September brings a new round of Windlight Art Fellows! For the next week we will spotlight these amazing artists! Our first spotlights are on Trav Solar, Sparkie Cyberstar, & Canary Beck:

Trav Colar
Trav Solar

Trav Solar Bio: Hi i am Trav Solar former model and writer and Photographer. Born in Yorkshire England and Married to the wonderful Cassie ( Cacillia Mcmasters ) i have been blessed in my world to have so many wonderful inspirations in my world From my teacher and friends s d damiano and lua vendetta . to my goddess aunt Vallanique and mny sisters Lily and Addison Summerwind and my scary but beautiful Ava Jhamin and Hezabel Huntress. They guide me and nurture me and its through them I do what i do my simple philosophy is art should be fun you can see my work and show faces at the obsession gallery and at the Audace mall.


Sparkie Cyberstar Bio: I bring a style I feel is my own. My photography is all raw and untouched for the most part just cropped , maybe a border and signed. I do play with a few simple textures as you’ll see here and there.  I am a photoshop/gimp illiterate 🙂 and decided to just work at shooting just a great shot without digital enhancement needed. I take photos of second Life of its beautiful worlds created who need no alteration to me. Sure I use windlight but other then that I would say I’m pretty traditional and my photos are pure through my eyes. I strive to bring out and show SL by shooting my photos as if I was in RL. Please enjoy the beauty I find in SL. Contact me for rates for : Portraits/People , couple, DJ & Musician Promo Pics . I Also do advertising photos/flyers

Cyberstar Gallery􀀂:
Exhibit at Ground Zero Artists Village:

Previous & Current Exhibits:
Village at Eyeflyz since 9/28/2013 – Ongoing
Art in Hats 4/2014
Steampunk Bloggers Exhibit @ Skywalk Gallery- The Station -May 2014
The Black Door Gallery @ Key West – Love Hate exhibit – June 2014
My Gallery @ KW opened March 2015 – Ongoing – A mix of my fav & pretty eclectic pieces
“Reflections” at Rose Gallery @ Angel Manor March 2015
Ce Soir Spring May 2015
Ce Soir Summer Exhibit – July 2015
Exhibit at The Nawty Tiki Resort – Sept 2015:

Market Place:
On the web :

Canary Beck
Canary Beck

Canary Beck Bio: Canary Beck has been an active virtual world resident since 2007. She is a Second Life blogger, artist, and filmmaker. She will release Paradise Lost – The Movie – a feature-length film filmed in Second Life on September 19th, 2015. Sign up to watch the film here:

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