Anniversary Edition of The Edge is Available!

As The Edge turns 1 today, we have created a special edition for The Edge! In it you can read about some of The Edge Stylists and view many artistic images. Click on the cover below to read the issue:


The Edge Celebrates One Year Press Release!



NOVEMBER 8, 2016


DATES: NOVEMBER 11 TO 30, 2016



The fashion division of Kultivate Magazine, The Edge, is celebrating it’s one year anniversary from November 11 to 30, 2016. The anniversary events will feature fashion and artistic events in the spirit of The Edge. The Edge is managed by Kultivate COO, Eleseren Brianna.

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Saturday @ 3pm slt: The Edge Gallery’s October & November Exhibition Opening!


Join us this Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 3pm slt for the grand opening of The Edge Gallery’s October & November Exhibition Opening event! The Edge Gallery features artistic fashion imagery and is curated by Kultivate COO Eleseren Brianna. This event will feature live performer CeCi Dover and the following artists will have their work in the exhibition:

Prettyparkin Rexen

Mayumi Sugarplum

Leah McCullough

Illargi Dover

Nakari Tolsen

Beloved Ruby

Eria ziemia

Novaleigh Freng

Roxanne Fyanucci


The dresscode is dressy casual and we hope to see you there!


Saturday @ 2pm slt: The Edge Gallery’s August & September Exhibition Closing Event!

The Edge Gallery's August & September Exhibition Closing Event
Join us this Saturday at 2pm slt for the closing event of The Edge Gallery’s Aug & Sept Exhibition!

This event features live performer Loreen Legion and the following artists: Alex Avio, Alpha Auer, Blanche Foxclaw, Caesar Langer, Jamee Sandalwood, Kess Crystal, Lagoa REesident, Miaa Rebane, Paradox Messmer, and Tanya Green.

Dress code is dressy casual. sLURL:

The Edge Gallery’s August & September Exhibition Opening!

the edge august poster

On August 6, 2016 at 2pm slt, The Edge Gallery will open it’s new August & September Exhibition! The Edge Gallery showcases artistic fashion imagery and is curated by Kultivate COO, Eleseren Brianna. The exhibition will feature the following artists:

Alex Avion

Alpha Auer

Blanche Foxclaw

Caesar Langer

Falbala Fairey

Jamee Sandalwood

Kess Crystal

Lagoa Resident

Miaa Rebane

Paradox Messmer

Tanya Green

The exhibition opening will feature a special performance by live performer AleyKat and the dresscode is dressy casual!




August Issue of Kultivate Magazine is Now Available!

The August 2016 Issue of Kultivate Magazine is now available! This issue features Igor Ballyhoo, Pam Astonia, Sparkie Cyberstar, Brook Hill Gallery, Marcus Lefevre, Miss Virtual Diva 2016, Maven Homes, Maximalism, Ocean Photography, Autism Speaks, Wild Angels Rock Club, and The August 2016 Edge Stylists! Click the image below to access the issue:



30/31 Event August Round Shopping Guide!

30/31 logo

At 12 am slt, on July 31, the next round of 30/31 will begin! You can take a peek at some of the items below and see the list of participating merchants and artists!

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The Edge Gallery’s June & July Exhibition Closing Event!


Join us this Saturday, July 16, 2016 at 1pm slt for the closing event for the June and July Exhibition at The Edge Gallery! The event will feature live performer Tallyesin! his exhibition is curated by Windlight Magazine COO & The Edge Gallery Curator, Eleseren Brianna. The following artists are exhibiting:

Skip Staheli

Pam Astonia

Anderian Sugarplum

Blackliquid Tokyoska

Chloe Electra Resident

Goodcross Resident

Hillany Scofield

Ramsa Luv

Tiviyah Resident

WrenNoir Cerise


The Edge Artist Spotlight: Tiviyah Resident and Ramsa Luv

Today’s Edge Gallery spotlights are on Tiviyah REsident and Ramsa Luv:

