For today’s spotlight we feature three more artists who are part of the September 2015 Windlight Fellows! The artists featured today are Eeraftr Resident, Wintergeist Resident, and Kayly Iali!:

Ever After Resident
Ever After Resident

Eeraftr Resident’s Bio: Ever After has been involved in the art of SL photograghy since the beginning of her Second Life. The love of capturing a perfect moment in time is her constant focus. Opening Ever After Photography Studios has offered her a chance to allow her to enjoy creating those perfect moments for others as well as herself.

Focusing mainly on portraits she has begun expanding her porfolio with landscapes and other aspects that catch her eye. In an ever changing world it is important to keep improving and expanding on one’s passions.

Wintergeist Resident
Wintergeist Resident

Wintergeist Resident’s Bio: Making pictures is, for me, a way of life….. I go through life seeing motives. Some of them speak up to me, calling me to capture them. RL-, Game- and SL-Photography are one and the same for me. A motive is there and has to be captured. Some said to me that I am to spread out, that I get diluted by doing so many things.
But I can’t stop, I have to make pictures.

How did it all start? I guess when I got my first camera, an old Bilora Bella. I was around 10 and started to ban everything I see on film. Today I use a Sony Experia Z1 smartphone as camera. I went through some cameras on the way, each having its merits. But my Z1 I have always with me. When I started to play video games I also saw motives in them, this intensified with the progress of computer graphics. Until we came to a point where I could no longer ignore them and started to make screenshots. But with games it is different, you do not photoshop them. All the changes you would like in light, color or anything you have to do to the game. So I started modding, better textures, better light, better models. That resulted in some games looking nothing like their factory versions. At the same time I started to notice pictures, wonderful pictures, of a place called Second Life. But first I dismissed them as artificially made with photoshop and other tools. Until a friend of mine, a screenarcher like myself, went to SL. We spoke and she told me of the wonders to be seen and the possibilities at hand. I made up my mind and created an account. That was a year ago and I never regretted my decision.

What do I like in pictures? I do love colors – strong colors, contrast and a motive that is more than the simple “My avatar in font of fancy background”. Mostly I don’t know beforehand what kind of picture I want to do. When I see a motive I get a vague idea of angel and composition and I try to capture that. Sometimes it works, but I am far from perfect. I haven’t reached my goal to make the perfect picture. I guess that is even something no one can achieve….. but you can try.

Kayly Iali
Kayly Iali

Kayly Iali’s Bio: An RL oil painter. After my kids were practically grown, I returned to school for a second degree this time in studio art. Graduated in 2009 from California State University, I began exhibiting abstracts in local venues. My interest though lies in classical realism. I admired contemporary artists…with a classical realistic approach to their works. (Stephen Bauman, Felicia Forte, Terry Miura, Susan Lyon….Jeremy Lipking)

I had been exhibiting in SL since 2010. Some of my exhibits were with Pirates and Parks (no longer existing) and Timamoon. Listed below are landmarks that I’m now exhibiting.

I am also a curator at Avalon. My gallery, Gallery 24 showcase RL artists who brought their art into SL. My blog for the gallery is

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