BURN2: Burnal Equinox 2017

Time for Burn 2’s Burnal Equinox. Inara has more info

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

BURN2 Burnal Equinox – poster via BURN2

Friday, April 28th marked the opening of the 2017 BURN2 Burnal Exquinox event, which will run through until Sunday, April 30th.

The theme for this year’s event is Scared and Profane, with the press release for the event reading in part:

What does this mean? The sacred–profane dichotomy is an idea posited by French sociologist Émile Durkheim, who considered it to be the central characteristic of religion, “Religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, that is to say, things set apart and forbidden.”

In Durkheim’s theory, the sacred represented the interests of the group, especially unity, which were embodied in sacred group symbols, or totems. The profane, on the other hand, involved mundane individual concerns. Durkheim explicitly stated that the sacred/profane dichotomy was not equivalent to good/evil. The sacred could be good or evil, and the…

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Facebook lets content owners claim ad earnings of pirated videos | TechCrunch

Facebook finally has a better solution to freebooting — the common practice of stealing someone your video and uploading it to their Facebook Page to reap the engagement and audience growth. Today’s update to the Facebook Rights Manager tool that launched last year includes the new option to “claim ad earnings” on other people’s uploads of a video you own. This way if an infringing video includes a new mid-roll ad break Facebook is testing, the revenue will be sent to the content’s owner instead of the uploader who stole it.

And now instead of manually reviewing all pirated content instances, rights owners can set automated rules for whether infringing uploads should instantly be blocked, allowed but the viewing metrics shown to the owner, allowed with the owner claiming the ad earnings, or sent to manual review.

The “claim ad earnings” option puts Facebook Rights Manager closer to feature parity with the industry standard, YouTube’s Content ID. When Facebook launched Rights Manager last year, TechCrunch noted this feature was the one big thing it was lacking….

Source: Facebook lets content owners claim ad earnings of pirated videos | TechCrunch

Enchanted Art in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Enchanted Art, operated by Oema Resdient and Magda Schmitzau, is based on Oema’s homestead region, Astralia, which I last blogged about in August 2016. The idea is to present artists with the opportunity to display a selection of their work on a monthly basis, with those who apply and are accepted being promoted through the Enchanted Art web pages on Oema’s blog and through the usual in-world channels for art.

The current exhibition features Bamboo Barnes,  Jarla Capalini, Clary Congrejo, Paola Mills, Antarctica Slade, Toysoldier Thor, Lissa, Terrygold, with Oema and Madga rounding-out the numbers. Each artist is provided with space to display two 2D pieces of art, with Toy also supplying one of his 3D masterpieces.

Enchanted ArtThe region offers a marvellously enchanted aspect for exhibitions, being decorated using Elicio Ember’s wonderful plants and  creations, which have been brought together under a suitably atmospheric windlight to  present an ethereal, otherworldy setting visitors are encouraged to explore. Within this, there are two areas in which art is displayed: an open-air setting and a separate gallery building.The landing point delivers visitors at the foot of the outdoor exhibition area, caught in the light of a setting sun, which is periodically eclipsed by the presence of another body in the sky – one big enough to suggest is it a planet, and the gallery and its surrounds are perhaps on a moon of that world. This outdoor space makes for a pleasant walk, platforms for the artists to either side of the path, each clearly labelled and with a Flickr link to the artist’s photo stream. The offer of biographical notes would have been appreciated, but this is a minor point…

Source: Enchanted Art in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Snapchat will no longer show a white border around old Memories | TechCrunch

Snapchat will no longer show that annoying white border around old photos that you share from Memories.Previously, if you shared a photo from Memories that was more than 24 hours old it would have a white border around the image.While Snapchat’s goal was to remind viewers that this older content wasn’t truly ephemeral, the ugly border ended up annoying users who didn’t want their snaps altered, sometimes to the point where they would decide not to share the old content at all.

