Tilia – a further look and a little more speculation

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Logos © and ™ Linden Lab and Tilia Inc.

Note: this article is about Tilia Inc., as a business. It is not about the Tilia and how USD dollar balances and cashing-out from Second Life will be handled. If you wish to comment on those subject please refer to:  Linden Lab announce important Second Life account changes and comment there. Thank you.

On Monday, July 1st, Linden Lab announced important upcoming changes related to Second life accounts and credit processing, which linked to their subsidiary company, Tilia Inc. Full details of these changes can be found in the Lab’s official blog post: Important Changes to your Second Life Account – Introducing Tilia, which I also covered in my own post, Linden Lab announce important Second Life account changes, which includes additional links to the Lab’s comments posted in reply to questions on the forums.

But what exactly is…

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Wednesday July 3rd Field Trips!

The Dirty Blog of The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community

Happy Wednesday everyone! Due to the US holiday The Dirty Grind will be closed, but as you can see your daily dose of great live music is still on the plate!


9 am Field Trip: Lexie Luan at Cafè Musique!


10 am Field Trip: The Vinnie Show at The Night Owl!


1 pm Field Trip: Zorch Boomhauer at Lavender Field!


7 pm Field Trip: Twostep Spiritweaver & Bearsheart at The Old Train Station!


8 pm Field Trip: Jamba LosAngeles at The Beat Scene!


And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 at Radio Grind! http://cp6.digistream.info:20354/

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An artistic Masquerade in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

DiXmiX Gallery: Masquerade – Lou Shadow and Calypso Applewhyte

Masquerade is the title of an ensemble exhibition at DiXmiX Gallery that opened on June 20th, 2019. It features images by 34 Second Life photographers that have been selected by Dixmix Source, the gallery’s curator, along the theme of masks (which also encompasses the likes of helmets face masks, gas masks, make-up as a mask, as well as the more traditional masquerade mask suggested by the title.

Occupying all three halls of the gallery, the exhibition comprises a one or two pieces from each of the selected artist; they in turn comprise: Algezares Magic, Aniki Seetan, ByrneDarkly Cazalet, Calypso Applewhyte, Catherine Nikolaidis, Edie Horngold, Ember Adored, Gaus, Génesis Rodriguez, Guen Gothly, Izabela Navarathna, Jaggy, Kimmy Littleboots, Kimmy Ridley, Krizze Sparrowhawk, Laura Mrs S, Lou Shadow, Maloe Vansant, Megan Prumier, Mila Maesar, Ornella Batriani, Pam, Purple Leonis, Ryleigh Theas, Shocoon, Sinon…

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Kultivate AIR Gallery – July 2019

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Kultivate AIR Gallery: Angyel Resident

It was back to Kultivate’s in-world base of operations for me once more at the start of July 2019, following the opening of the newly-named Kultivate AIR Gallery (formerly the Windlight Gallery).

Standing for Artist In Residence, the gallery brings together Angyel Resident, Anouk Lefavre, CalystiaMoonshadow, DreamMakerXDreamBreaker Resident, GlitterPrincess Destiny, Jamee Sandalwood, JolieElle Parfort, Kody Meyers, Maaddi Benazzi, Marcel Mosswood, Myra Wildmist, Pam Astonia, Sevant Anatra and Wintergeist in a broad-ranging art display occupying one wing of the galley’s lower floor.

Mixing Second Life landscapes with physical world art, monochrome with colour, paintings with drawings, abstracted pieces with experimentalist – and with just a hint of avatar-focused studies in the form of Pam Astonia’s eye-catching Profile portraits, this is a richly engaging exhibition that demonstrates the full roundness of Second Life as a medium for displaying art.