Tivi Inglewood - Hide And Seek
Tiviyah Resident

Tivi Inglewood (Tiviyah Resident) has been taking photos since she had a decent enough graphics card to not crash trying to go above a “Low” setting. While her earlier pictures are quite cringe-worthy to her now, she’d like to think that with time and determination, she’s improved to the point that she’s been humbled by this Exhibition in The Edge Gallery, her first forray into photography as more than just “blog photos”. Her blog photos have always been more artistic than just basic style cards, and she is incredibly appreciative of what John, Eles, and Windlight have built here, to bring fashion imagery closer to the art side of the world, and to let us dip our toes in.

Briar Shape @ Skin Fair 2023


You Are Innocence By_ Ramsa Luv
Ramsa Luv

Hi all. I am Secondlife artist Ramsa Luv and i comes from RL Finland, I have done one time before Show with Windlight Magazine and Edge Stylist role. It was Windlight Spring Art Show 2016. I enjoy my Secondlife party, taking photos, relax music and real life i hobby music and movies.


Ziki Questi’s Blog: Edge Gallery May & June Exhibition

Now open at the Edge Gallery, which operates under the Windlight umbrella and is curated by Eleseren Brianna, is the May and June Exhibition, featuring works by photographers Anderian Sugarplum, Blackliquid Tokyoska (lowest image), Chloe Electra Resident, Goodcross (left side, image below), Hillany Scofield, Pam Astonia, Ramsa Luv, Skip Staheli (image above) and Tiviyah. Spread over three floors, the eclectic exhibit includes a wide range of styles and subject matter….

Source: Ziki Questi’s Blog: Edge Gallery May & June Exhibition

The Edge Gallery’s May & June Exhibition Opening Event!


The Edge Gallery May and June Exhibition Poster.png






DRESSCODE: Formaltheedgegallerynew

DESCRIPTION: Join us at The Edge Gallery’s May and June 2016 Exhibition opening event! The Edge Gallery’s focus is to show off artistic fashion and avatar imagery. This is also the grand reopening of The Edge Gallery. The event will feature live performer Loreen Legion. This exhibition is curated by Windlight Magazine COO & The Edge Gallery Curator, Eleseren Brianna. The following artists are exhibiting:

Skip Staheli

Pam Astonia

Anderian Sugarplum

Blackliquid Tokyoska

Chloe Electra Resident

Goodcross Resident

Hillany Scofield

Ramsa Luv

Tiviyah Resident

Windlight Magazine May 2016 Issue Preview!

On May 1, 2016, the May edition of Windlight Magazine will be published! This issue will feature artists Rebeca Bashly and Silas Merlin. This issue also features, Peace is a Choice Gallery, cabaret dancer Kat Feldragonne and Meshopotomia’s owner Reven Rosca. The Windlight Magazine Contributors have many articles for you also! Veruca Tammas brings you another voyage, this time at the Embryo Sim; Ilyra Chardin features artwork inspired by sea ports, Kamille Kamala interviews writer Netera Landar, and The Edge Editor in Chief, Eleseren Brianna has tips on how to style in the age of mesh. The Edge Contributor, Stavaros Gracemount makes his Windlight debut with a great article on male fashion, and to round off our fashion articles in this issue, we bring you a great interview with the new Miss Virtual LatinoAmerica 2016. Very special thank you to Inara Pey for her cover photo:


The Edge Spring 2016 LookBook Now Available on Kindle and Nook!

The Edge-SpringYou can view the very first Edge LookBook on Kindle and on your nook or on any ereader! You can download The Edge Lookbook at the links below (please note that due to pricing polices of both Kindle and Nook, we had to charge a small fee):




Windlight Magazine April 2016 Issue & The Edge Spring 2016 Lookbook Are Now Available!

Since it is April Fool’s Day, we are offering you a special treat: The April 2016 Issue of Windlight Magazine and the very first lookbook from The Edge!

