Saturday @ 2pm slt-Naturescapes Exhibition Opening!




DATE: APRIL 18, 2020



Join us this Saturday, April 18, 2020 from 2pm to 3pm slt for the grand opening exhibition of Naturescapes & More by Johannes Huntsman at Kiku Art Gallery! This exhibition and gallery is curated by Suzanne Logan. Live performer Aislen Sings will be performing throughout the hour and the dresscode is casual.

The New App for Windows Is Here — News

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Tip: How to Reblog Self Hosted WordPress Site Articles & Pages and More!


I decided to write this post which is related more to blogging but also relates to the arts and/or photography, especially if you see an awesome art/photography article online that you would like to reblog on your hosted site.

I scour the net on a daily basis for interesting articles for Windlight Magazine’s website. It is quite easily to reblog content that is hosted on a blog, as these blogs have a simple reblog feature. Of course it is not easy to reblog content from self hosted blogs. I have found a few work around’s so that you can reblog content from just about anywhere on the web, without having to do much copying and pasting!

Reblogging Content from Blogs:

This is really easy as if you are a blogger or writer with a blog on, you simply can use the reblog tools. See this link for more information:

Reblogging Content From Self Hosted Blogs if you are a User:

This one is a little tricky but still easy. You simply use the press this feature. Press this be added to your internet browser and as long as you are logged into, you can “press” an article onto your chosen blog, even self hosted blogs. This link has more information about press this:

Reblogging Content from other blogging platforms and on the web if you are a User:

Press This also works on any type of blogging platform or website on the web. See the instructions above and this link again:

If you have a self hosted blog and you would like to make your blog “reblog” friendly for your readers, what should you do?

The answer to this question is simple. First install Jetpack. Jetpack gives you like features. It does not include a reblog button because the reblog button is native to You can get info on Jetpack here: You can also install the following sharing plugin that allows your articles to be shared almost on any type of social media or blogging platform: ShareThis. ShareThis will create a social bar that will allow your readers to easily share your content on any website, wordpress blog, drupal, joomla, blogger, typad, tumblr, via a newsletter, or on mobile devices. You can customize the plugin by visiting the official ShareThis website:

Keep in mind when sharing content, most of these plugins will include the actual link and name of the site you are sharing. Always quote the source that you are sharing, give the original blogger or article writer credits for their work. This is just common sense and the right thing to do. In most cases ask if it is ok to reblog their content or share it on your site.