. Not one little bit. An installation is a work of art that is situational. You need to BE there and you need to walk around it and in it and watch the changes as time passes. You need to EXPERIENCE it. That is the beauty of installations as opposed to other genres. You are placed within and as a result become a part of this thought. The installations in world…I have never experienced anything like them. They are fantastical and thought provoking. And the installations and sculptures currently at UWA are no exception to this…..

Source: The University of Western Australia in Second Life – AlisonJamesArt

Dathúil: an adult Private Sphere in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

The latest exhibition at Dathúil Gallery, curated and operated by Max Butoh and Lυcy (LucyDiam0nd), opened on March 4th, 2017. Entitled Private Sphere, it features the work of Prairie Kawashima, and encompasses adult themes, and so should be considered NSFW.“

For almost a decade, Second Life has been my refuge – a place of boredom, excess, love and inspiration,” Prairie says, introducing her exhibition. “Some of this incredible mixture that I keep enjoying so much has turned into a river of self-shots (including occasional homages to my closest friends) that has  found its way to my Flickr account. Other things will forever remain private. Private Sphere is a selection of mostly unpublished pictures that have been between these two categories for some time.”

On display are 29 images laid out in a maze-like pattern in the lower floor of the gallery. The central theme is avatar studies with a focus on bondage and / or nudity – hence the adult nature.Some of the bondage is explicitly shown, with several images featuring shibari / kinbaku, with the focus purely on hemp-style rope, others featuring more westernised approaches of restraint: manacles, stocks, cuffs, etc.  Where bondage is not the focus of an image, it is sometimes implied through the curls of rope on a bed or the flow of chains across a sheet, while several of the poses include suggestions or hints of submission….

Source: Dathúil: an adult Private Sphere in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Saturday @ 1pm slt-Kultivate Select Gallery’s March Exhibition Opening!

Copy of Art Exhibition Flyer Template.jpgJoin us at 1pm slt on Saturday, March 4, 2017 for the latest exhibition opening at the Kultivate Select Gallery! The event will feature live performer  Melenda Mikael and the following artists:

Sandie Benelli
Lucia Tophat
Ramsa Luv
Solana Python
KodyMeyers Resident
talligurl resident
jaime poutine
GlitterPrincess Destiny
Syphera Inaka
Warm Clarity

The dresscode is formal and the slurl to the gallery is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/18/39/26

Cica’s Under the Sea in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Under the Sea, Cica Ghost’s latest region-wide installation in Second Life opened on Friday, March 3rd. It is in some ways a follow-on from her previous Frogs, in that it has a decidedly aquatic lean.“There is a strange world under the sea,” Cica informs visitors, who arrive on a wooden platform, open on three sides and lacking a roof. A brief set of instructions are provided on how best to enjoy a visit (in short, enable Advanced Lighting Model and make sure Shadows: Sun/Moon + Projectors is active – Cica has taken care to minimise the performance hit with the latter as much as possible). Once done, follow the steps down beneath the waves, and discover that strange world.

Here can be found all manner of creatures, familiar and exotic. fronds of seaweed and forests of kelp undulate under the pressure of passing water; schools of fish hover at the edges of some of these copse-like knots of green, staring nervously outward. A great sea snail expands and contract, as if making its way across the sandy floor without moving. Other fish hover nervously at the empty eye sockets or under bleached ribs of even bigger creatures which have long since died, while splashes of vivid colour are offered by anemones, starfish and strange plants standing tall on cage-like roots….

Source: Cica’s Under the Sea in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Kultivate Magazine’s March 2017 Edition is Now Available!

The March 2017 edition of Kultivate Magazine is now available! This issue features CasperTech Owner, Casper Warden; LaurieC Alexis, Co-Owner of The Keys Live Music Venues & Management Group, artist Nils Urqhart, The Ciottolina Rooftop Gallery, Builder’s Brewery, the Somewhere Sim, March stylings by The Edge Stylists, and two photo essays by Ilyra Chardin and AmyBeeBe. You can click on the cover below to view the issue:


Hidden Faces in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Hidden Faces, now open at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery curated by Dido Haas, is an exhibition of photography by Monique Beebe. While no stranger to Second Life – she has been involved in the platform for the last decade – Hidden Faces marks the first public exhibition of her photography.

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The Photo Game in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Thus reads the invitation to The Photo Game, an intimate little display of art being hosted at Boudicca Amat’s An Uncertain Destiny (which you can read about here). And when I say intimate – I mean just that: a total of 6 images are offered, three by Boudicca, and three by Ricco.

