Summer Hunt @ Kultivate Anniversary Summer!


Welcome to the Summer Hunt at Kultivate Anniversary Summer!

Scattered throughout the area are beach balls, touch each one and you will get a free prize. Below are areas where you can find beach balls:

Art Exhibition Area – 5 balls are hidden here

Shopping Area – 5 balls are hidden here

Enkeli – 5 balls are hidden here

Seanchai Library Area – 2 balls are hidden here

Performances Area – 2 balls are hidden here

Landing Point – 1 ball is hidden here

Check Out 1313 Windlight Lane–Haunted House & Hunt!


We are pleased to announce the opening of 1313 Windlight Lane, which is a haunted house! This area is located at the end of Windlight Light Lane and has many scary areas. There is also a pumpkin hunt, where you can earn free prizes if you find all of the hidden pumpkins! Very special thank you to Emma Portilo for creating this haunted area. 1313 Windlight Lane is also a Second Life Destination:

1313 Windlight Lane

Who knows what you will find behind the gates and walls of 1313 Windlight Lane. Explore the haunted house and find 13 pumpkins that contain free hunt items and more!

Visit in Second Life