Our last two art fellows for you to meet this month are Theda Tammas and Bamboo Barnes! Read about these two great artists below:

Theda Tammas
Theda Tammas

Theda’s Bio: Theda Tammas shows her ability to simultaneously hide and expose her inner feelings to us in her exhibit — Masquerade. Her work begins with a search for beautiful and good things in her “weird mind” as she says. “There is always something missing that torments me.” She takes photos, then she tears, turns, twists and exposes the many emotions and expressions hidden in the photograph. The results are stunning. Full of surprises, Full of passion. Theda has been a Sl artist since 2007. http://bytheda.weebly.com

Bamboo Barnes
Bamboo Barnes

Bamboo’s Bio: 1st, thank you so much for Windlight Gallery and you!  If you have seen my work, possible you won’t like it because they are not lovely or sexy at all. When I started take pics on May 2012 as totally a newbie for any type of photographer, as same as most of every one avi was the theme and I tried to make beautiful avi shot. However very soon I’ve changed main the subject to landscapes than avi, I think I did ok with landscapes as none educated one but I still couldn’t satisfied myself, I was just another photographer who cannot find originality. And I finally saw greatest SL installation art which changed all my work completely as I was not expected at all. Is there some one remember ” Felona & Sorana” by Miuccia Klaar ? ” Rusted Development” in LEA ? ” The dark swamp ” by Cherry Manga ? ” Spirit ” by claudia 222 Jewell ? ” Anna’s many murders ” by Bryn Oh ? Summer of 2012 ?? Those moment 1st time I landed there, get goose bumps, totally possessed with their power of art and knew they are THE ART and wished to capture the messages.
Out of the blue , LL asked me to use my photo for ” Pic of the Day ” ( Called ” Queen’s army ” ) on June, that gave me a motive, too. So I began to learn Photoshop slowly after that, as you see on my work lately. I had great luck and support , Avenue magazine & Art4U the gallery by Michiel Bechir. Kylie Sabara of Rose Gallery twice exhibition 2013 & 2015.
Ub Yifu, Nottoo Wise, susy halcali of ex Blue Moon Gallery, University of Western Australia, Artist For SL, Creation Fine Art Gallery and more gave me opportunity to exhibit my work. My dear friend Livio Korobase supported me to have a space in his own exhibition at LEA. Mr. Haveit Neox’s been keeping the space for my works in his sim ACC-Alpha and Centaurs’ Hall.

Now SL is more important than used to be, To find exceptional 3D arts, I am here because of it. Thank you for all those outstanding SL artists, without your artwork I wasn’t here. This is my Flickr stream, hope you will check them when you got time to kill. https://www.flickr.com/photos/bamboobarnes/ Love and peace which sounds very old, yep I am not young to appreciate cow tits of sl but believe in humanity & appreciate the power of art. Thanks for reading, best regards Bamboo Barnes

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