Disincentivizing users from sharing content is a problem for any social platform, and especially one for Snapchat which is now trying to keep up with the rapid growth of Instagram Stories.So this change should help increase the amount of old Memories that users decide to send to friends and post to their story, since they no longer have to worry about it looking ugly or uncool. While shared Memories will still have a small note at the top saying how old the image is, it’s much less intrusive than the border.

Notably, this doesn’t change how Snapchat handles photos shared from the camera roll.LEFT: How photos shared from the camera roll appear. RIGHT: How old Memories will now appear.T

he app will still treat Memories (images captured then saved from within Snapchat’s app) differently from camera roll images (images taken on a phone’s native camera app). So any image uploaded from the camera roll will still have a white border around the image.

So Snapchat users can only share old content without a border if they originally capture this content in Snapchat’s app.The change is essentially forcing users to choose which they value more — the ability to share old borderless images in Snapchat and have a good-looking story, or the ability to use their iPhone’s native camera app (which can capture higher-quality photos and videos with more features because it’s not relying on a public API).

It’s also another signal that Snap truly does see itself as a camera company, and wants to be the default app people open when they go to capture a photo or video.This differs from Instagram’s approach to old photos in Stories: The app lets you post any photo less than 24 hours old to your story without any ugly border or notation, regardless of where it was captured. This move has been well-received by users as it’s essentially the best of both worlds — you can use a native camera app while still sharing old content. And the 24-hour limit doesn’t really matter on Instagram Stories, because if you like an old image that much you’ll probably just post it as a regular old Instagram.

Source: Snapchat will no longer show a white border around old Memories | TechCrunch

Memories from underground

Hello She Avi!

L’inaugurazione nel Metaverso della mostra “Memorie dal sottosuolo” di Stefano Mingione è avvenuta il 29 marzo

“È un’opera di dimensioni uniche al mondo quella che Stefano Mingione presenta in anteprima nel mondo virtuale. Il disegno realizzato a penna è lungo 250 metri per 2.80 di altezza e nel mondo reale è “work in progress”.
Il bozzetto è esposto in un’installazione che ne riproduce le dimensioni in rapporto all’uomo (rappresentato dall’avatar) ed è percorribile in tutta la sua estensione.
La narrazione riguarda le origini dell’uomo, alcuni tratti del suo percorso e della sua storia, fino alla sua estinzione.

Questa prova d’artista dentro al virtual world ha anche lo scopo di trovare, attraverso un machinima, il finanziamento per proseguire la realizzazione dell’opera reale.
Mingione é un artista a tutto tondo: scultore di straordinaria bravura e pittore, non c’è alcuna tecnica di modellazione, disegno o pittura che egli non sappia utilizzare per esprimere…

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Kultivate Magazine May 2017 Issue Preview!

On May 1, 2017, the next edition of Kultivate Magazine will be published. This issue will feature artist, fashion model, and the Best in Show winner at the Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show, Sabine Mortenwold. Artist Kody Meyers is also featured, along with The Key’s Live Music Venue owner Liz Harley. Contributor Veruca Tammas discusses copyright and creative commons, Inara Pey has two features on the Butterfly Conservatory and the current state of VR, the Edge Stylists present their May 2017 stylings, and Edge Stylist Tiszo Cioc presents a unique photo essay. You can preview the cover below:

Kultivate Magazine - May Cover

Kultivate Images of the Day: 4/17/17 to 4/25/17

Below are our images of the day for 4/17/17 to 4/25/17:

Spring Breathes New Life Into The World
Image by Pretty Parkin
Image by Holly Portland
Orchid - Maison de l'amitie_012
Image by Jeff Goodnight
Field of dreams
Image by Sven
the morning fog
Image by Flubs
WHOLE WHEAT Landscaping & Creation
Image by Ornella Batriani
Image by Jinx Jinx
Colors of my World
Image by Sandi Benelli
Where do you belong?
Image by Billie Llewellyn

Post your images in our Flickr group to have them considered for our images of the day.

