Saoirse reviews Canary Beck’s personal gallery on the Basilique Sim:
Take some time to stroll in the lovely square in the Basilique Town soon.  Home to the Paradise Lost in Second Life, this area is teaming with details and authentic landscapes of an Italian village nestled in the northern hills of Italy.  Off the square is an emotional tour de force exhibition by artist Canary Beck.

 Outside of the studio, you will hear the ambient sounds of birds, a nearby coffeehouse, even a dog barking in the distance.  Step inside the studio a powerful and intimate portrayal adorns the walls.  The artist has music playing in the background that is both haunting and purposeful.  if you are familiar with either the French song “Ne Me Quitte Pas” by Jacques Brel or the English song “If You Go Away” by Rod McKuen you might imagine the lyrics following you around the gallery as I did during my visit.  Female nude in black and white, sepia and blue black, that female being our artist.
This is a show of vulnerability and strength.  The artist spent a couple months taking photographs with only the model and a bare white platform.  What is most noticeable to me when viewing these pieces is the sharp and absolute darkness cast upon the face.  The face, her window to her soul, is not revealed to us…but is it?  I see glimpses of her hair, the line of her forehead emerge around this darkness in some pieces.  I feel it shows a survival of some kind with a hard and a long personal battle.  I remain a lover of light and shadow, this exhibit has that in each display.  In the lyrics the singer is asking “do not leave me”, and the lyrics suggest something happened to make one lover leave, and the singer wants to move forward promising many things if you “do not leave me”.
Two pieces I found particularly captivating are “The Good Is Gone From Goodbye” and “Leave Me Enough Love To Fill Up My Heart”.  The gallery pieces have backgrounds that vary from light to dark at times gradient.  In these pieces there is a bit of color on her from a side view, her hands are in complex motion of perhaps struggle.  The lines on “The Good Is Gone From Goodbye”  are sharp and crisp.  Next to it, with her back to us and slightly less hand movement, the view becomes slightly subltly harder to see especially near her waist.  “Qui not vu deux fois leurs coeurs s’embracer” [English ‘Who has not seen their hearts embraced’] is a beautiful and a sad portrait.  Eyes darkened to her breast bone, closed expression with her arms.  The face looks out pleading for understanding as if to let us know we have all felt this way and it is raw.
You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate her work, it speaks universal tones.  Enjoy the work for the optimism that she clearly develops.  Enjoy her story and see the survivor who created this and shared this with us.  Artfully yours, Saoirse

2 thoughts on “Vulnerable…Threadbare…Heartfelt…Survivor

  1. Reblogged this on Canary Beck and commented:
    A thoughtful and insightful review of my photographic exhibit ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’ by Saoirse Heart at Windlight Magazine. This exhibit is at my tiny little gallery at Basilique’s Piazza if you’d like to see it.


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