Artist Opportunities

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Kultivate is proud to offer five exhibiting opportunities for artists in Second Life! These opportunities are at our various galleries:

Windlight Art Gallery’s Artist Fellowship Program:  The Artist Fellowship program will provide free gallery space to both new and established artists for a period of 30 days. Click the link below to apply for this exciting opportunityight Artists Fellows:  – Click here for the application and guidelines

The Edge Gallery of Fashion Imagery:  The purpose of The Edge Gallery is to promote fashion and styling imagery. The curator of the gallery is Eleseren Brianna. –  Click here for the application and guidelines

The Bailywick Gallery: The Bailywick Gallery  is a gallery that features black and white imagery. Accepted artists will get FREE gallery space for 2 months. – Click here for the application and guidelines.

The Red Gallery:  The Red Gallery is a new gallery and raises funds in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life. The curators of the gallery are Eleseren Brianna and Johannes1977. Resident.  Click here for the application and guidelines

Kultivate Select Gallery:  The Kultivate Select Gallery will have a different theme for each exhibition. Selected artists are expected to follow the theme when producing work. Each exhibit will last for 2 months. Only artists who have exhibited at any of the galleries above are allowed to exhibit at Kultivate Select. The curator of this gallery is Johannes1977 Resident. Click here for the application and guidelines