Raglan Shire ARTWALK 2017

RAGLAN SHIRE ARTWALK 2017May 14 – June 18, 2017 – Raglan Shire Sim Cluster in Second Life Residents of Second Life may show their artwork during this time.  Reproductions of RL artwork (painting, drawing, digital fine art, printmaking that can be imported and put on a prim) are encouraged, along with SL photography, manipulated photography and sculpture.

(Full information – click Deadlines, Info, Requirements link below.) Each year we have had over 100 artist participants exhibiting in spaces over several sims. This year, the 12th ArtWalk, we hope for a good turnout and will include space in the newly renovated Raglan Shire, in Heron Shire forest, and in other sims in the cluster if needed. The 2D artwork will be displayed along hedgerows around Raglan Shire, and sculpture in designated areas of the forest on Heron Shire.Deadlines, Info, Requirements:

All the info you need (please read and print) >> Registering for ArtWalk 2017 implies that you have read and agree to this information.

Click Here to Register for ArtWalk 2017!

Visit ArtWalk May 14 – June 18, 2017, in Raglan Shire, Second Life.

Questions?  Contact in world:      Karmagirl Avro, ArtWalk Director

You can also ask questions in Friends of Raglan Shire group.

RAGLAN EVENTS (ARTWALK) 2017 CALENDAR – Look at May-June for dates

Source: Raglan Shire ARTWALK

Lab seeks musicians and merchants for birthday festivities | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

While the traditional Second Life Birthday celebrations are now pretty much coordinated and run by the community – hence the title Second Life Birthday Community Celebrations, the Lab has a track record of sharing in the celebratory mood around the time of SL’s anniversary through various promotions, gifts, and so on, often as an overall part of the community celebrations.In 2015, for example, the Lab held the first Anniversary Music Festival, which they then repeated in 2016 – and which is now set to take place as a part of the 14th Birthday celebrations as well, alongside of an in-world shopping event.

Xiola Linden once again brought forth the news in an official blog post, in which she once again invites musicians across Second Life to sign-up for auditions to be a part of the 2017 Music Festival showcase. All genres are welcome to apply, from bands to solo acts, electronic to acoustic – and the event itself, for those invited to participate, will be a 30-minute paid gig (subject to the Lab’s terms and conditions) at the SL14B Community Celebrations.

Those interested in applying should complete the submission form no later than May 22nd, 2017 – signs-ups will close at 00:01 SLT on May 23rd, 2017. All applications will be reviewed, and a selection of acts will be invited to attend in-world audition sessions. At the auditions, they will have a maximum of five minutes to perform before a panel of judges made up of Lab staff and Second Life residents, who will select acts to perform at the actual SL14B Music Fest. In addition, Second Life residents who wish to, can attend the audition sessions as members of the audience…..

Source: Lab seeks musicians and merchants for birthday festivities | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

How to use OBS Studio to Record or Live Stream Second Life – StrawberrySingh.com

How to use OBS Studio to Record or Live Stream Second LifeFiled under  TECHNOLOGY, TUTORIALS, VIDEOS5I continue to get numerous questions about this so I thought I would do a detailed tutorial with a video so you guys can also get into Second Life vlogging and live streaming.Watch my video on YouTube for all the information: https://youtu.be/NLciu-Dt7Q4

Source: How to use OBS Studio to Record or Live Stream Second Life – StrawberrySingh.com

La Maison d’ Aneli; Virtual Holland; April

Million Happy Endings

Five artists are showing work at La Maison d’ Aneli in an exhibit that opened about two weeks ago in Virtual Holland.  Shown above are pieces by Lelvett Amat on the ground floor.

The landing is on the second floor.

Art by LeMelonRouge.

Sculptures by Silas Merlin, in a cave on the ground floor.

Mistero Hifeng.

DameKlaudia Demonia

The exhibits are up for a month. When I returned to the gallery to check spelling for this post I had the pleasure of meeting Aneli Abeyante, gallery curator.  In charming English she told me:

“Through my gallery I’m trying to expose all forms of creative rl or sl. The world can not progress without the creation, but he must discover a wide audience. I put my gallery in the service of artists, so that the world can be better, exchanges and meetings probably contribute even though it seems to be particles…

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show #146: social vr – facebook style

Check out another Drax Files Radio Show Hour!