Kultivate AIR Gallery: Anouk Lefavre


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show #223: tad williams is in the [other?] house

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley]

223 baboon.png show #223

and it is a wrap: drax devoured the “memory, sorrow & thorn” trilogy in record time & brushed up on “otherland” to prep for bestselling scifi/fantasy author tad williams‘ appearance in sansar.

what an event: tad for the first time in vr, hosted by linden lab at their sf hq. 2 avatars, one “handmade” by vassay [based on rl photos of tad’s head shot by bagnaria] with a shirt by solas & a commissioned baboon in a suit [crafted by silas merlin] who turned out to be a mandril after all.

enjoy a conversation about early early vr, interactive tv, libertarianism [well tad says the word & i put it in here just for opportunistic seo purposes] & why epic means epic and why fantasy does not have to be garbage escapism:

and now read/watch on for more context below:

  • the original…

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Grand Opening of Kultivate AIR Gallery!


Join us today, Sunday, June 30, 2019 @ 1pm slt for the grand opening of the Kultivate AIR (Artists in Residence) Gallery! This gallery will feature the following artists:

angyel Resident
Anouk Lefavre
DreamMakerXDreamBreaker Resident
GlitterPrincess Destiny
Jamee Sandalwood
JolieElle Parfort
Kody Meyers
Marcel Mosswood
Myra Wildmist
Pam Astonia
Sevant Anatra

Live performer Parker Static will provide the entertainment and the dress code is casual: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/57/118/26

JulyFest 2019 starts 6th July from 12pm to 6pm SLT on new Bellisseria Fairgrounds

Daniel Voyager

Welcome to the new Bellisseria Fairgrounds

JulyFest 2019 will be happening at the new beautiful new Bellisseria Fairgrounds on Saturday 6th July 2019 from 12pm to 6pm SLT. This will be the first big community event that will include live music, DJ’s and booths for the community. This is a great opportunity to hang out with the Bellisseria community and join Bellisseria interest groups.

This will be a fun-filled day of community celebrations brought to you by the Bellisseria Citizens group. A full calendar of events can be found here.

The Bellisseria Fairgrounds can be reached by aircraft, boat or a direct teleport in. It’s a lovely area with Linden homes all around. Don’t forget to take a snapshot of the massive Magellan statue.

Rez area and airstrip

Boat rez area and dock


Please spread the word about this new event 🙂

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Musicians, Entertainers, Designers, Blogger Registration opens

Rock Your Rack

Here are the links for all of the different registrations that are open for the 2019 Rock Your Rack! All of these will close on July 31st – so be sure to get your spot reserved!

Live Musicians, Tribute Concerts and other entertainment:

Musician Page

DJ’s for our DJ Dance Parties:

DJ Page

Designers/Content Creators:

Designer Page


Blogger Page

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Not always here and never all there

the runes of the gatekeeper's daughter

muchroom2 an encounter in the rain

I wonder if I’m missed!!

I’ve really fallen by the wayside in blogging. I admit to using Flickr on and off as it has been a lot easier to post and poof. Here I must be more thoughtful and with my previous bout with depression(SAD etc) and then a painful sciatica in my left hip ( subsiding), it has been much harder to collect my thoughts into something non-neurotic and cohesive. I’ve had to try to stop looking at random events as harbingers of doom or checking to see if there are escape routes out of the city should the need arise. I hope all of you are well and safe.

apocalypse apocalypse

but!! I’m now on the mountainside and barring any earthquakes that might bring the mighty giants crashing like the sword of Damocles onto our roof, life is good. After listening to the trees…

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SL16B Among the Moles of Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Courtesy of Linden Lab

On Friday, June 28th, 2019 at the SL16B celebrations, the last of five Meet the Lindens sessions took place at the SL16B Auditorium. This was a special session, featuring as it did members of the Linden Department of Public Works – aka, the Moles.

A veritable host of Moles surfaced for the session, along with Patch Linden, comprising Abnor Mole, Naughty Mole, Squeaky Mole, Missy Mole and Alotta Mole, all of who can be heard in the video. They were joined by Glowing Mole, Quartz Mole, Spiffy Mole, Lost Mole, Squishy Mole, Glamorous Mole, Ancient Mole, Garden Mole, Paranor Mole, Shimmy Mole and Magic Mole.

