Only 4 more days until the September 2015 Exhibition at Windlight Art Gallery opens! For our spotlights today, we would like to introduce you to the following artists:


SaoiriseHeart’s Bio:  Galleries I have visited; as with any information or advice, use what works for you
Artfully Yours, Saoirse Heart

~~The opinions expressed below are those only of Saoirse Heart~~

Link to my reviews, I recommend all I review :)….

Windlight’s Fellows [I will be one in Sept] are showcased here:

Replacement Photo - Serenitee Bliss
Serenitee Bliss

Serenitee Bliss’s Bio:  Greetings and Salutations!

Once upon a time, I wondered into a new virtual world. Striped shirts and awkward avies surrounded me. I found myself slightly intimidated at learning this new world and had made the decision to exit and not return. It’s now been nearly eleven years. I have found my creative niche. Ages before I had a older computer, and dabbled with taking pictures. I did a lot of photo editing in those days! Once I upgraded my computer a whole new world seemed to open up to me with Advanced Lighting settings and Windlights. I started using those to create my images. Looking for that right light, that right angle, panning slowly around to find that breathtaking capture that instantly creates a story in the mind. I started out playing with portrait style photos taking in a small studio. That became limiting for me. I enjoyed capturing the movement, shadows, little environmental nuances. Most of my free time is spent in search of beautiful places in Second Life. I keep albums of each place. My collection of photos are a combination of non-retouched and re-touched images.

I hope you enjoy my exhibit and thank you for taking the time to stroll through!


Links to my work in world:

The Artinis Gallery

Links to my work outside of Second Life:

Theadreem Resident
Theadreem Resident

Theadreem’s Bio: I’ve been traveling SecondLife since September 27, 2014, originally as my alter ego, Caelin8. My first photos were taken not long after – no advanced lighting, no windlight manipulation, just me and my starter avi. I was crashing houses and such, taking pictures of myself drinking and stealing other people’s yachts, having nary a clue they actually belonged to residents. Hardly the polite citizen I am today.

SecondLife bloggers clued me in to the magic of photography in-world, and it’s from them that I took inspiration to take my time learning the tools and capturing those places that give me such a sense of awe at the talent of SecondLife creators. Once I was hooked, I created Thea so that I could work without interruption, deeming her the serious and ambitious side of myself. Caelin was still in her partying phase then. We thought it wise that Thea should represent us in the world of art. The bug to improve consumed me, though, so no matter which of us you run into, I’m most likely in the zone, focusing on my next shot and not paying attention to anything else. I have a long way to go before I’ll be satisfied that I can do this thing, this photography thing.

From landscapes, to selfies, to art installations and everything in between, I look for subject matter that catches my eye, tells a story, and try to create memories for myself. My shots are raw, with very little post-processing, not because I’m against that sort of thing, but because that’s the next step in the process of my evolution that is still in the early stages. I try to honor the vision of sim creators by using region windlights, but occasionally I change it up to suit my own vision. I don’t often use static poses, because I like the challenge of capturing a subject in movement, but I do make my own poses when I feel the need. It’s all part of the process. Keep an eye out, I might surprise you when I actually get really good at this.

I’m thrilled to be a part of Windlight Gallery’s September Fellowship program. It’s my first public exhibition. I’m thankful for the encouragement, the inspiration and the promotion it has to offer. It’s a sweet Second Life I’m living, and I hope to make the most of it.

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