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley]

show #146.jpg show #146

facebook has done it – with the help of many former lindens including jim purbick aka babbage linden to name just one random genius visionary sl resident – facebook aka the 500 pound gorilla has entered the social vr space.

we discuss the implications with a panel of longtime second life enthusiasts:

  • reading stuff and stuff to look at:

drax calls jo - the future of vr! drax calls jo – the future of vr!

our guests:

  • cubey terra

rai djs in second life.png

judas in facebook spaces.jpg judas somewhere in facebook vr

  • facebook social vr – trailer:
  • and the engadget article that mentions second life as…

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Adobe Adds New Essential Graphics Workflow to After Effects and Premiere – Studio Daily

Now, Motion Graphics Artists Can Set Up Templates with Elements That Can Be Easily Modified by Premiere Editors

Adobe updated its Creative Suite applications today with a workflow built around the new Essential Graphics panel in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

In After Effects, the Essential Graphics panel allows users to put the most important elements of a composition in one place, where they will be easier to update. Using a new Motion Graphics Template feature, the AE user can hand that composition off to a Premiere editor (via exporting it as a file or saving it to a shared Creative Cloud library), after specifying adjustment properties that should be available in Premiere such as text, color and opacity. That allows the editor to easily make adjustments to the composition without sending it back to AE for revisions.After Effects CC Essential Graphics panel

After opening the Essential Graphics panel in Premiere, the editor can easily change the color or background image used in a template, or can use controls to increment episode numbers, change graphics styles, or adjust the screen position and scale of elements. To help users get up to speed, 70 sample motion graphics templates will be installed with the new version of Creative Suite, Adobe Director of Video Product Management Bill Roberts said.The goal is to make it easier for Premiere users who have never dabbled in After Effects to adjust AE-style compositions without learning a whole new program. In order for the workflow to function, After Effects must be installed on the editor’s computer, but does not have to be licensed. “Premiere users without After Effects will be just fine using this,” said Adobe Senior Product Manager for Video Editing Patrick Palmer during a press briefing introducing the new workflow…..

Source: Adobe Adds New Essential Graphics Workflow to After Effects and Premiere – Studio Daily

Elysion in Second Life

Wandering in the Underworld

Elysion 4-17_014

One of my favorite sims to visit in Second Life is Elysion. This gorgeous Adult-rated sim is owned, managed and seasonally redecorated by Syn Baresford, who has a beautifully artistic attention to detail and romantic atmosphere. Note that Romantic doesn’t always mean bright flowers and sunny meadows. It can also be a little dark and melancholy, as the current theme seems to demonstrate. As I walked though her latest remodel, I at first noticed that many of the old venues have a more decayed look, as of the passage of years. There are spring flowers blooming, fireflies and bees buzzing about though, so it has the air of renewal after a period of great change and loss. I was also reminded of The Shannara Chronicles TV series, in which a post-apocalyptic world is infused with fantasy elements such as elves, dwarves and magic.

Elysion 4-17_009

The lighthouse is probably the most iconic feature at Elysion, so I had to…

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Sunday @ 1pm slt-Bailywick Gallery April to June Exhibition Opening!

Copy of Art Exhibit

Join us this Sunday, from 1pm to 2pm slt for the grand opening of the April to June Exhibition at Bailywick Gallery. The Bailywick Gallery houses black and white images and the following four talented artists are exhibiting:

Anouk Lefavre
Hana Hoobinoo
Wintergeist Resident
Tisephone Resident

The event is formal and will feature live performer Winston Auckland. Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bailywick/121/93/21

The Enginehouse, Pavonia

Million Happy Endings

High on a hillside on the Atoll stands an old enginehouse close to the sim border between Sabre and Pavonia.  The Route 6 Rez Zone in Sabre is here for vehicle rezzing.

I don’t recall seeing vehicles on the High Mountain Road; I like it for riding on horseback or walking. It is reasonably easy-going until a covered wall which has some holes I’ve needed to teleport out of.

