For this spotlight of the Windlight Art Fellows, we are highlighting Richie Narstrom, Seb Arkright, and Bones Delicioso! You can read about these great artists below:

Richie Narstrom

Richie Narstrom Bio: My name is Richie.I live in Melbourne, Australia. My SL adventure began around 5 years ago where like us all I had to learn to walk straight, not fall off things and just explore. In my life away from this world, I taught some photography as well as web design and other creative areas. I am also a musician, writing when I can. Back then I did take the odd picture here and there but it would be another year or so before the passion would take hold. I would go out to different locations with my sister here in SL and just try things. At this time I wasn’t really using photoshop for a lot of my work and just seeing what I could do with lighting. I have been lucky enough to pick up a few bit of knowledge along the way as well as encouragement that really set the journey moving forward. These amazing people helped me on many an occasion and to this day i am thankful. Describing my work, well I would say that it’s part diary of my time in SL and part adventure. Some of the moments captured are on my other account which does take up most of my time now, his name is Matt. I must add that its no secret, my friends know it’s me and its even stated in my profile. The reasons for the change are not important, one of the differences is, I am a DJ on that account, a dad, son, brother, uncle.. family man. Any… my work, It’s the places I’ve seen, the people I’ve met and have become part of my life. It’s part inspiration, and impulsive ideas. It’s a creative outlet that allows me to share my SL with others. The way i do go about creating these moments is never the same each time,it’s very “i wonder what this does”, and I like that. Sometimes it’s planned but most of the time, I never know what I will end up with until I’m finished. Then i have to put it down or I will just continue to play with it. Most importantly, it’s an emotional outlet.. its expressive and a way for me to show what’s inside in a way that words will never fully explain. This is me, and welcome to my world.

Bones Delicioso
Bones Delicioso

Bones Delicioso Bio: In real life I have always loved to travel and wherever I go be it a small event or long journey my reputation is that I am the person with the camera, the person who will get the shots, preserve the moment. In SL my photo taking was limited and my exploring minimal until last year when I met Blues Rocker. He began taking me to the most beautiful sims, beginning with the sim we call home and the desire to capture these creations in a picture exploded.

On any given night I can and have snapped up to 500 pictures . My interests range from the color of the sky or a reflection to the look of (my favorite thing to photograph,) my partner’s hands shaded by an atmosphere or setting. I can be immersed for hours in a grandiose landscape, or just as intrigued by the detail on a button of a jacket. It sounds funny, however, there are endless things to notice and shoot , because everything in Second Life had to be created by someone, you just have to see the art in it,

I sign my pictures Diablo Jones, and sometimes you will see the avatar Diablo in photos. The name sprung from Bones and marks the time changes that for the better were happening in my virtual world, including meeting and partnering Blues Rocker.

In fact none of the things I enjoy in SL today would be possible without my partner, He has made my virtual world an exciting place to be again. He has shown me that if you are in SL and you are not seeing new or beautiful things every time you log in then you are not looking around enough, because the beauty is everywhere.

Take a closer look at my work here-

Seb Arkright

Seb Arkright’s BIO: ‘I have heard the languages of apocalypse, and now I shall embrace the silence.’
NEIL GAIMAN, The Sandman: Endless Nights

Using a combination of beautiful and at times desolate sl destination, I aim to bring forth my vision, which is mostly of a dark, slightly twisted, fantastical world, with a pinch of the apocalypse. Second Life is my escape, and this escapism is what I aim to present within my work.

Drawing inspiration from fantasy and sci-fi books, films and comics, I aim to bring forth my vision.
I am also motivated and encouraged by the unique items created by the designers of SL and the work of my fellow photographers.
I am very lucky to have the support of so many awe inspiring designers and to blog a range of events.
Recently I have joined THEMA and Style Kingdom magazines, which is another avenue to explore and challenge my creativity. I am also proud to be part of slphotography.

Thank you to each person; family and friend; sponsor and fellow photographer; creator and sim builder, for inspiring me to do what I do. Without so many of you, I would never have had the courage and belief to do so

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