SL Etiquette 101 Poll: Does Politics Belong in Second Life?


Hi everyone! I am back with a piece on SL Etiquette 101! With the recent commentary about politics in Second Life from social media, to Linden Labs’ statement about the recent immigration changes by President Trump, politics is on everyone’s minds. My next SL Etiquette 101 article will address how to talk about politics in Second Life, but before I write this article, I would like some feedback. I am asking that Kultivate’s readers take the quick poll below. The poll will be up for about 5 days. Thanks to everyone who responds!



Google Photos vs. Flickr–Article & Poll

Lifehacker has a great blog post on the pros and cons of Google Photos and Flickr. Flickr is probably the most popular SL photo hosting site, with some SL based Flickr groups having members in the thousands and almost a million photos that are SL related!  Continue reading “Google Photos vs. Flickr–Article & Poll”