Sunday @ 1pm slt – Windlight Art Gallery’s March Exhibition!

Join us at Windlight Art Gallery on Sunday, March 7, 2021 from 1pm to 2pm slt for the March exhibition opening at Windlight Art Gallery! The event will feature live performer Lyric Serendipity with a casual dress code! The following artists are exhibiting:

Doris Johnsky
Vita Theas
Reycharles Resident
Anders Franizzi
Moora McMillan

We hope to see you there! Slurl:

Sunday @ 1pm slt-Windlight Art Gallery’s January & February Exhibition Opening Event!


Join us this Sunday, at 1pm slt for the opening of Windlight Art Gallery’s January & February Exhibition Opening event! This event will feature live performer Melenda Mikael and the dress code is dressy casual. Below are the following artists who are exhibiting:

Bellissa Dion



Fafnir Kiranov

Jasmin Currier

JolieElle Parfort


Margo Hollak

Veruca Tammas

Sabine Mortenwold

Sheba Blitz

Sandi Benelli

Pam Astonia

Slatan Dryke

Bryndarkly Cazalet


Day #5 of the Summer Art Show!


Join us at the Summer Art Show today for another start to a week worth’s of events! Today’s  schedule:

12pm slt to 2pm slt – DJ Mia
6pm slt – Whymsee event with DJ Cordie

Plus art, shopping, and 25 FREE hunt prizes are all available 24/7!

For the complete event list: