Windlight Magazine May 2016 Issue Is Now Available!

This issue features Rebeca Bashly. This issue also features, Peace is a Choice Gallery, cabaret dancer Kat Feldragonne and Meshopotomia’s owner Reven Rosca. The Windlight Magazine Contributors have many articles for you also! Veruca Tammas brings you another voyage, this time at the Embryo Sim; Ilyra Chardin features artwork inspired by sea ports, Kamille Kamala interviews writer Netera Landar, and The Edge Editor in Chief, Eleseren Brianna has tips on how to style in the age of mesh. The Edge Contributor, Stavaros Gracemount makes his Windlight debut with a great article on male fashion, and to round off our fashion articles in this issue, we bring you a great interview with the new Miss Virtual LatinoAmerica 2016. Very special thank you to Inara Pey for her cover photo! Click the cover below to view the issue:

Windlight Magazine - May 2016

An Ascension to the 10th Dimension at LEA29


Windlight Magazine’s Art Critic & Gallery Reviewer, Oema, reviews the new exhibition on LEA 29:

LEA29 is hosting a wonderful artistic installation about a fascinating and a little known theme, the passage to the tithe dimension.
I have had the pleasure to go through the various “doors of the awareness“, living this experience with the due lightness.
At the landing point of LEA29 there is a synthetic presentation of the same artistic installation.
Nothing is explained regarding the tenth dimension and even regarding thing to expect from this virtual experience.
The reason is evident: to leave to the observer the pleasure to dive to the 3d reality which looks both surreal that captivating.
It’s notable the ability of Tansee, the author, to create objects 3D and to animate them entirely in an unique way.

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Maddy, surreal photo and chromatic art

Oema reviews the art of Maddy (Magda Schmidtzau):


I know by chance Maddy (Magda Schmidtzau), she invites me on FB to an event related to the inauguration of her photographic show entertained by Diotima (Lilies Waves).
It says that the first impression is that one counts, I believe it’s true.
Just entranced, her photos strikes me since immediately.

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Bluesrocker and Eleseren Brianna at Living Room

Windlight Art Critic and Gallery Reviewer, Oema, reviews the latest exhibition at The Living Room:

BluesRocker Living Room 02.png

Magnificent. There are no other words to describe the photographic exhibition of BluesRocker and Eleseren Brianna hosted by Living Room.

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Windlight Magazine April 2016 Issue & The Edge Spring 2016 Lookbook Are Now Available!

Since it is April Fool’s Day, we are offering you a special treat: The April 2016 Issue of Windlight Magazine and the very first lookbook from The Edge!

The Windlight Magazine issue features real life and Second Life artist, Warm Clarity, who is also the co-owner of the fashion brand Ghee. We take an inside look at some of the wonderful exhibitions for Linden Endowment of the Arts (LEA) Round #10. Other features include articles on Ferosh owner Absinthe (sinontherocks Resident), ballooning in Second Life, poet Sangreal Amica, the Artbox sim, and on the new Ghee Girl 2016 winner. Very special thank you to the Windlight Contributors for this issue: Inara Pey, Ilyra Chardin, Veruca Tammas, Kamille Kamala, and Eleseren Brianna. I would like to especially also thank Warm Clarity for her awesome art work that graces our April cover! You can read both issues below by clicking on the covers:

Windlight Magazine April 2016 Issue:


The Edge Spring 2016 Look Book:

The Edge-Spring

Skip Staheli Closing Party at Living Room

Skip Staheli Living Room_03.pngWindlight Art Critic & Gallery Reviewer, Oema recaps her visit to Skip Staheli’s closing party at The Living Room:

And here I am again return to the Living Room to talk about a very interesting artist, Skip Staheli.

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Jammie Hill and Joslyn Benson Exhibition at Daphne Arts Gallery

Oema reviews the new Jammie Hill and Joslyn Benson Exhibition:


Very interesting artistic exposition of which I wish to speak is set in these days to “DaphneArts Gallery”, the Gallery founded by SheldonBr and Angelika Corral and which has the advantage of hosting artists who normally do not have other exposures in progress, but they are worthy to exhibit their works.

The artists exhibiting in the months of March-April are Jammie Hill and Joslyn Benson and the works are photographic character.

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Exploring Barry Richez’s Exhibition at LEA 6

Windlight Magazine Art Critic, Oema, explores Barry Richez’s new exhibit at LEA 6:


There are places in Second Life straight out of a comic book and set in a 3d environment.

This is especially true for the extraordinary performance staged by Barry Richez at LEA6 and I invite you to visit.

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Good Days Gallery with Hillany Scofield

Oema reviews The Good Days Gallery:

The Good Days Gallery_001.png

The “Good Days Gallery” is hosting a fine show of Hillany Scofield.

I went to visit it intrigued by the images shared on Facebook in order to promote it.

The art exhibition is both 2d and 3d, in fact the gallery is “inhabited” by various stylized statues depicting women’s bodies.

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Art in a Living Room

Oema reviews the Living Room:

Living Room 01.png

Artistic aspects in a virtual living room

Have you ever thought of an art exhibition in a virtual living room?

This was the winning choice of Lagrange Spaceport, group owner of The Living Room @ Lagrange Point Spaceport.

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“Shadows of Dream” at Nitroglobus Hall

Oema reviews the new exhibition at Nitroglobus Hall:

Nitroglobus Hall_05_001.png

The protagonists of the exhibition “Shadows of dream” hosted by Dido Petra Haas at Nitroglobus Hall are Angelika Corral and SheldonBr.

We’re going to know them better through a brief presentation of both.

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Meet the Windlight Contributors: Oema Resident!


Windlight would like to welcome Oema Resident in the role of art critic and gallery reviewer for Windlight Magazine! Oema, who is Italian, will also give us reports on Italian themed art events. You can learn more about Oema, by reading her official biography below:

“In real life I am a lawyer, so I deal every day with arguments very different from art.
Since I was very small I have learned to draw, thanks to the teachings of my mother, cultured and refined woman, lover of the art, of the history and of the philosophy.
The art, however, since 6 years has become an essential part of my life.

I learned to use Photoshop during a long period of physical discomfort, which forced me do not being able to move from home. During this forced seclusion, mind flew where the body was not able to get there … I had the need to vacate it, somehow. So I decided to work on the images learning to use Photoshop. Before I bought a book to learn more about this extraordinary graphics program and then another one in America about Digital Art with Photoshop. Art has always a cathartic effect on me. The sense that I attribute to art is a way to look at reality. A photo is a reproduction as faithful as possible to the real, art is the way I see the real through my eyes, or rather, through my heart. Art is, therefore, a very intimate way of expression, in sense that through it the observer undertakes a journey into my inner world. This trip can finish in two ways:
✔ Touch the strings of the soul of the observer;
✔ The observer doesn’t like it.

The art is so, is not universally beautiful, even when it pleases a large number of people, does not mean that everyone likes. Later I started to carry out the activities of Art Curator for two large communities: Mediterranean-Oc Community and East River. I have personally set up several exhibitions, made machinima video to present the artists.
I also opened a blog about art in Second Life (Drops of Art) and founded a large group about Art on Facebook in order to share and promote artistic events.