Near the Enginehouse is a rusted, old vehicle which with the magic of pixels continues to produce steam.

A peek inside the Enginehouse.

There are a couple of privately owned cabins in the immediate area which appear welcoming to travelers.

On the other side of the Enginehouse is Pavonia station where you won’t have to wait too long for a train.

Or you can sit for a while if that is enjoyable in your Second Life.

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Apple releases a bit of code to let you put Live Photos on your sites | TechCrunch

Apple’s Live Photos are fun — they’ve definitely captured a few unexpected magical moments for me that standard stills would’ve missed. But for the most part, they live on your phone and stay within the confines of your apps. Seeing them floating around the web, especially on a desktop browser, has always been something of a rarity.

Tumblr kicked down that wall a bit last year by adding Live Photos to its web version and releasing a tool to let others do the same. When it came to an official Apple-approved method, however, there was nothing to be found.

That quietly changed this morning, with Apple updating its developer portal with a new tool they’re calling LivePhotosKit. It’s a JavaScript API built specifically to bring Live Photo playback support to your sites.

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Saturday @ 1pm slt-Kultivate Select Gallery’s April Exhibition Opening!

Copy of Art Show.jpg

Join us this Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 1pm to 2pm slt for the formal opening of the Kultivate Select Gallery’s April Exhibition! The Kultivate Select Gallery is a themed gallery and this month’s theme is “Spring is in the Air.” The gallery will feature the following artists:

Sheba Blitz
Eria Ziemia
Timaaj TJ
Isis Desmoulins
Margo Hollak
Solana Python
Ry Heslop
Kade Sinclair
Methias Kira
Jamee Sandalwood
Eucalyptus Carroll

Live performer Dimi Ludwig will provide the entertainment and the dresscode is formal for this event. We hope to see you at the exhibition!

slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/18/39/26

Wanderlust Bench Art Park; March–April

Million Happy Endings

There’s still almost a couple of weeks left to see the work by a variety of artists at Wanderlust Bench Art Park and Cafe.

Today also marks the one year anniversary for the park side of Wanderlust.

The sculpture in the foreground is by RMarie Beedit.

Melusina Parkin was gracious in sending me some things when I requested to exhibit some of her work.

Work by Kate Silver, Wheedle and ChrysTeRox shown above.

Kimika Ying contributed the piece on the left. The photo in the middle is by Klaus Bereznyak and contains a quote, one in a series.

Myra Wildmist is exhibiting one of her works using projectors.

From left to right, work by Saul Goodie, Lynette Trinity, Elle Thorkveld and Mango Lassi. Sculpture by Silas Merlin from my collection. 

Photo by Art Oluja (next to the tree) and a black and white photo by Mr Kaplan, the park owner…

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Slumberland Sculptures by Silas Merlin

Million Happy Endings

Slumberland is a set of fourteen sculptures from The Silas Gallery. They are currently available from a Gacha at The Chapter Four through April 20th. Shown above is Dreamer.

Hare (03)

The Slumberland Gacha at The Chapter Four is located in the room on the left; the machine is the fourth one on the left. Some time after the 20th, the Slumberland set will be available at The Silas Gallery.

Pastel Monster and Mutant Stool

The cute Pastel Monster is holding a dagger behind its back.

The sculptures in the photos above can be seen on the ground level of Elle’s Art Lot through the end of this month. (Reached via teleporter from the TV Room.)


For a fascinating glimpse into the process using 3D modeling software, Silas Merlin filmed Grow Work in Progress.  The eight and a half minute machinima was edited by Glasz DeCuir.


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Kultivate Images of the Day: 4/16/17

As today is Easter, our images of today reflect the bunny in all of us:

.Springtime Visitors.
Image by Adalynne Romano


Image by Lana Greenhoo
Image by Chelsea Chaplynski
Image by And Angel
[...dreaming with my eyes open]
Image by Stellagraphics
Happy Easter! :D
Image by Scarlet Karsin
Image by Matthew Thomson