The Windlight Magazine issue features real life and Second Life artist, Warm Clarity, who is also the co-owner of the fashion brand Ghee. We take an inside look at some of the wonderful exhibitions for Linden Endowment of the Arts (LEA) Round #10. Other features include articles on Ferosh owner Absinthe (sinontherocks Resident), ballooning in Second Life, poet Sangreal Amica, the Artbox sim, and on the new Ghee Girl 2016 winner. Very special thank you to the Windlight Contributors for this issue: Inara Pey, Ilyra Chardin, Veruca Tammas, Kamille Kamala, and Eleseren Brianna. I would like to especially also thank Warm Clarity for her awesome art work that graces our April cover! You can read both issues below by clicking on the covers:

Windlight Magazine April 2016 Issue:


The Edge Spring 2016 Look Book:

The Edge-Spring

The Edge Gallery Spotlight: Tempest Rosca


Today’s Edge Gallery spotlight is on Tempest Rosca! You can read about Tempest below:

I came to the amazing world that is SL in the summer of 2008 after being asked by SKY news whether I would provide feedback on using SL as a social news media resource and, like many, I caught the bug and haven’t left apart from a few months here and there !
I started modeling in SL during the winter of 2008 and enjoyed pushing the boundaries of my unique fashion style and I have made some fabulous friends whilst appreciating the amazing talent of creators out there who still, to this day, amaze me!

Whilst I’ve now taken a step back from front line fashion and much prefer working behind the scenes and mentoring, it’s still very much in my blood and that will never change – my richest and most reward experience has been working alongside my wonderful friends at FEROSH- who embrace and recognize the creative bond between Fashion and Photography .
Photography is a huge part of fashion industry in both lives – whether you are in front or behind of the camera and it was an easy transition to move into this world. I had no Photoshop skills at all so I asked friends who were kind enough to provide tuition and, of course, look towards YouTube and Deviant-art to dip in to the huge pool of tutorials out there. I still have so much to learn and the talent of other photographers out there just completely blows me away every single day. I am extremely humble when I am asked to take pictures of either individuals or for publications and sometimes think ‘They can’t mean me, surely!’

I want to take this opportunity to thank my family, friends and especially to The Edge and Windlight Magazine and Gallery, who have continued to support my passion for all things pictorial!!


The Edge Gallery Spotlight: Wicca Merlin

Headshot Wicca Merlin - January 2016.png

Today’s Edge Gallery Spotlight is on Wicca Merlin. Wicca is also the Select Windlight Artist and is a previous Windlight Artist in Residence. In addition to art and photography, Wicca is the owner of Wicca’s Wardrobe! You can read about Wicca below:

Wicca Merlin came to Second Life 2007 when a friend told her she could experience music from other countries as her home country of Germany did not afford her the same exposure to music from around the globe. Presently Wicca is a designer and has her own brand, Wicca’s Wardrobe. Wicca’s Wardrobe is a team of 4 people – Veovis, Redclaw and Wicca – who design and create together and Prisilla, who is the good soul and GM.
She is a well known, experienced and respected model and blogger who enjoys mentoring others. In her blogging and photography, she always strives to be different, bringing in her love of fantasy and Avant Garde, her photography always takes on a bit of an edge. Wicca was surprised that her photography would be considered art and was flattered to be invited to create an exhibit.

The Edge Gallery Artist Spotlight: Danity Mynx

Danity Mynx.png

Today’s Edge Gallery Artist Spotlight is on Danity Mynx:

Danity Mynx is inspired by fashion for most of her artistic work. Being a model has really helped to grown the hidden side of her artistic eye.

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The Edge Gallery Artist Spotlight: Miele Tarantal


The Edge Gallery formally opened it’s doors this month and features 6 artists. The gallery houses artistic fashion images and is curated by Eleseren Brianna. Today’s Edge Gallery spotlight is on Miele Tarantal:

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Grand Opening of The Edge Gallery-March 13, 2016!


The Edge Gallery will open its doors on March 13, 2016! A grand opening event will take place at 2pm slt and feature live performer Saintess Larnia!

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