Peter Cripps has a great tutorial on how to create a double exposure photo in Photoshop:

Peter Cripps | Photography

Back in the days of film creating double exposure required a fair bit of jiggery pokery both in camera, ensuring you were careful not to advance the film, and then in the darkroom to make sure the film was exposed correctly. Today, thanks to the all conquering Photoshop*, creating double, triple (or even higher multiples) exposures is a breeze. As is typical with Photoshop the main challenge is to choose which of the numerous options available is best (or at least simplest). Here’s one way that works for me.

Here are a couple of images from a recent shoot I did in an abandoned building called The Gem in the Jewellery Quarter if Birmingham. The model is Alex.

Alex Image 1 Alex Image 1

Alex Image 2 Alex Image 2

In order to make life slightly easier for myself I had my camera on a tripod set to aperture priority, made sure I had a relatively large depth…

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