As the invitation states, this is something of an interactive exhibition: visitors are invited to click the links either alongside or below each piece and read the comments, and also leave comments of your own.

The Photo GameThe images by Boudicca have been selected by Ricco, who also offers his own view on each piece – and Boudicca has done the same with the three images she has selected from Ricco’s work. Each offers an analysis of the other’s work based on the approach taken – both technically and artistically – in producing each image.Given that Boudicca and Ricco are both consummate artists, their comments also form something of an invaluable guide to technique and approach for those of us who are considerably less able in our ability to wield the camera and produce consistent, rewarding results. Thus, while small, this exhibition offer far more than at first might first seem to be the case, and makes for an extremely worthwhile visit. And if you haven’t done so before, take a little time to tour An Uncertain Destiny as well – you won’t be disappointed!

Source: The Photo Game in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Sexy Valentine’s Day art goes on sale at Sotheby’s London, for the first time ever — Quartz

Romantic love has long inspired artists, writers and musicians, and so has its consummation. In honor of Valentine’s Day, auction house Sotheby’s London is putting together its first-ever sale of erotic art. Titled “Erotic: Passion & Desire,” the auction is now showing 107 sexy lots from antiquity to modern days, which open for bidding on Feb. 16.

Artworks include European paintings and sculptures of nude baigneuses, Picasso’s sketches of a woman caressing herself, graphic Chinese scrolls and a collection of Japanese shunga (of course). And then there are the really titillating objects, such as a table with phalluses for legs (dedicated to Catherine the Great), and an x-rated x-ray image.

Source: Sexy Valentine’s Day art goes on sale at Sotheby’s London, for the first time ever — Quartz

CioTToLiNa’s rooftop exhibition in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

It’s been a while since Caitlyn and I last visited Art on Roofs at Solodonna Land, so it was with some delight I received an invitation to pay a visit to explore a new exhibition by an artist I admire: CioTToLiNa Xue.

I first encountered CioTToLiNa’s work whilst visiting an exhibition on Mistero Hifeng’s work at the same exhibition space (which you can read about here). Since then I’ve been captivated, and always enjoy seeing her pieces on display.Art on Roofs: CioTToLiNa XueSome 20 pieces are presented across the rooftops of Solodonna’s Art on Roofs exhibition area. All are quite exquisite and carry a narrative of their own. Some embody the intimacy of love, others reflect CioTToLiNa‘s cultural / political / ecological interests, others marry 3D work with 2D art – notably the three Moods pieces – as seen in the image above.

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The Haul in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Hauling, on land and in the sea. Exploring limits and bypassing any respect for them, while stringing our catch into a growing story.

So reads the introduction to Haveit Neox’s latest installation The Haul, which opened on February 5th, 2017 at MetaLES, curated by Ux Hax and Romy Nayar. It’s an interesting description, offering just enough to pique the curiosity and point the imagination in a certain direction, without laying bare the artist’s intent or hope.

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How to access 375,000 beautiful, copyright-free images from New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art — Quartz

The sumptuous lips of a 3,000-year-old Egyptian queen’s face, and the plump belly of a 9th-century Mexican baby, are now at your disposal.

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has released 375,000 images of works from its collection, with no restrictions on what you can do with them. The images, all of art in the US public domain, were previously available online, but with some stipulations about commercial use. You can find them at the digital collection, with “Public Domain Artworks” checked in the left-hand column.“[The collection] represents 5,000 years of human endeavor, culture, and thought,” says Lauren Nemroff, head of digital content at the Met. She hopes people will create new works of their own, perhaps like these.

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A Special Week Begins – SILAS MERLIN’s Romantic Bouguereau Sculptures on Exhibit through February

Great review of Silas Merlin’s new exhibit:

Ce Soir Arts - Now at Starry Night Island

silas-merlinWe got quite a lovely surprise this past weekend, when the truly exceptional artist SILAS MERLIN shared his romantic and elegantly beautiful Bouguereau Sculptures. Presently not for sale, these stunning pieces – each inspired by a special work of classical art – are available as GACHAs through 21 February at the very popular event The Chapter Four. In an exciting collaboration with The Chapter Four founder (the wonderful builder and creator lakua Arriaga), artist Silas Merlin (and his Silas Gallery), and Ce Soir Arts, these pieces are on special exhibit for the Valentine’s Month of February at Côte de la Mer Galerie.

Silas Merlin‘s work in pastels and sculpture is lovely and quite detailed. His eye for figures and shading is magnificent. His subjects are varied and presented in classic as well as unique settings, and he captures their spirit and beauty with…

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