Meet the Moles: front row (l-to-r): Abnor Mole, Naughty Mole, Saffia Widdershins, Patch Linden, Squeaky Mole, Missy Mole and Alotta Mole, all of who can be heard in the video. Behind them (l-to-r) are: Glowing Mole, Quartz Mole, Spiffy Mole, Lost…

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North Brother Island

Million Happy Endings

“The last unknown place in New York City.” This is the subtitle of the book about North Brother Island by Christopher Payne, and also in the land description of the brilliant, virtual North Brother Island which just opened yesterday, June 29.

The sim is the latest in a series by Serene Footman and Jade Kotai based on real life locations. I have enjoyed all the virtual places they’ve created, and don’t want to take them for granted because there really is nothing else quite like these sims that I know of.

In one of the ruined buildings there’s a projector showing slides on the wall of the historical island. For more information on this project and the history of North Brother Island, please refer to the Furillen blog.

When I arrived on the island, the first thing I noticed was the lush nature sounds, especially those of birdsong. The…

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Simploring 2019 (74) Summer Edge

Diomita and Jenny Maurer's Blog

Following Inara Pey’s blog post “A Summer Edge in Second Life” I visited Summer Edge Thursday, June 20th.

Summer Edge is a moderate homestead, owned and designed by Funky Banana (funkybananas), who also created Wild Edge, a sim which I visited in December 2018 (Simploring 2018 (110) Wild Edge). The landmark description is short but to the point: “A remote island with no inhabitants, perfect for an escape from everyday life. Beaches, cliffs and fields”

Summer Edge – bird’s eye view

The landing point on Summer Edge is at the end of a wooden pier from where you can either access the nearby beach or walk up to the green high plateau of the island. On the high plateau are some paths and at the cliffs you’ll find several wooden deckings form which you have a nice view over the sea.

Summer Edge bird’s eye views…

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Jeeves with ice and a little poetry

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Seanchai Library

It’s time to highlight another week of storytelling in Voice by the staff and volunteers at the Seanchai Library. As always, all times SLT, and events are held at the Library’s home at Holly Kai Park, unless otherwise indicated.

Sunday, June 30th 13:00: Tea Time with Jeeves

A new series just for summer, featuring Reginald Jeeves, a well-educated, intelligent valets of indeterminate age who is employed by the amiable young man-about-town, Bertie Wooster, whom Jeeves routinely has to benignly rescue from the consequences of his idiocy.

Created by author, humorist, and lyricist (working with Guy Bolton and Jerome Kern) Pelham Grenville Wodehouse (October 1881 – February 1975), Jeeves and Wooster are perhaps his most iconic characters, although they didn’t arrive until he was into his “second” period as a writer, which commenced in 1915 (the first having ended in 1908). They appeared as Wodehouse turned his hand…

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There’s still time to check the exhibitions at SL16B (and enjoy some pictures)

Second Sighting

Shui Mo Chinese Brush Art, art installation by Fiona Fei. Taken at SL16B Ricco interacting at Shui Mo Chinese Brush Art, art installation by Fiona Fei

One of the most interesting aspects of the Second Life birthday celebrations has been the community exhibitions, and checking the ones prepared for SL16B may become a fun time for visitors at the event. It’s particularly important, I’d say, because it reminds us of how the use of SL can be a creative one. After all, the extent of SL’s user-based creativity is what has brought many of us to the platform, and it’s what keeps Second Life attractive and alive in many ways.

Ricco flying at Shui Mo Chinese Brush Art, art installation by Fiona Fei. Taken at SL16B Ricco flying at Shui Mo Chinese Brush Art, art installation by Fiona Fei

Ricco sitting on a table at Home Sweet Home, art installation by Cica Ghost Ricco sitting on a table at Home Sweet Home, art installation by Cica Ghost

My intent here is not to review the exhibitions, there are many of them to explore and it would be unfair to select just a few…

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Sunday June 30th Live at The Dirty Grind!

The Dirty Blog of The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community

Happy Sunday everyone! Two awesome in-house shows await you at The Dirty Grind, come join us! Enjoy the field trips as well and please don’t forget to show these talented artists your appreciation ❤



5pm Effinjay

Frogg is a vocal jazz minor at college, while Jay studied piano for 14 years; together , as singer/songwriters, they have produced a comprehensive range of heartfelt and memorable melodies and poetically lyrical songs.

