For our last meet the Windlight Art Fellows article for August, we would like for you to meet SereneDean Resident and Roffellos Resident:

Dean PortraitSereneDean Resident’s Bio: aka “Dean” From the very first moment I began to explore Second Life, I was amazed at the beauty and creativity of those who have and continue to build this wonderful world. It is my privilege to be able to capture a tiny fraction of that beauty with my photographs. My eye is drawn to both natural wonders of the sky, sunsets and landscapes, but also to those wondrous creations of humans: cities, palaces, both new and very old.

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for my partner and soul mate Roxy who over the years has been my teacher, mentor, encourager as well as my beautiful model for countless pictures. She introduced me to weekly photohunting as well as the “tricks of the trade” in constructing better and better pictures, and while I do use those tools offered by my SL viewer, I stay away from using external photo enhancement tools in order to display what I’m actually seeing in this marvelous place we call Second Life.

RoffellosRoffellos Resident’s Bio: I am still relatively young in Second Life, but I find the whole place fascinating. SL allows for self expression, and as I explore this world, I have seen many interesting places and creations. I also like seeing how people use their avatars; giving themselves characteristics that make them unique. My pictures reflect what I see, particularly other avatars. People inspire most of my pictures, and as you view my work, you will discover a varied display of avatars images.
I have a long way to go yet as I learn more about what can and cannot be done; but I am happy with my creations so far.

My Flickr:

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