Great review of Bright Canopy the web based viewer. Having tried it myself I can say it works well and definitely great for photography!

What the Huck?

Screenshot 2015-08-31 at 21.52.16

I’m a bit late to the business of streaming the metaverse.  I recognised SLGo as a significant thing, but it was a significant thing with a monthly price tag and I rather suspect I’m already spending too much money on Second Life for the time I spend in it.  In any case, it wasn’t all that much time before SLGo became SLGone.  Sony’s purchase of OnLive in April stopped the growing service dead in its tracks.  People, of course, were outraged.

What’s the big deal with a streamed service?  The number one selling point is probably that you can run SL at the highest level of quality on hardware which might normally struggle to keep up with ‘Low’ graphics mode.  Like my six year old laptop.  Capable PC though it is for just about any other task, if I should run SL on it for more than a few minutes –…

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