6pm Zorch Boomhauer

Diversity, intensity, reverence and heresy, with a breath drawn long sometimes stretched tense as silvered steel over wood and bone, with the power of his evocative and thought provoking lyrics- that’s Zorch Boomhauer. His music has a sometimes painful directness and honesty rarely found even in earthy folk, and his tales tell themselves as elegantly in melody as in his sometimes brutal words.


Field Trips!

8 am Field Trip: Zorch Boomhauer at Streaming Falls!



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SL16B Meet Xiola and Strawberry Linden

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Courtesy of Linden Lab

On Thursday, June 26th, 2019 at the SL16B celebrations, the fourth of five Meet the Lindens sessions was held at the SL16B Auditorium. It featured Xiola Linden, Lead Community Manager and Strawberry Linden, Marketing Content Specialist.

The SL4Live TV video of the event is embedded below, with a couple of brief biographies on Xiola and Strawberry, based on comments they made during the session and in Xiola’s case, at past events.

An alternative video has also been recorded by  Pantera Północy.

About Xiola and Strawberry

Xiola Linden

Xiola is the Lead Community Manager at Linden Lab. she originally came to Second Life in 2006, and joined the Lab in 2011. Her role is broad-ranging, including elements of customer support,  through blogging and social media output for the Lab, to organising events such as the in-world get-togethers. For a period of time she was also responsible for…

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Friday June 28th Field Trips!

The Dirty Blog of The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community

Happy Friday everyone! Today is positively stuffed full of awesome live shows to check out – grab the list and go exploring as you enjoy the music 😀


1 pm Field Trip: Winston Ackland at Isle of Miracles!


2 pm Field Trip: Twostep Spiritweaver at Blarney Stone!


3 pm Field Trip: Zorch Boomhauer at Blarney Stone!


5 pm Field Trips: Senjata Witt, Dhrua

Senjata Witt at Surfside!


Dhrua at Hotel Chelsea!


6 pm Field Trips: Winston Ackland, Jamba LosAngeles

Winston Ackland at Blue Cornflower!


Jamba LosAngeles at Hotel Chelsea!


8 pm Field Trip: Effinjay at Boom Pony!


10 pm Field Trip: Lexie Luan at Mason Jar!


And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 at Radio Grind! http://cp6.digistream.info:20354/

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Change Your Clouds in Second Life -Tips and Tricks-

Magick Thoughts SL ❤ Le meilleur de Second Life

It’s so fun to change windlights in Second Life. I make my own because I am never happy. I notice in the edit window you can control the movement and color of the clouds too. Thats exciting.

Did you know that you can change the style of your clouds inside the Firestorm viewer? Maybe you can inside the SL viewer too I don’t know. But I am talking about the Firestorm viewer today. What you do is go to Preferences and follow this image….

Preferences>Firestrorm>Windlight>Cloud Texture

When you change the cloud texture you will need to restart the viewer to see the change to each different cloud texture. They are all different and in my opinion the Cumulo-Nimbus is my favorite. It looks the most real.

Please click these images to see them larger!

Cloud Texture Cumulo-Nimbus.tga

Cloud Texture Default.tga

Cloud Texture Alto-Cumulus.tga

Cloud Texture Layered.tga

So you can see…

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Meet the Moles at SL16B!

Prim Perfect

The Moles of the Linden Department of Public Works come in an impressive variety of sizes and shapes – and today you’ll have a chance to meet some of them as they appear in a special Meet the Moles event in the Auditorium at SL16B at 2pm SLT today.

This year, the industrious Moles of the Linden Department for Public Works have been incredibly busy! Not only have they built and organised much of the infrastructure of the Birthday, but they have also created the hugely popular new Linden Homes. Abnor and Naughty Mole will be joining Saffia on stage (and we’ll probably meet a few more Moles as well) who’ll be talking about their work and their role in the world of Second Life. Patch Linden will also be joining us on stage.

Meet the Moles! Meet the Moles!

So who (and what) are the Moles? They’re independent contractors who work on…

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