Saoirise reviews The If Work Art Gallery:

“Rapid onset!  Clever “glows”!

You know that art.  That artists shine.

Miss Harriet!  Trust your shoe off!

And customers ‘drink your wine’.”               Quatrain by poet and artist Earl Dinkin

2-Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.32.36 PM

There are many ways I select the gallery I visit.  One of those ways is to view the website Art Galleries of Second Life, and checking those galleries that appear to be overlooked so far.  That is how I picked today’s gallery to review, and as seems to be my good fortune, I stumbled inadvertently into a gallery owned by an inward artist of extraordinary in world art presence, Mr. Earl Dinkin.  This gallery is predominately glass walls so view with a day time sun setting.  Images are not all set on bright texture so you need to have your setting daylight to get full impact.

First I will tell you about The If Work Art Gallery.  Your TP will land you on a walkway overlooking a sandy beach area with auditorium style chairs facing towards the walkway as well as toward the images.  Perhaps work is reviewed and discussed at this installation.  The artist definitely works his images in first life using freehand drawing.  It appears he ads color to the images using chalk or medium that appears as chalk in world.  Sometimes paint on glass can appear this way in world.  Researching the artist’s work in first life, I learned that he works with pastels.  He is also a poet writing quatrains which are randomly displayed in his gallery.   The images are then brought in world by the artist.  All of his in world art is displayed in smaller size than in this gallery.  Approximately 1 X 2 building blocks in size.[Quatrains are delightful way to express thoughts, a type of stanza, it is a total poem of four lines.]

Viewing this artist’s work we are given some of his thoughts with each images.  At the top of each, he has put a message or a thought.  I can easily say that this message he passes describes the image but does not tell me what it means to him.  I feel that many are putting things together that become comical when merged such as a Penguin and a washing machine.  Peeling away the layers of the viewing process, I see parts of the artist emerge.  There are many images of people interacting, I will discuss some of that as I describe some images in the gallery.

3-Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.30.46 PM

On the web, he describes his work as “bottomlessly symbolic deadpan outsider art type pastels from lucid dreams”.  After viewing his body of work, this description is apt and of no surprise.  It is precisely why I enjoy his images so much, though there is a deadpan comedy in many, there is much symbolism.  His image “SLanna One artificially intelligent Mattress saying You Don’t Love Me Anymore found moved Twelve Inches” was my first favorite.  Yes the name itself gives pause for thought and consideration.  Notice which words he capitalizes versus which words he chooses not to capitalize.  It reveals the names of those interacting in the image, in many it describes the image itself.  This image is a simple single bed, in the corner of a room with no accoutrements.  The image ‘looks’ basic and reveals depth to the viewer.

Many images are seemingly simple items put together, yet I doubt anyone other than our artist would put these particular images together. ‘Tin Foil dress Penguin on top of Front Loading Laundry Machine checking Soap Drawers and Cycle Selectors before pressing Start” displays exactly what is in the title.  In the image, the penguin is on top of the washing machine, the faucets are drawn behind it with a hot water heater to one side.  The penguin’s body is marked up as if it is made of shattered ice.  “The Emergency Response Texting to Night Clouds Laser Shining Anonymously saving Everyone by Diversity” displays illegible red writing in the clouds, a dark gray city below.  All very surreal in rendering.

“Three Heads growing from Ground withholds of Visible Roots and Moon above” has those heads growing on a surface [the earth?] that is about one meter from the moon, making the moon their roof.  “Unattractive shirtless Man thinking he was Alone private dancing startled to find Woman beside him Dancing” is one of the more personal images he has created.  This is akin to the dream many of us have of being somewhere without our clothes, somewhere we would be embarrassed, and trying desperately to get home in the dream.

Imagine if you woke to paint your dreams in pastels, and wrote your thought in four lines [quatrains].  This artist works prolifically, considering I have only see his in world life I am sure that is a good description.  Earl has been in world for nine and a half years.  In this time he has amassed 10 art galleries, all owned and operated by the artist.  I have listed them below.  Using the artist’s own count, he has over 900 images displayed in world.  All images are in this pastel with a written text message.  Only at the If Gallery are their larger images that the 1 X 2 block size.

1-Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.32.58 PM

In each gallery he has one or more objects running scripts backed with data [quatrains] that are displayed as floating text ‘randomly’.   Look  for the white pillars that are about one meter high.  In one pillar there are 34 quatrains, his images and his words are prolific indeed.  These are his galleries, all listed on Art Galleries of Second Life website.  I find the names interesting and fresh, they are definitely eye catching to me.  I have written a quick note by each one.  The If Gallery is number (1) on my count.

(2)All of these Painting Faces the Wall; currently on display are 67 images and they are on red brick walls facing you ask you walk through

(3)Everything for the Complete Space Traveler; 90 images line by the large windows in a gallery that appears as if you are in an observation deck overlooking the world.

(4) Eye Duct Works; Contains an amazing 116 images, each on a flat post in seven neat rows.  The precision reminds me Arlington Cemetery in Washington D.C.

(5) Art Gallery of the Undecided SIM; Here our artist stores his latest project so the number of images can vary.  I smiled at the mattress in the tree in the front.

(6) Deep Art Deep Gallery; 132 images are displayed similar to paper in the wind around sofas.  I think this is one of the more comfortable galleries to visit.

(7) Flooded Basement Gallery; humorously named because these 177 images are along side of the road, displayed on appropriate items such as a door.

(8) Gallery That Will Never Thrill; Indeed the gallery itself may not thrill as it is a grey and black curving hallway, yet having images displayed in this fashion is interesting; 88 images.

(9) True Gallery; 70 paintings in a building predominated windows overlooking the water.

(10) The Man Against Eternity [the name of his art tour as well as a gallery];

In a few of the galleries he has hung composites of a year of images such as 1998 or 2005.  These list his name as Epic Dewfall artist and poet from Ottawa Canada.  The posters of each year is very affordable for those who enjoy his images.  As often happens while I move around in world, I am amazed at what I have seen and I learn about our artists.  Artfully yours, Saoirse Heart

Gallery reviewed location : The if Work Art Gallery, Miffen Shade (34, 51, 25) – Moderate

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